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About the Podcast

The equestrian world really is larger than we think. Not only are we comprised of various disciplines, but we’re also made up of riders, creators, authors, and business owners. So what do you get when you cross three equestrian bloggers from different corners of the world? A podcast that’s rich with stories from many different angles of our community.

Equestrian Pulse illuminates everything about the horse world, from horse care and riding tips, inspiring stories of everyday riders and competitors, and motivational episodes from equine business experts, practitioners, and authors.

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Key Players

  • Andrea: Nutritionist by day and dressage rider by night (and weekend) from Queensland, Australia, Andrea is the creator of The Sand Arena Ballerina blog. There she chronicles her journey with her mare, Nonie (short for “anonymous mare”). She does a fabulous job of bringing positive community and body image conversations into the equestrian community. 
  • Heather: Heather is an equestrian author, blogger at The Timid Rider, and equine massage therapist in her co-owned business, Animal Bodywork NJ in Red Bank, New Jersey. After returning to horse riding following years away from the saddle, Heather is vulnerable about how cautious, thoughtful, and “timid” she is. But, she’s always determined to #bebold and inspires her readers to do the same. She and her girls ride their horse, Ferrous, and have recently acquired a second herd member, Delight (Heather’s lesson horse upon her return to riding).
  • Louise: She’s the mastermind behind the equestrian lifestyle blog, In Due Horse, where she talks about fashion, riding, and life in France. Louise is originally from the UK, but now lives in France with her hubby, her cat Gwen, and her newest family member, Gracie: a young mare that Louise is training from the ground up.
  • Guests: Because the Equestrian Pulse aims to explore all areas of the horse world, guests range from bloggers to competitive equestrian athletes, authors, business owners, and health professionals. Some episodes even feature listeners who call in on special episodes (see the “Listener Takeovers” below).

10 Reasons to Subscribe

  1. All the hosts are bloggers: And it happens to also be how they all met. Each host shares stories and helpful tips from her personal experiences with horses and equestrian life.
  2. Infectiously relatable: In addition to interviews, Equestrian Pulse features conversations between Andrea, Louise, and Heather about their everyday lives with horses. These convos are very honest about how real life is with horses — in all its inevitable struggle and hilarity.
  3. International Equestrians: The podcast hosts are from all over the world (France, Australia, USA), and they’ve never actually met in person! 
  4. You’re bound to learn something new: Between riding, equestrian business, blogging, and equine health, every episode is sure to be fresh, fun, and informative.
  5. Horse Besties, Unite: A lot of us know what riding cliques are NOT supposed to look like. By stark contrast, Louise, Andrea, and Heather are a supportive and inclusive group of horse pals.
  6. Andrea is a brilliant dressage rider and competitor: Andrea has done the hard and rewarding work of building up her human/horse partnership and athletic conditioning over the past several years. Nonie is now a flashy mover with talent for days — anything but anonymous.
  7. Listener takeovers: Perhaps some of the best episodes are the ones with audience participation. Check out these listener takeovers for laughs, heartwarming and relatable stories: Funny Moments Listener Takeover, Spooktacular Listener Takeover, My Favorite Things Listener Takeover, and Heart Horse Stories Listener Takeover.
  8. Heather is an Equestrian Author: She’s written multiple books, including Confessions of a Timid Rider and Girl Forward. Heather’s memoirs are relatable to equestrians and non-equestrians alike who have ever had to conquer anxiety or felt like you’ve had to create your own space in order to pursue your passion. 
  9. Equestrians with Heart: The Equestrian Pulse has a particular interest in amplifying causes that make the horse world a better place. Check out the episodes on sustainability, equestrian diversity, and philanthropy.
  10. Holistic Rider Health: The Equestrian Pulse has welcomed professionals to speak on topics relating to nutrition, health during the COVID-19 pandemic, and mental resiliency

Horse Rookie’s Top 5 Playlist

Not sure where to start? Here are 5 episodes that help give you a sense of the content and decide if this podcast is right for you.

  1. Funny Moments Listener Takeover
  2. Rider Mindset with The Girl About The Yard
  3. The Secrets to Writing Faster and More Often
  4. CBC Therapeutic Horseback Riding Academy
  5. Raquel Lynn of Horses & Heels

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