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Horse Podcast: Journey On with Warwick Schiller

About the Podcast

In the same way that a picture speaks a thousand words, a story can yield countless lessons. Whether or not you’re familiar with Warwick Schiller, the Journey On Podcast is ripe with transformative stories that will lead you to learn more about yourself and the equines you love, and perhaps even illuminate parts of your journey with horses that you had yet to understand.

The Journey On Podcast is exactly as it implies: a journey to a deeper understanding of horses and how we interact with them, all while gaining deeper insights into our own journey of healing, learning, and growing as individuals.

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Key Players

  • Warwick: A rider of various disciplines, Warwick is not only known for his international equestrian achievements, but also for his success in teaching others how to achieve their own breakthroughs with their horses. Originally from Australia, he moved to the USA in his twenties to pursue a riding career and lives with his wife, Robyn, in Hollister, CA.
  • Special Guests: Warwick will sometimes host special guests on the podcast to bring another perspective or share stories from their personal journey with horses.

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10 Reasons to Subscribe

  1. It’s All About Transformation: Working with horses is a journey, and transformation is the name of the game. Warwick recognizes not only that we’re all a work-in-progress when it comes to horse training, but also that the process of transformation, for us and our horses, is where we gain the most value.
  2. The Champion Rider who Became a Teacher: Warwick is a well-decorated horseman, having won the NRHA Reserve World Champion and competed in the 2010 and 2018 World Equestrian Games for Australia. Additionally, it won’t take long for you to see that he genuinely enjoys teaching so that others can have success with their horses. Unlike the lofty instructors we sometimes find in upper-level competitions, Warwick is incredibly compassionate and approachable.
  3. A Light Hand and A Free Will: Warwick will tell you that “it’s not about how hard you pull. It’s about how light you train your horse to be.” Having a light hand is very important to his training philosophy, as is giving your horse choices in training. Many horses feel trapped in training, which leads to trust issues, tension, or laziness. His Choose Where You Work, Choose Where You Rest principle will transform your riding experience for you and your horse!
  4. Principles Over Discipline: Oftentimes, we have to search within our own discipline to find answers to training issues. But at their core, resolving many of our training struggles only requires us to go back to the basics, delving into simple communication between horse and rider. Nearly all of what you’ll learn from Journey On, and all of Warwick’s other material, transcends disciplines and can be easily applied to our horse training.
  5. Listen and Read with podcast transcripts: If a particular episode really impacted you and you’re looking to go deeper, the Journey On Podcast has provided transcripts for every episode. Sometimes the best way to learn something is to digest it in more than one modality.
  6. Understanding Comes Before Doing: A lot of times in horse training, technique and outcome are the primary focuses. Warwick often deals with horses who are either spooky, lazy, or distrusting of humans. His starting point isn’t the desired outcome, but rather understanding the horse’s vantage point in training. This methodology of “First, Do No Harm” is how he gets such extraordinary results, and you can, too!
  7. Hear the experiences behind the techniques: If you’ve watched Warwick Schiller’s YouTube Channel, you know that his methods and philosophies work. But with instructional videos, you don’t always get the chance to see the experiences that led a given teacher to instruct the way he does. In this podcast, you’ll hear a lot of the personal experiences that led Warwick to teach and train the way he does, which helps drive his principles even deeper!
  8. Opportunities to Go Deeper: If you love what you hear on the Journey On Podcast, Warwick has offered many opportunities to learn more, including his YouTube Channel, courses, video library subscription, and even one-on-one virtual training sessions!
  9. Strength in Community: Something that you’ll notice early on is Warwick’s humility and awe for his colleagues in the horse community. His teacher’s heart and passion for transformation are reflected in how he draws out the stories and wisdom from fellow horsemen and horsewomen on the podcast.
  10. Family Business: Warwick’s life work with horses is not something he accomplishes on his own. His wife, Robyn, is also an accomplished horsewoman who has provided Warwick with insights into anxiety that have transformed his training. His son, Tyler, is the mastermind behind making his training accessible worldwide. Be sure to check out Robyn and Tyler’s takeover episodes on the podcast!

Horse Rookie’s Top 5 Playlist

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  1. The Science of Connection
  2. Nahshon Cook
  3. The Principles of Training
  4. Mustang Maddy
  5. How To Solve Anxiety Attacks With JanePike and Robyn Schiller

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Sample Episode

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