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We could watch Megan Elphick produce and compete her British ponies all day long. From dressage to stadium jumping, cross country to road hacks with her mom, these vlogs pull you in more with every clip. #justsubscribe

If you want to see true sport ponies excel in eventing, Elphick Event Ponies is a must-watch channel. Megan clearly loves every member of her herd and never cuts corners in their care or training.

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Key Players

  • Megan: She runs the channel, is the main rider/narrator, and competes as an amateur eventer.
  • Megan’s Mom: Always by her daughter’s side (especially in the lorry on the way to shows), she’s a smiley and supportive horsey helper.
  • Bear: A busy-minded dappled dun, mare Bear has boundless potential (even if she is a tad spooky!). 
  • Lara: This lovely paint mare has a distinctive half-white face that wins as many hearts as it does ribbons.
  • Dee: Especially popular on Megan’s Instagram, princess Dee is a grey mare with a big personality. 
  • Efa: Pronounced “eee-fa,” this dark bay mare is a newer addition who is quickly making a name for herself in the jump ring. (Now sold!)
  • Jam: This dapple grey youngster is increasing her training, and we’ll see a lot more of her!
  • Jaffa: Found at a Welsh horse sale, this adorable red pony with his wide blaze and four stockings is the newest addition.
  • Dora: She’s the cutest dapple grey filly you’ve ever seen, and Meg bought her sight-unseen from Ireland.

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10 Reasons to Subscribe

  1. Megan is an authentic narrator with positive, funny, and super relatable commentary.
  2. If you love competing, you’ll really enjoy this channel’s focus on show videos.
  3. Family is a big part of many equestrian families, and you’ll see Megan’s mom is her number one supporter.
  4. Vlogs feature all three phases of eventing (e.g. dressage, show jumping, and cross country).
  5. For those Americans who are enamored by all-things-British (#guilty), you’ll love the accents, lorries, show attire, and other little touches that make these videos quintessentially English.
  6. If you’ve wondered how eventers prepare for competition, now you’ll know. Megan vlogs about her training strategies leading up to big events.
  7. Ponnniiieeesss! The pint-sized stars of this channel may be smaller in stature, but they’re larger than life athletes. 
  8. Megan is honest about what she does want to do (e.g. produce solid eventing ponies) and doesn’t want to do (e.g. rise up the levels to the Olympics).
  9. One word: Bear 🙂 This little dappled pocket rocket is a fan favorite for good reason. 
  10. Out on cross country, Megan sports an air vest for safety (and has used it!). (Learn more about equestrian air vests in our detailed review.)

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10 Reasons to Watch Elphick Event Ponies Vlog

Horse Rookie’s Top 5 Playlist

Not sure where to start? Here are 5 videos that help give you a sense of the content and decide if this channel is right for you.

  1. Meet My Horses (Part 1)
  2. Efa’s First Shows (Jumping and Dressage)
  3. Badminton Prep
  4. One Week Before We Go Eventing
  5. Arena XC Pre-Season Training

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