Letters to My Rookie Self is an Open Letter Collaboration featuring letters from equestrians to their past selves sharing wisdom, advice, and encouragement.

Letters to My Rookie Self

Open Letter Equestrian Reflections

As horse riders, we never stop growing and learning. The endless opportunity for personal growth and increased proficiency keep us engaged in equestrian sports for years, decades, or even a lifetime.

And, just like that, we forget…

  • We forget where we started and how far we’ve come.
  • We forget why past worries and challenges seemed so overwhelming.
  • We forget to appreciate the mistakes that shaped us most.
  • We forget to reflect on early experiences with present-day wisdom.
  • We forget to honor the horses who were our earliest teachers.
  • We forget how badly we once wanted what we now have.

Living in the present is valuable in many ways. Reflecting on the past, however, is equally valuable. That’s what our “Letters to My Rookie Self” series is all about.

Whether you were riding before you could walk or found your way horses as an older adult, we’d love to hear from you!

Think back to a specific time, age, or circumstance when you could have used a dose of wisdom, perspective, or assurance from Future You. Think about what you needed to hear most. Think about what you wish you could have known. Think about how you handled challenges. Think about the horse(s) who made you the rider you are today. Then…

Write an open letter to your past equestrian self.

Email your 300+ word letter, or send a Word or Google Doc to outreach (@) horserookie.com, and include a high-resolution image to accompany your story (optional). We’ll select stories to feature on HorseRookie.com throughout the year.*

Read a Sample Letter

Happy trails & happy writing!

Chief Rookie

P.S. Need a little inspiration? Check out What I Know Now: Letters to My Younger Self by Ellyn Spragins. In fact, just buy yourself a copy. It’s that good.

*Submitting a letter does not guarantee publication, and letters may be lightly edited for grammar and spelling. You hereby agree not to publish it elsewhere but are encouraged to link to your story on HorseRookie.com.


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  • I am such a rookie persay. Hi my name is Hazel and I volunteer at a horse rescue and I fell in love with only stallion in the bunch ????. I have not been in his enclosure as of yet but I start tomorrow. My plan was to just walk in and pet him and let him greet me and give him the goodies I bring for him and go from there. Everything you shared that I read was what I was thinking thank you for confirming my actions or my thought process. ????????????

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