Horse Vlog: Holly Lenahan

About the Vlog

Holly is an Irish equestrian focused on show jumping and her veterinary education. Follow her journey training horses in flatwork and jumping, as well as competing at shows. I’ve watched her channel for years and still get excited whenever a new video shows up in my feed!

I love watching Holly school and care for her horses at home. Since she typically practices on her own, it’s great to see how she integrates different exercises that don’t require an onsite trainer.

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Key Players

  • Holly: She runs the channel and is the main rider/narrator.
  • Holly’s Dad: Normally behind the camera, her father is simply hilarious. Meet Him Here!
  • Welbeck: She’s Holly’s lovely upper-level jumping mare and a fairly hot horse to ride. (And, no, she doesn’t need any of your petting or grooming, thank you very much. #notouchy)
  • Fiona: Newly in work as a show jumper, Fiona was formerly used as a broodmare for Holly’s homebreds Kahl and Dali.
  • Kahl: He’s Holly’s young green homebred that she’s training from the ground up to become a jumper.
  • Jack: He’s a Connemara and Holly’s first jumping pony. He’s not consistently in the blog now that she has other horses to ride, but he does get a well-deserved spotlight from time to time. #fanfavorite
  • Dali: Holly’s second homebred who is being trained by Holly. He’s a gentle giant and a big mover.

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10 Reasons to Subscribe

  1. Holly’s personality is cheerful, authentic, and engaging.
  2. She keeps her horses at home, which makes this channel especially interesting to riders who typically school without trainers.
  3. She’s close friends with equestrian vloggers NEddiesGun, Gezzcannez, and AlfusAlly, so you’ll enjoy videos of them riding together. Holly even went to Dubai to visit NEddiesGun.
  4. Holly loves competing, so you’ll get a behind the scenes look when she heads to shows. Holly often adds a voiceover to explain her rides, as well.
  5. Riders with hot horses will benefit from seeing how Holly handles Welbeck over fences.
  6. She does a great job including both the ups and downs of horse ownership, training, and riding.
  7. Subscribers will get to watch Fiona’s jumping journey and Kahl and Dali’s training from the start.
  8. Fiona’s progress proves horses don’t need to look like “classic show jumpers” to advance up the levels. She’s very tall and long, but Holly shares how she builds the right muscles and helps her stay round and balanced.
  9. Holly loves learning and clearly believes in lifelong self-improvement. I love her passion for trying new things, learning from every experience, and having a positive outlook along the way.
  10. Videos feature real life on a family farm, so you’ll see more than just riding. Enjoy stable vlogs, cleaning tutorials, and plenty of crazy chickens!

Bonus: Holly also made Shelby Dennis’ Best 15 Equestrian Vloggers List.

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10 Reasons to Love Holly Lenahan Vlog

Horse Rookie’s Top 5 Playlist

Not sure where to start? Here are 5 videos that help give you a sense of the content and decide if this channel is right for you.

  1. Four Years with Welbeck
  2. Fiona’s One Year Progress
  3. Kahl Jumps His First Course
  4. Jack is Back
  5. Welbeck and Fiona Go to a Show

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How to watch

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