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Horse Podcast: Amateur Hour

About the Podcast

Amateur Hour covers topics from competitive hunter, jumper, and eventing, to equestrian lifestyle. Shared from the perspective of a group of adult amateur equestrian friends, Amateur Hour gives you an inside look into competitions, training, and equestrian life.

Whether you’re competing right now, or trying to get back into the saddle, Amateur Hour dives into the sporthorse world with an honest group of equestrians at different life stages.

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Key Players

  • Claire: one of the podcast hosts who shows her horse Pluto in adult amateur hunters. She is also a mother and pediatric occupational therapist.
  • Kelly: second podcast host. Kelly rides her horse Rio in adult amateur hunters. She lives in Texas and is a professional ultrasound technician.
  • Olivia: third podcast host. Olivia competes with her mare, Juliet, in novice level events and aspires to join the hunter/jumper world with her other horse, Violet.
  • Taylor: fourth podcast host. Taylor is a mom, licensed real estate agent, and shows her horses Cam and Tater in Amateur Owner hunters.

10 Reasons to Subscribe

  1. Dynamic Hosts: Amatuer Hour has a great group of hosts. They are fun, knowledgeable, and easy to listen to. Each host is insanely talented, inside and outside the show ring, bringing a variety of skill sets and experiences to the table.
  2. For Amateurs: If you are an amateur in the hunter, jumper, or eventing world, this is the podcast for you. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a more relatable blog, or podcast, around.
  3. Topic Variety: The team covers a wide variety of topics for equestrians. Even non-amateur competitors will feel welcomed and entertained tuning in.
  4. Successful Female Hosts: Listen to successful female equestrians and their experiences in and out of the saddle. Each of these powerful women understand the balance of pursuing your dreams, dominating their career, and cultivating important relationships in their lives.
  5. Conversational: The group has relatable, easy-to-follow conversations throughout the podcast. Even if you’re learning, it will feel like you’re hanging out with friends.
  6. Encouraging Content: Listening to the showing and training experiences is very motivating and encouraging. If you’ve ridden horses competitively, you’re likely to relate to a lot of the stories!
  7. Sharing Good and Bad Experiences: The group openly shares good and bad experiences and how they learned from their mistakes. Having dealt with the ups and downs of governing bodies in the competitive English world, they transparently share opinions about topics that are impacting the community.
  8. Riding Check-ins: The group shares their “riding check-ins” and how they are progressing (or not) with their horses.
  9. Showing Insights: The group provides insights into showing as a whole, as well as specific events like HITS and WEC.
  10. All Stages: Each host on the podcast is at a different stage of life, riding and career level. This gives a wonderful mix of experiences and perspectives.

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Horse Rookie’s Top 5 Playlist

Not sure where to start? Here are 5 episodes that help give you a sense of the content and decide if this podcast is right for you.

  1. The Boarding vs. Self-Care Discussion
  2. The Kristi Wysocki Episode
  3. The Importing Episode
  4. Showing in the Era of Covid-19
  5. Sporthorse Breeding Episode

Sample Episode

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How to Listen

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