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It’s surprisingly difficult to find quality female western vloggers, so I love being able to recommend Fallon Taylor’s YouTube channel. She’s a champion barrel racer, fashionista, model, and small business owner, so this girl does “all the stuff and things.” I discovered her several years ago and have been an avid watcher ever since.

Not only does Fallon give you a glimpse into the world of barrel racing, she provides practical and positive life advice for Rookies and Pros, alike. If you need a pep talk, reality check, or a kick in the tush, you’ll find it here.

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Key Players

  • Fallon: She runs the channel, is the main rider/narrator, and is an NFR and AQHA Champion Barrel Racer.
  • BabyFlo: Think of her as the equine matriarch of Fallon’s herd. She’s still Fallon’s go-to barrel racer and is also a proven breeder of up-and-coming string.
  • Lolo: A daughter of BabyFlo, Lolo has a promising barrel racing career and is ramping up her competition experience.
  • Flobot: This young sassy-stallion-turned-gelding-gentleman, this son of BabyFlo is already showing huge potential.
  • Sunday Brunch: Fallon learned to jump! This mare is a tall drink of water and Fallon’s show jumping partner.
  • Alex: Fallon’s fiancé, chronic dog rescuer, and COO of MAN Sports™.
  • Jessie: She’s one of Fallon’s best friends and the Creative Director for all her businesses. She usually rides Neffy.
  • Cody: She’s also one of Fallon’s besties, heads up social media and video for Fallon, and usually rides Mojo.
  • Flomies: Fallon and BabyFlo’s fans are called “Flomies,” so subscribe and join in on the fun. (P.S. The catch phrase is “Count your blessings, drink your protein, and say thank you to Jesus!”)

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10 Reasons to Subscribe

  1. Fallon and her close-knit group of friends are hilarious, positive, inspirational, and super relatable.
  2. She’s a professional western rider who now always wears a helmet (and encourages others to do the same). Check out her Troxel helmet line on Amazon. They’re super affordable, come in a wide range of fashion designs, and they protect your melon!
  3. Though she’s famous and financially secure now, that wasn’t always the case. Fallon had to work HARD to get where she is, and this Cinderella story is an inspiration to any rider with big goals.
  4. As a small business owner and professional barrel racer, Fallon is genuinely passionate about sharing advice, lessons learned, and rookie mistakes with her viewers. Watch for the horses, but walk away with wisdom for life.
  5. Thanks to her small-yet-mighty team, Fallon’s channel posts new vlogs to your feed several times per week.
  6. Fallon loves fashion. In fact, she’s got several small businesses in the equestrian fashion industry! Check out ShoptheMerch.com to see her t-shirts, jeans, saddle sacks, and more.
  7. The only thing she may love more than horses and fashion… is dogs. Her videos typically feature at least one of her canine buddies, and I especially love when Alfie From Hobby Lobby makes an appearance.
  8. Traveling with horses brings a host of new challenges, and Fallon takes viewers along on all her road trips for a behind the scenes look at the ins and outs of hauling and life on the road.
  9. Fallon has a podcast, too! She only records when she has something she really wants to share (vs. on a set schedule), so her episodes are always from the heart. Learn more in our podcast spotlight.
  10. If you’re a barrel racer (or want to be), you’ll be in heaven on this channel. Even if you’ve never tried it (ahem, me) but simply enjoy learning new things, you’ll also love this insider’s look at the sport.

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10 Reasons to Love Fallon Taylor's Vlog

Horse Rookie’s Top 5 Playlist

Not sure where to start? Here are 5 videos that help give you a sense of the content and decide if this channel is right for you.

  1. How to Accomplish All Your Goals
  2. Traveling to a Rodeo and Jumping Show
  3. Confidence, Sportsmanship, and Tough Runs
  4. How to Train a Barrel Horse
  5. Passing NFR Traditions to BabyFlo’s Baby

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