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9 Luxury Gifts for Horse Lovers Worth Impressing

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High-End Gifts for the Equestrian in Your Life

Looking for the perfect, higher-end gift for the horse lover in your life? We’ve compiled a list of nine luxury gifts to help you find a fantastic fit.

This list of luxury equestrian gifts is a great starting point to finding the perfect present. Whether you’re looking for a birthday gift, Christmas present, or a special occasion, this list will help get you inspired to shop!

When shopping for an ideal gift, be sure to think about:

  • Be sure the gift is age-appropriate! For example, we don’t suggest the Whiskey Decanter for those under 21.
  • If you’re considering a sized item, be sure you know exactly what size to order, or check out the return/exchange fine print! You’ll need approximate horse measurements for the Rambo Quarter Sheet, or jacket size for the Ariat Down Jacket.
  • If it is customizable, the lead time will be longer—so if you love the Engraved Leather Halter, be sure to order early!

Brazilian Leather Cowhide Duffel

This leather cowhide bag is the perfect size for overnight trips and measures 20” x 11 1/2”. Made from authentic leather, this shop offers several styles and colors and will work with you to pick out one that you like. Primary colors include tan, black, and dark brown.

This Etsy shop receives fantastic reviews and is worth checking out!

cowhide duffel

Click to see it at Etsy

Why it Makes a Great Gift:

  • Gift Category: This western-style gift is perfect for equine enthusiasts (or someone who just enjoys Western décor!)
  • Customer Reviews Say: This Etsy shop offers phenomenal customer service and high-quality products.
  • Pair it With: This overnight-sized bag could pair well with a weekend getaway!

Get it at Etsy

Personalized Whiskey Decanter

If you know a horse enthusiast that enjoys whiskey (or bourbon!), check out this customized decanter. It can be personalized with a horse image and text (max 15 letters / 2 lines) and comes with two to four engraved glasses to match.

The decanter holds 23.75 oz of alcohol and glasses hold 10 oz.

horse decanter

Click to see it at Etsy

Why it Makes a Great Gift:

  • Gift Category: This is a great gift for the >21 crowd that appreciates higher end liquor.
  • Customer Reviews Say: Beautiful products, great service, and excellent packaging!
  • Pair it With: Create a gift basket by adding a high-quality whiskey or bourbon to go along with the decanter & glasses.

Get it at Etsy

Pivo Silver Auto Follow Camera Mount

This auto-tracking phone stand is perfect for tracking objects and movement and is specifically designed to track horses. Featuring AI technology, it is like having your own personal cameraman (or woman). Created with individual horseback riding or training in mind, it brings high technology to the arena. Set it up to video your ride so you or your trainer can critique it later!

Does someone you know want to make high-quality videos of rides or training sessions? This is an amazing gift! It is compatible with iPhone 8 or above or Androids 2017 or newer.

pivo pod silver contents

Click to shop Pivo camera mounts

Why it Makes a Great Gift:

  • Gift Category: High-tech equipment for improving your ride
  • Customer Reviews Say: Setup was easy, app was free, and auto zoom feature worked well.
  • Pair it With: Consider throwing in some $$ for horseback riding lessons to utilize this with a riding instructor to maximize its usefulness.

Get it at Pivo Global

Rambo Quarter Sheet

Perfect for riding or showing in chilly temperatures, the Rambo Competition Sheet is a quarter sheet with cutouts for around the saddle. Velcro secures this blanket at the front. Made from high-tech, double bonded fleece, it features anti-pill technology with moisture wicking properties.

quarter sheet

Click to see it at Amazon

Why it Makes a Great Gift:

  • Gift Category: Excellent for winter riding in cold temperatures!
  • Customer Reviews Say: Fits well, doesn’t slip while riding.
  • Pair it With: This will keep a horse warm during winter rides—consider pairing with human comforts such as a down jacket or lined gloves.

See it at Amazon

Rustic Horseshoe Boot Rack

This handmade boot rack is made from new, actual horseshoes and holds up to four pairs of boots. This boot rack works best for Western-style boots and is 42” wide. We suggest this as a gift for Western riders or those who appreciate Southwest/cowboy themed décor.

boot rack

Click to see it at Amazon

Why it Makes a Great Gift:

  • Gift Category: Home décor and organization.
  • Customer Reviews Say: “Awesome boot organizer” this boot rack is both stylish and functional!
  • Pair it With: If you’re looking to really elevate this gift, consider including a new pair of Western boots to go with the boot rack!

Get it at Amazon

Ariat Ideal 3.0 Down Jacket

This coat offers reliable warmth in an eye-catching quilted pattern. Down insulation protects from the elements, whether you wear it into town on a frigid day or in the saddle. It even packs down small into its own pocket!

ariat winter coat

Click to see it at Amazon

Why it Makes a Great Gift:

  • Gift Category: Winter apparel
  • Customer Reviews Say: Fit is sleek/fitted but allows for movement.
  • Pair it With: Consider adding a scarf or winter hat to make a set!

Get it at Amazon

Custom Engraved Leather Halter

This padded leather halter is made from premium leather and adorned with a custom-engraved name plate. Add up to two lines of text with up to 18 characters per line.

This halter comes in three sizes and is very adjustable to achieve the right fit.

personalized leather halters

Click to see it at State Line Tack

Why it Makes a Great Gift:

  • Gift Category: Horse tack
  • Customer Reviews Say: Excellent quality—supple leather, quality stitching and fittings
  • Pair it With: Add a lead rope for a complete package.

Get it at State Line Tack

Impact Gel Western Saddle Pad

Impact Gel saddle pads are known for their exceptional quality and comfortable fit. These saddle pads distribute weight, heat, and shock laterally throughout the gel interior for a comfortable ride. Handcrafted in the USA, these pads are expensive but worth it!

gel pad

Why it Makes a Great Gift:

  • Gift Category: Horse tack for the Western rider
  • Customer Reviews Say: High quality, comfortable, lasts for years
  • Pair it With: If you’re looking for an add-on item, consider something for the rider, since this pad mostly benefits the horse.

Get it at State Line Tack

Mattes Platinum Jump Half Pad

This half pad fits under the saddle and on top of a quilted pad with a similarly-shaped topline. Made from high-quality, dense sheepskin, these pads are known for their quality and durability. This half pad comes in white or black color options.

half pad

Click to see it at State Line Tack

Why it Makes a Great Gift:

  • Gift Category: Horse tack for the English rider
  • Customer Reviews Say: Beautiful pad, excellent protection.
  • Pair it With: Since this gift is more for the horse, consider an add-on item for the rider!

Get it at State Line Tack

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I buy someone a saddle as a gift?

If you’re looking to surprise someone with a present, we don’t recommend a saddle. Saddles have to be specific to both the horse AND the rider in terms of measurement. In addition, you would need to know exactly what discipline and activity (and at what level) the rider is at.

If you want to gift a saddle, consider writing a card indicating your intentions and allowing the rider to aid in the selection process!

What’s the best high-tech equestrian gift?

We highly recommend smart watches or a Pivo auto-tracking camera mount. If you know someone looking to track their riding activity, consider a smart watch paired with an annual subscription to an equine-themed app specific to horseback riding.

What’s a good gift for a Western rider?

Consider a custom hat—while these can get pricey, can you ever have too many hats? These are great for the person who already has a nice show hat and wants something a little more fun and customized to their preferences. Shorty’s Caboy Hattery is a great choice for something highly customized.

What’s a good gift for an English rider?

Consider a really nice pair of riding gloves—gloves wear out and need to change seasonally (depending on where you live!) Generally, price will be an indication of both quality and comfort.

Parting Thoughts:

If you have the budget, shopping for these higher-end luxury items can be a lot of fun! Each gift on this list was selected due to exceptional customer reviews and brand reputations. While some items are sized, we selected high-end gift ideas with sizes that are easier to figure out than items like pants/breeches or show shirts.

Happy shopping!

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