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All Are Welcome Here

Welcome to Horse Rookie, an educational website dedicated to helping equestrians of all levels (especially rookies) answer common questions, make informed decisions, and have more fun with their horses.

This is a home for all equestrians — all races, ages, disciplines, genders, sexual orientations, skill levels, and breeches sizes. You belong here.

Inclusion, diverse representation, and empowerment are critical — especially when it comes to our disproportionately white equestrian world.

That’s why we created “Braided: A Herd Dynamic,” our 3-strand initiative to showcase and support riders of color. 

The name is inspired by these core truths:

  • When we join together, the horse community is more powerful.
  • When we reflect diversity, the horse community is more beautiful.
  • When we embrace all voices, the horse community is more dynamic.

Read on to learn what we’re up to — and how you can help!

Happy Trails,

Nicole, Chief Rookie

What We’re Focused On

More Diverse Voices

  • On the Blog: We’re actively inviting riders of color, para-equestrians, and riders battling mental health struggles to contribute articles about a wide range of topics. We’re also adding Brand Spotlights for equestrian businesses owned by people of all backgrounds and abilities.
  • In the Media Guide: We’re expanding our Equestrian Media Guide to showcase more podcasts and vlogs from equestrians of color, para equestrians, and mental health warriors.
  • On Social Media: Each month, we’re spotlighting different riders or equestrian business owners of diverse backgrounds and abilities.
*** How You Can Help ***
  • Share our writing guidelines with equestrian business owners and riders of color, or equestrians who battle with mental health or physical disability.
  • Share these pre-sized graphics on your own social media channels to help us reach more diverse contributors.

More Diverse Imagery

  • On the Website: Equestrian blogs, including Horse Rookie, typically rely on royalty-free stock imagery sites for photography. Unfortunately, riders of color are rarely featured in stock libraries. That’s why Horse Rookie is building our own Equestrians of Color photo library so the blog showcases and celebrates diversity in our sport.  
  • On Social Media: As we gather more diverse photography, we’ll also be able to feature more riders of color across social media like Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook. 
equestrian diversity

Image provided by Sarah Harris of Sisters Horsing Around

*** How You Can Help ***
  • Riders of color are encouraged to check out our Equestrians of Color Photo Library and add up to 20 of your own images* to our collection. You’ll receive credit when your photos are used on our site or social media channels, and we’re also happy to link to your website or social media for increased exposure.
  • Everyone can share these pre-sized graphics on social media to spread the word and encourage more riders of color to contribute their favorite photos!*

*Photos must be your own, meaning you own all rights to them. We will do image searches to ensure photos have not been taken without permission.

More Financial Support

  • For every 20 images* added to our Equestrians of Color Photo Library, Horse Rookie will donate $20 to your minority founded/run/serving nonprofit of choice.** That’s right — you upload awesome photos you already have,** and we help increase equestrian opportunities in underprivileged and marginalized communities.
  • We’ll also donate $25 for every Horse Rookie guest post from a rider of color. Check out our writing guidelines to get started.

**Up to the first 500 photos. Then we’ll reassess when we need to expand the library even more!

Sample Braided Contributors

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