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Horse Vlog: Equestrian Adventuresses

About the Vlog

Riding horses in every country imaginable just might be among every equestrian’s wildest dreams. But for Equestrian Adventuresses, this dream is a regular reality.

Meet Krystal Kelly, a California girl who became an FEI Coach and left the USA in 2010 to travel to every single country — on horseback!

Equestrian Adventuresses (EQA) isn’t just a channel, it’s a movement. It’s an international cohort of women who want to explore the world with horses.

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Key Players

  • Krystal: On a quest to visit every country in the world, Krystal has visited over 60 countries and worked in over 20 countries on 6 continents as a rider, trainer, FEI II Coach, clinician, and club manager. She rides many disciplines, including endurance, trail, polo, and show jumping!
  • Christian: Krystal’s husband and partner-in-crime in all things horse traveling, online business, and adventure! Christian learned to ride after meeting Krystal, but based on his horse skills, we can’t tell he hasn’t been riding his whole life!
  • Lilly & “Q”: Krystal and Christian’s trusty steeds who have traveled to many of the same locations and carried them–in Ireland’s case–the entire span of the country. Lilly and Q are learning along the way, just as Krystal and Christian are, but seem to take everything in stride (literally and figuratively, ha).
  • Local Guides: The Equestrian Adventuresses know better than most that trusting the experts is crucial, especially when riding horses in a new region. You don’t have to watch too many videos to see just how many kind equestrians worldwide are willing to help guide Krystal, Christian, and fellow adventuresses around the world in their equestrian endeavors.
  • Fellow Adventuresses: EQA also features videos of fellow adventuresses who do channel takeovers to chronicle their experience with horses in another part of the world.
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10 Reasons to Subscribe

  1. Experience Equine Adventures from the Comfort of Your Home: While we’d all like to go to all the places all at once, it’s not really feasible to do so. Watch the wonders of the world from the best view–between the ears–and add your favorite countries to your traveling short-list while you’re at it!
  2. Learn the Ropes of Equestrian Travel: Through the EQA YouTube channel, you can learn all you need to know about having a horse-filled adventure in another part of the world. EQA has many informational (and exceedingly entertaining) videos both chronicling and instructing how to travel to each country on horseback. You can also purchase their World Travel Guide for Equestrians by joining the EQA tribe!
  3. Join the Adventuresses Facebook Group: Want to meet equestrians across the globe? Join the EQA Facebook group and keep up with adventures going on around the world with horses.
  4. Krystal Has Authored Multiple Books: Saddles and Sisterhood, Going the Distance, Leg Up, and Have Breeches Will Travel all share true stories of fellow adventuresses who have traveled on horseback worldwide. Get a snapshot of what traveling on horseback is like in different countries as inspiration for your next adventure!
  5. Krystal is an FEI II Certified Coach: Will sometimes teach/give lessons on her travels. She is also a business coach for current or aspiring equestrian entrepreneurs.
  6. Rookies Can Travel as an Equestrian: You can join their online courses to learn horse lingo and how to travel safely as an equestrian.
  7. Enjoy Equestrian Adventuresses Podcast: Dive deeper into traveling globally on horseback through the EQA podcast, featuring everyone from adventuresses sharing about their journeys to equestrian professionals who give practical advice for you and your horses.
  8. Watch Equestrian Films: Want to watch more than what’s on the vlog? Get bonus video content by purchasing the Riding Across Ireland and Equestrian Adventuresses films. The Equestrian Adventuresses series chronicles the journey of Krystal and Christian through Greece, Greenland, and Slovenia, and Riding Across Ireland chronicles their 600-mile journey on horseback from the South to the North of Ireland
  9. Passion with a Purpose: A core value of Equestrian Adventuresses is to promote women in the equine industry, get local women involved when traveling to each country, and to support women entrepreneurs and their businesses. Equality is a marathon, not a sprint, and EQA is doing their part to involve as many people as Krystal can with her wide platform!
  10. Horse Welfare is a Priority: Krystal recommends researching horse welfare no matter where you plan to travel on horseback, and her travel guides will list stables that she’s personally visited and can confirm are good to horses

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Vlog Equestrian Adventuresses

Horse Rookie’s Top 5 Playlist

Not sure where to start? Here are 5 videos that help give you a sense of the content and decide if this channel is right for you.

  1. Riding Horses Across Ireland Playlist (totally worth binge-watching the entire series. Grab your popcorn and snuggie!)
  2. Horse Property Tour in Spain! House Hunting Internationally for Our New Home Vlog
  3. A Day at an Endurance Stable in Brazil
  4. How to Ride Horses in Egypt
  5. Horse Vending Machine! Stable Tour in Germany at a Private Yard

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