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Horse Vlog: Blob the Cob

About the Vlog

Kate Lewis is a 22 year old showjumper from North Yorkshire in England who vlogs about her horse journey, and riding fails, with her 10 horses. She has been sharing videos on YouTube for 8 years, and anyone who loves showjumping should follow Kate’s channel.

Kate has many different breeds of horses, all in various stages of training, making her videos educational and entertaining regardless of what level you ride. She also has several mares and foals, so you can learn about foal care and training, too.

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horse rookie's guide to show jumping

Key Players

  • Kate Lewis: Kate is a 22 year old Showjumper and UKCC Level 2 Coach from North Yorkshire in England.
  • The Dark Emporer (“Nero”): Kate’s #1 Heart Horse is an incredible jumper with a personality far bigger than his stature lets on.
  • Her Herd: Kate has 10 horses (and counting!) at various levels and breeds, including a few mares and foals.

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10 Reasons to Subscribe

  1. Sharing Riding Successes and Failures: Kate is very open about sharing her successes and failures in the saddle, making this vlog very inspirational when you are feeling stuck.
  2. Showjumping: If you love showjumping events and training, Kate covers everything from prepping for her show to the actual round.
  3. Mare and Foal Care: Kate has several mares and foals in her vlog. You can follow the journey from breeding, to birthing, to care and training of a foal.
  4. Product Reviews: Kate will do an occasional product review on a product she really enjoys. It’s nice to get insight from someone who has thoroughly tested the product before you purchase it.
  5. Schooling Videos: Kate videos many of her training rides. You’ll love to see the progress she and her horses make from video to video.
  6. A Touch of Dressage: Kate has recently expanded into a little bit of dressage and is sharing her experience going from showjumping to dressage.
  7. Entertaining: Kate’s personality really shines in her videos. She always has some fun comments or ideas to keep you fully entertained throughout the entire video.
  8. On Instagram, too: Kate posts photos and videos of her competitions on Instagram. If you are an Instagram lover, but not a YouTube lover, you don’t have to miss Kate’s content.
  9. Fail Critiques: Kate does multiple videos critiquing her riding “fails.” Hearing her view on position, timing, and the event itself, is very educational as you learn showjumping, and is super relatable.
  10. Cute Foals: Everyone loves adorable foals and you’ll get an overload of them on this channel.

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blob the cob

Horse Rookie’s Top 5 Playlist

Not sure where to start? Here are 5 videos that help give you a sense of the content and decide if this channel is right for you.

  1. Meet the Horses Part 1
  2. Reacting to My Showjumping Fails
  3. Equestrian Day in the Life
  4. Hari Pregnancy Updates
  5. Haricot Blue

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