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Horse Vlog: Elisa Wallace Eventing

About the Vlog

Elisa Wallace is a 5-star three-day event rider, and YouTuber. She is also an advocate for American Mustang adoption, off-the-track thoroughbreds, rider safety, and women in sport. Her channel focuses on her three-day eventing career and her journey with American Mustangs. Follow her competitions with a helmet cam view of her cross-country courses!

Elisa is passionate about her work with American mustangs, aimed at demonstrating the potential of this misunderstood breed by developing one up to the advanced level in three-day eventing. If you are interested in American mustangs, or three-day eventing, you don’t want to miss this vlog.

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Key Players

  • Elisa Wallace: Elisa runs the vlog, is the main rider featured, and was an alternate for the 2016 Olympic Team. She walks viewers through the ups and downs of training horses (and herself) and shows just how much hard work pays off with horses.
  • Rick Wallace: Elisa’s father and mentor. Rick is also an avid event rider and trainer and works closely with Elisa at all of her competitions.
  • Riot Gear: Elisa rides and trains a LOT of horses, but there are a couple of special horses who continue to help her grow in her eventing career. One of them is Riot Gear, the 16.3 hand 2099 Oldenburg gelding who has helped her win high marks in her most recent competitions. Watch them tear it up both on YouTube and Instagram.
  • Let it Be Lee: Elisa’s other partner in crime, Lee, is a 16.2-hand 2008 Off the Track Thoroughbred (OTTB). Follow Lee and Elisa’s journey through countless competition videos as they take on the eventing world.
  • The Other Horses: Elisa is always working and competing with new horses. Each horse has a unique story and talent, and usually a fun name with a special meaning behind it!

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10 Reasons to Subscribe

  1. Experience Three-Day Eventing First Hand: Ride with Elisa (through her helmet cam) through cross-country courses around the country. Discover the thrill of clearing jumps in all levels of three-day eventing.
  2. OTTB Advocates: Competition Variety: If you’re a riding discipline junkie, you’re in luck! With Wallace Eventing, you can see all aspects of three-day eventing: cross-country, showjumping, and dressage. Each competition shows off the different talents required by horse and rider.
  3. Inspiring Horse Stories: Hear the unique stories of off-the-track Thoroughbreds and American Mustangs as Elisa retrains, or trains, them in eventing.
  4. American Mustang Advocate: Elisa is a strong believer in the American Mustang breed and its potential as a riding and eventing horse.
  5. Hard Work Pays Off: Elisa is a true demonstration that hard work really does pay off. She has worked hard for all of her success and takes nothing for granted.
  6. Thoroughbred Lovers Unite: Elisa works with retired racehorses, going through the entire retraining process. She is a strong advocate for OTTB horses and their potential in the eventing world. Watch off-the-track thoroughbreds build new skills as jumpers and eventers.
  7. Accomplished Rider: Elisa is not only a 5-Star Eventer and alternate for the 2016 Olympic Team, she was also the winner of the Eventing Division at the 2018 Retired Racehorse Project Thoroughbred Makeover.
  8. Exclusive Access to Even More: While Elisa uploads a lot of videos onto YouTube, you can gain access to much more by becoming a patron of Wallace Eventing on Patreon! Get access to exclusive videos and live Q & A’s when you join as a premium member—only $5/month! show price?
  9. Lifelong Equestrian: Elisa did trot sets at the age of two and began eventing at four. She is a true lifelong equestrian! But what’s amazing about her is that through her channel, she offers real advice that can apply to equestrians at all levels.
  10. Blogging, Too: In addition to her Vlog, she’s active on her own blog, going into detail on her eventing and training journey.

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elisa wallace vlog

Horse Rookie’s Top 5 Playlist

Not sure where to start? Here are 5 videos that help give you a sense of the content and decide if this channel is right for you.

  1. Helmet Cam: Simply Priceless at the 2017 Ocala Jockey Club Three Day Event
  2. Pick-Up Day | 2019 Mustang TIP Challenge
  3. Turkey, Ty Ty, and Magna Wave (Vlog)
  4. Best dressage test of my career!
  5. Helmet Cam: Play Big (Training Horse | 2021 Ocala Winter I)

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