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Horse Vlog: Elise Blair

About the Vlog

Inspiring equestrians everywhere with her story, Elise Blair was diagnosed with significant spinal issues at a young age, but did not let this hinder her love for horses. Elise shares how she lives with her disability and about her journey with her AMHA registered miniature horses and KWPN gelding, Super Dave.

Elise’s vlogs are raw and honest. She shares how her disability impacts her life and continues to inspire others with disabilities. We know you’ll be inspired after the first video!

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Key Players

  • Elise: Diagnosed with multiple life-altering medical issues, Elise inspires everyone to follow their dreams, regardless of where life leads you.
  • Minis: Elise’s AMHA minis, Nikko and Saffy, are featured in almost every video. These little guys go on all sorts of fun outings and shows.
  • Dave: Super Dave is a 17hh, Dutch Warmblood, 10 year old show jumping gelding. Elise purchased Dave for showjumping as a 5 year old, and unfortunately had to give up riding for a while due to her disability. However, she is gradually getting back in the saddle!

10 Reasons to Subscribe

  1. Raw + Inspiring: Elise’s life and journey with spinal issues is not only inspiring, but real. She shares the good days and the bad days and how her diagnosis has affected her everyday life.
  2. Mini Overload: If you love miniature horses, this is the vlog to follow. Elise shares videos of different places she takes the minis: shows, training, clipping, and even vet visits.
  3. Mini Training: Follow the training journey for Elise’s minis from the ground up, including introducing scary objects and agility.
  4. Honesty: Elise’s honest approach to life is so refreshing. She is open about her diagnosis and how she works with it to do the things she loves—like enjoying her horses.
  5. Multiple Platforms: Elise is active on Facebook and Instagram so you have lots of options for following her content.
  6. Backyard Horse Owning Tips: Elise made the decision a few years ago to bring her miniature horses home. Follow her barn building and yard creation process.
  7. From Show Jumping to Dressage: When Elise first purchased Dave, she envisioned years of show jumping together. Now she and Dave are embarking on a new dressage adventure she never expected.
  8. Relatable: Elise’s video style and personality is so relatable. From equine emergencies to days going side-ways, Elise’s experiences speak to all equestrians.
  9. Educational: Many of the vlog videos cover general care, feed, and barn design for miniature horses.
  10. Some Product Reviews: Occasionally Elise shares product reviews for products she uses and recommends. It’s always nice to see honest reviews for quality horse products.

Horse Rookie’s Top 5 Playlist

Not sure where to start? Here are 5 episodes that help give you a sense of the content and decide if this podcast is right for you.

  1. Miniature Horse Ground Work
  2. Miniature Horse Barn Tour
  3. Life with a Disability – Part 1
  4. AMHA Yearlings Exploring Moor Mill
  5. Riding for the First Time in a Year

Sample Episode

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