Equestrian Media Guide

Media Guide

You Are Who You Watch (And Listen To)

Being part of a broader equestrian community is critical whether you’re a Rookie or a Pro. Community doesn’t always, however, have to be face-to-face. Thanks to modern technology, we can connect with other horse lovers online via vlogs (i.e. video blogs), podcasts (i.e. audio shows), blogs, social media, and more.

If you want to build your community and connect with other equestrians, start with vlogs and podcasts. Our Media Guide help you discover quality content worth adding to your playlist. For each featured creator, we include:

  • A summary of the vlog/podcast
  • An introduction to the key players
  • 10 reasons to subscribe
  • Our top 5 playlist to get you started
  • A sample episode
  • Link to learn more and subscribe

Our Favorite Equestrian Vlogs

Click on the names below to learn why we love these vlogs (and you will too).

Our Favorite Equestrian Podcasts