Equestrian Vlog - Olivia Towers

Horse Vlog: Olivia Towers

About the Vlog

Olivia is a UK dressage rider who vlogs about training horses up through the levels, mastering mindset, competing, fitness and health, and well as keeping horses at home.

Olivia’s channel provides so much more than riding videos. She gets vulnerable about riding mindset, social media pressures, religion, and competition challenges that riders of all levels can relate to.

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horse rookie's guide to dressage

Key Players

  • Olivia: She runs the channel and is the main rider/narrator.
  • Sass Queen: Olivia’s “mum” is also known as Sass Queen because of her opinionated-yet-well-meaning personality and vlog commentary. She is Olivia’s day-to-day eyes on the ground. (Meet her here.)
  • Wilfred: Olivia’s main mount, Wilfred is working his way up the levels into Grand Prix movements.
  • Eagle: Olivia’s up-and-comer is also working up the levels and gaining a lot of competition experience.
  • Laura: Featured in many of the vlogs, Laura is Head Groom and keeps the entire stable ship-shape. She’s also a talented rider in her own right. (Meet her here.)
  • Sprout: Puppy!!!!! If you love dogs, you’ll adore little Sproutlet. She likes to accompany Olivia and her mum to shows.

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10 Reasons to Subscribe

  1. Olivia’s vlogs will make you smile, laugh, and/or cry… often in a single video.
  2. She posts a ton of schooling clips and show voiceovers so you can watch her dressage journey and learn from her experience.
  3. Teaching is a passion of Olivia’s, so you’ll often get sneak peeks of her lessons and traveling clinics.
  4. Well-rounded riders do more than, well, ride. Olivia talks about fitness and health choices that impact how she performs in the saddle.
  5. If you love vlogs about caring for horses, you’ll enjoy plenty of clips from the yard. Chores to saddling to feeding, you’ll see it all.
  6. Competition in the dressage world isn’t for the faint of heart, and Olivia takes viewers along from start to finish. She also walks through her tests in detail and discusses what went well and what she needs to improve for next time.
  7. This vlog’s “supporting characters” are simply delightful. Olivia and her mum’s relationship, Head Groom Laura’s commentary, and equine photographers get time in the spotlight.
  8. Olivia trained with Charlotte Dujardin for several years and takes lessons with Carl Hester whenever possible. She understands the importance of having “eyes on the ground” and constantly pushing yourself to improve.
  9. Her biggest differentiator is her focus on mindset. Olivia is open and honest about how challenging it is to master your mindset and specific tools and tactics she uses to be more positive and kind to herself. We can all use more of this discussion.
  10. “You Got This” is her recurring motto, and I now even find myself saying it under my breath in moments of doubt!

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10 Reasons to Love Olivia Towers Vlog

Horse Rookie’s Top 5 Playlist

Not sure where to start? Here are 5 videos that help give you a sense of the content and decide if this channel is right for you.

  1. Channel Introduction
  2. First Ride on Barbie and Bell
  3. Grand Prix Will Either Make or Break Me
  4. Mum Goes Competing
  5. Dressage Horses & Rider Learn to Jump

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