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Shelby Dennis & Milo’s Equestrian Gift Guide

Written by Shelby Dennis

40 Gift ideas for horse owners, horse lovers, and horses from the Milestone Equestrian herd

Shopping for a horse-obsessed loved one may seem like a daunting task, especially if you are not particularly equine savvy. More often than not, it seems, horse lovers are looking to shop for their equine partners and not themselves. As such, they generally seem to be elated to receive horse-related gifts (e.g. this handy grooming kit) that give them a break on the costs associated with being an equestrian.

First and foremost, it is important to choose the correct type of gift for someone, given they may or may not be a horse owner. For those who do not own or lease horses, stick with gift ideas catered towards the rider, not the horse. For people who own or lease, you can consider gifts for the rider or the horse.


It’s the thought that counts…

If you’re looking for advice on where to start the search for presents catered towards the four legged variety, look no further. I have some awesome tips, tricks, and ideas when it comes to shopping for your horse loving friends.

Chief Rookie Aside: This gift guide is evergreen, so these ideas are suited to birthdays, holidays, and personal milestones (pun intended). 

Choosing a Gift That Fits

Sizing is important, so ensure you have an idea of what size apparel the person you are shopping for may use. Otherwise, it’s best to sway towards ambiguously sized items or items that are one size fits all.

For the horse, there are oftentimes size considerations as well. This can be easy to find out by asking horse-savvy friends of the person you’re shopping for or seeking help from tack store staff, as they are generally quite knowledgeable and can assist you with sizes if you provide them with basic information.

If you’re shopping online, the vast majority of equine purchases will allow for returns and exchanges, so keep your receipt in case anything needs to be exchanged for a different size.

Equestrian Gifts for Every Budget

As I’m sure you will find out in your search for equestrian themed gifts, if you have not already, everything horse related seems to come with an inflated price tag.

With this in mind, the following gift list will include items for a variety of budgets, in the event you have more to spend, are looking for a group gift, or looking for more frugal ideas.

There ARE horsey gifts for every budget (even if it sometimes may not seem that way) so you need not be discouraged by the general price points of many horse related purchases.

Shelby’s Best Gifts for Horse Riders

Let’s begin with gifts that are catered towards the rider. I will include sized options, as well as gift options that do not require you to find out a size.

It is important to be aware of the basic riding style of the person you are shopping for.

For example, if they ride Western, they probably are not interested in English themed apparel and vice versa.

Horse Rookie Pro Tip: If you need help figuring out whether your recipient rides Western or English, glance through our What to Wear Horseback Riding article. You’ll recognize the style of clothing you’ve seen them wear before and have your answer.

Dreamers & Schemers Boot Socks

Who doesn’t love good socks? Especially when they come in dozens of amazingly fun and unique designs, as well as CUSTOM designs.

Equestrians are always on the lookout for good boot socks. Even if they already have some, I guarantee you that no one will say no to another pair of fun socks from Dreamers & Schemers.


They have tons of designs to choose from.

The best thing about socks like this is that they can be worn on any occasion, not just to the barn, AND they fit into any budget.

These socks are a highly popular product in the horse world and simply so much fun. They are a must have on my gift list!

Get This Gift on D&S Website

Roeckl Gloves

Roecki gloves are highly popular, excellent quality riding gloves that are an absolute dream to wear and ride in. They are fancy enough for showing and come in a variety of styles and colours.

While the photo here is more catered towards English-riding equestrians, Roeckl offers a number of glove styles that cater to Western riders as well as English.

Click to see these gloves at Amazon.

While the price point on these is a bit higher when it comes to gloves, the quality is absolutely worth it, and your equestrian friend will thank you! I’ve had numerous pairs of these gloves and adore them.

My un-horsey boyfriend was able to easily find and buy a pair of these gloves from a local tack store for me one year for Christmas (with the help of the store staff), so these are an easy gift for anyone!

Get This Gift on Amazon

RJ Classics Breeches

RJ Classics is a quality brand with long lasting, extremely comfortable breeches that look great and come in numerous colour and style options to fit every rider’s preferences.

This particular colour (sand) is well suited to showing, but they also have a number of fun colours for schooling breeches.

Click to see these breeches at Amazon.

Breeches are at a higher price point, however, there are other styles and brands that are for a more humble budget, so riding pants may be still worth considering even if these particular ones are out of budget.

While these pants are catered towards the English rider, the next item on the list is for the Western rider.

Horse Rookie Pro Tip: If you’re considering breeches as a gift, also check out our 9 Best Brands: No-Regrets Breeches.

Get This Gift on Amazon

Wrangler Jeans

Wrangler jeans are the perfect riding jeans for the Western rider (or for English riders who may prefer to ride in jeans). With stylish pockets that won’t damage the saddle and a boot cut, they are ready to head to the barn.

Click to see these jeans at Amazon.

Budget friendly for everyone, these are a great option to consider when shopping for your horsey friends!

Get This Gift on Amazon

C4 Belts

C4 Belts are a perfect, non-sized item for all equestrians. There are so many different colours and designs for these belts, and they are highly customizable.

Click to see this belt at Amazon.

The best part is that they are cut to fit upon arrival, so you do not need to worry about sizing at all! You can even wash them in the dishwasher.

Budget friendly for everyone, these are an easy and sure-to-please gift for horse lovers! 

Chief Rookie Aside: Read my full review on C4 Belts here.

Get This Gift on C4’s Website

Ariat V Sport Tall Boots

Ariat is an iconic equestrian brand that has proven its worth in the horse world. With a large line of beautiful, long lasting products they’ve earned their solid reputation.

The Ariat V Sport Tall Boots are one of their newer styles and are an incredibly fun and budget friendly (for a quality tall boot) product that’s best suited to those showing in the jumper ring.

Click to see this boot at Amazon.

Ariat also has a number of other styles well suited to hunter or dressage riders. This is a higher ticket item price-wise, so better suited for people shopping with a larger budget or looking to buy a group gift.

But whoever receives these boots will love you forever!

Chief Rookie Aside: These boots also made our 9 Rookie Approved Horseback Riding Boots for Beginners and 13 Best Boots for Horseback Riding Lessons lists.

Get This Gift on Amazon

Ariat Fat Baby Cowboy Boots

Available in numerous styles and colours, Ariat Fatbaby Boots last FOREVER and are super comfortable once broken in. (I still have a pair that looks new after 8+ years.)

These boots are great for working around the farm or for swinging into the saddle.

Click to see this boot at Amazon.

Stylistically, they are most pleasing for Western riders. However, they can appeal to a number of different disciplines and equestrians for wearing around the barn or shows.

Cost wise, these are at a higher price point. But they’re totally worth it for a long lasting boot.

Chief Rookie Aside: These boots also made our 9 Best Boots for Western Horseback Riding list.

Get This Gift on Amazon

Noble Outfitters Muck Boots

A good pair of waterproof boots are a MUST have around the barn and when working outside in any rainy or damp climate.

The Noble Outfitters Muck Boot is incredibly comfortable, very waterproof, and long lasting.


Click to see these boots at Amazon.

They look good on and are comfortable to wear all day long. These are my favourite option for footwear when working around the farm.

Chief Rookie Aside: These boots made our $hit Happens: 7 Best Boots for Mucking Stalls list, and I personally own and love them!

Get This Gift on Amazon

One K Defender Helmet

A great way to show your love for your equestrian loved ones is to help protect their noggin while they ride!


Click to see One K helmets at Amazon.

The One K Brand offers numerous attractive and well priced helmet options that work well for the hobby rider as well as the competitor.

While good helmets don’t come cheap, the price point for these helmets is very fair and they are comfy and well ventilated for hotter months of riding.

Get This Gift on Amazon

Noble Outfitters Cheval Waterproof Jacket

This is a beautiful, form fitting waterproof jacket that will look very smart when on and keep you dry for those wet and weary seasons of riding.

Click to see this jacket at Amazon.

This jacket is form fitting and will show off great posture while riding.

A good, waterproof jacket is priceless around the barn and looking stylish in one is worth even more.

Chief Rookie Aside: Umm, love this. Going on the Horse Rookie Watch List ASAP.

Get This Gift on Amazon

Horze Supreme Trista Long Sleeve Shirt

Sweat wicking, technical shirts are a must have for the dedicated rider.

Shirts like the Horze Trista keep riders cool and dry but are also great for layering in cooler months.

Click to see this shirt at Amazon.

This particular shirt is incredibly budget friendly, while remaining stylish and functional.

Get This Gift on Amazon

Asmar Equestrian All Weather Rider Jacket

While Asmar products are not budget friendly for all people, their products are very high quality and of high demand both in the horse world (and outside of it) due to their functional and exceptionally stylish designs.


Click to see this jacket at Amazon.

The All Weather Rider Jacket is the perfect addition to an equestrian’s outerwear collection due to its ability to unzip in the back and fan out to cover and keep saddles dry. It has a beautiful fit and is available in a variety of sizes and styles.

Note: Asmar products, in my experience, have a tendency to fit on the larger side, so you may want to consider sizing down.

Get This Gift on Amazon

Greenhawk Horse Jump Cap

There is no shortage of ball cap styles tailored towards equestrian styles, and many horse people opt to wear ball caps daily to and from the barn to help hide “helmet hair.”

Baseball caps like this Horse Jump Cap are a very budget friendly gift option for equestrians and are sure to go to use.

Chief Rookie Aside: If you want to add a little humor to your gift, the Barn Hair Don’t Care cap is sure to earn a chuckle. 

Get This Gift on Greenhawk

Milestone Equestrian Graphic T-shirts

If your gift recipient is a fan of my YouTube vlog, I’m sure they’d love some Milestone Equestrian gear. Our numerous graphic t-shirt designs are available on other apparel options (like hoodies), as well as phone cases and more.


Click to see this shirt at Milestone Equestrian.

There are designs for every aspect of horse ownership and every type of rider, including many that are suited for horse rookies new to riding.

All of our designs are very budget friendly, are unique, and not found in other stores. Plus, your purchase helps support Milo and the rest of my herd.

Chief Rookie Aside: I laughed pretty hard at the Make My Equitation Great Again design. Kudos for adding some levity to American politics. #needitrightnow

Get Milestone Equestrian Shirts on Teespring

Mane Jane Spur Straps

Mane Jane spur straps are stylish and highly customizable, with numerous types of incredibly cute gem accents and different leather strap options.


Click to visit Mane Jane website.

While this product will only be useful to riders who wear spurs, it’s a great and affordable gift option for them.

(These particular spur straps are for English riders only.)

Get This Gift on Mane Jane’s Website

Riding Lessons or Clinics

Gifting someone riding lessons or paying for them to attend a clinic is another great way to tailor your present to their passion for horses.


Clinics make awesome gifts!

While this will require you to do a bit more research and find where they get lessons/would like to have lessons or what clinicians they would be interested in learning from, this is an incredibly thoughtful gift.

Clinics allow your horse-loving pals to expand their knowledge and continue to improve their riding prowess.

Chief Rookie Aside: If your gift recipient hasn’t had riding lessons before, you may also want to give them some guidance about appropriate footwear and safety equipment.

Canvas Wall Art

Nothing spices up a room quite like a beautiful horse painting. There are numerous artists that sell prints such as this that are absolutely stunning and perfect for any horse lover.

Click to see horse art at Amazon.

Prices vary quite a bit so this particular gift is well suited for all budgets.

Get This Gift on Amazon

Horse and Rider Portrait Session

While this gift is typically for those who own or lease horses, it is also a great choice for those who have a special relationship with a lesson horse (provided you get permission to use them in a photography session).


Horse photo sessions are priceless.

Amateur and professional photographers’ rates vary quite a bit, so a photoshoot could be a budget friendly option for a variety of budgets and it is a great way to immortalize the love your friend or family member has for their horse.

Love taking photos and want to do so yourself? Check out our best horse cameras to ensure you get the best shot.

Fun Unicorn Onesie

Few things are better than a nice, soft and cozy onesie in the winter months, especially one that is so adorably horse related like this unicorn onesie!

Click to see this fun onesie at Amazon.

It’s perfect for equestrians of all ages who love fun pajamas, and it works for most budgets! Help your friend or family member make people jealous with their youthful take on sleepwear.

Get This Gift on Amazon

Stunning Horseshoe Bracelet

Wish your friends luck with this adorably lucky bracelet–and a price that will leave you with a smile!

Click to see this bracelet at Amazon.

A versatile idea for a birthday gift, stocking stuffer, or a simple thank you for that special equestrian in your life. This is sure to bring them luck while allowing them to feel stylish and fun.

If you are working with a bigger budget and want something more personalized, there are also Etsy shops that make bracelets using your horse’s tail hair (or the horse of your gift recipient), meaning that you can give jewelry made from the hair of their beloved equine friend!

Get This Gift on Amazon

Milo’s Best Gifts for Horses

Onto gift ideas that are more so catered towards one of the most important things in your friend or family member’s life… their horse!

(Milo Aside: And for your own horse… nudge nudge.)


Shop for the ones who matter most… horses!

While these ideas may seem more complicated for shoppers who are not “horse people,” there are many willing horse enthusiasts out there to help you with sizing as well as useful size charts and other information on many of the websites that stock horse gear.

It’s always great to receive equine necessities that give your horsey budget a bit of a break!

Chief Rookie Aside: Milo asked Shelby to do the typing for his section. #darnhooves

Horsemen’s Pride Jolly Tug

If you have a friend with a playful horse (or ride one yourself), the Jolly Tug Toy is an excellent present to help entertain their four-legged family member.

Click to see the Jolly Tug at Amazon.

The price point for a toy is a bit higher, however, this brand is quality and long lasting. This particular gift is sure to be a hit with every horse!

Get This Gift on Amazon

Le Mieux Saddle Pad

“Le Mieux” quite literally means “the best,” and that is pretty darn accurate!

These are high quality, stylish saddle pads that come in both close contact and dressage sizes, as well as a variety of stunning colours.

Click to see this pad at Amazon

This brand is highly sought after by riders, and though the price is a bit higher, the quality is well worth it.

Get This Gift on Amazon

Horze Constance Snaffle Bridle

Horze is a very solid brand for if you want quality for a great price. This bridle is a fine example of just that!

Click to see this bridle at Amazon.

Most equestrians will never say no to fancy new tack, so adding a stylish bridle to their collection is sure to receive a “heck yes!” from your horse loving friend.

Full Size will fit most horses, but you can always exchange it for a Cob or X-Full size later if needed.

Get This Gift on Amazon

Majyk Equipe Cross Country Boots

Majyk Equipe is a popular, very high quality brand that specializes in horse protective boots as well as a number of other products. Their price point is on the lower end for such a quality product and comes highly recommended.

(Good suggestion, Milo.)

Click to see these boots at Amazon.

I have several pairs of these boots and absolutely love them! This particular design is catered towards cross country riding, however, they can be worn in a number of disciplines.

Majyk Equipe also has many other styles that you can check out to find the perfect protective boot!

Chief Rookie Aside: I love the quality and bright colors in these boots, and they’d look so fun once we start competing in cross country.

Get This Gift on Amazon (Front Boots)
Get This Gift on Amazon (Hind Boots)

Note: They also make no turn over reach boots!

Kincade Leather Nameplate Halter

I am personally a big fan of leather halters for safety and aesthetic purposes. So, when it comes to a gift, you really cannot go wrong with a nice leather halter. They work for any colour preference, gender of horse and look smart on any type of horse!

leather-halterAdd in a nameplate for a personalized touch, and you have a very thoughtful gift. This padded leather halter comes with a ready to engrave name plate and has a friendly price point.

Chief Rookie Aside: I was given a beautiful leather halter for Christmas last year from a friend, and I love it. I also got this engraved name tag to go with it on Etsy.

Get This Gift on Amazon

Tough 1 Turnout Blanket

You really can’t go wrong with horsewear. Everyone has a horse that loves to destroy blankets and even if their horse is more polite than most, you can never have enough blankets! This Tough 1 Turnout Blanket is a budget friendly option.

turnout blanket

Click to see it at Amazon

Getting the correct size is important, so seek the help of another knowledgeable equestrian if you are not sure. (Or exchange it for another size if it doesn’t fit.)

Get This Gift on Amazon

Wahl Clippers

Clippers are a versatile gift for grooming purposes and allow horse owners to save money on clipping due to being able to do it themselves.

They are also an important part of any horse first aid kit, in the event you need to clip around a wound to adequately clean it.

Click to see these clippers at Amazon.

Wahl offers an affordable range of animal clipper options, making it a budget friendly option for a quality pair of clippers.

Chief Rookie Aside: If your gift recipient does full body clipping in the winter time, that takes a heavy duty clipper. Check out our 5 Best Horse Clippers for Body Clipping to pick something they’ll love that holds up to the task. Two Wahl options made our list!

Get This Gift on Amazon

Weaver Grooming Kit

I don’t know about you, but I frequently lose my brushes and grooming tools. I do not know where they go, but they’ve got to be walking themselves out of my brush box at this point!

Click to see this kit at Amazon.

I’m sure this is a problem many other equestrians can relate to, so none of us would say no to a new matching grooming kit. Weaver is a great brand with quality products, offering a full set of grooming tools at an affordable price.

Get This Gift on Amazon

Roma Half Pad

Roma offers range of budget friendly options for saddle pads, half pads and more.

This half pad is an amazing option for a gift, especially if you are working on a budget but still want to get something nice for the horse.

roma-shelbyRoma’s products are quite good quality and do last a while, while offering a price point that is easier to meet for most.This half pad is real sheepskin for an incredible price.

Get This Gift on Amazon

Cowboy Magic Detangler

This stuff is liquid gold. It will untangle virtually any mane or tail and leave it feeling silky smooth. I am absolutely in love with this product and use it frequently.

Click to see Cowboy Magic at Amazon.

This is wallet friendly option for a smaller gifting budget, and this bottle will last a while. Highly recommend, especially for those with longhaired horses or those wishing to grow luscious unicorn manes, tails and forelocks!

(Milo Aside: I’m a beautiful unicorn.)

Get This Gift on Amazon

Saratoga Bandages

I LOVE these wraps! They will not slip, they do not trap heat, and they also do not hold a ton of moisture. Fast drying and a perfect wrap for warmer months!

Click to see these wraps at Amazon.

The only problem with them is that because of how elastic they are, it is super important to be very comfortable with wrapping to ensure you do not injure your horse.

If you have a friend who loves their wraps, these are an incredible gift. They come in a set of four.

Get This Gift on Amazon

Nylon Training Surcingle

Most riders can benefit from using a surcingle when lunging and working with their horse.

Click to see it at Amazon.

This is a practical gift that is sure to be of great use. This brand is affordable and quality, with a fleece underside to ensure the utmost comfort for the horse.

Get This Gift on Amazon

Professional’s Choice Girth

Girths are something that every single rider needs. You cannot ride (in a saddle, at least) without one, so a quality girth is a must have!

Professional’s Choice offers a variety of high quality products that include a line of girths to suit the preferences of every rider.

shelby-girthThis is one of their popular products that is a budget friendly alternative to their higher priced girths. I own this girth and love it. It still looks new, other than where my puppy decided to snack on it!

Chief Rookie Aside: Sounds like Zoey needs a new chew toy…

Get This Gift on Amazon

Bling Browband

Every horse needs a tiara, right? Bling browbands are a super fun way to show off your fancy side and make any bridle look a little more fun.

Click to see this browband at Amazon.

A variety of companies make these, some with real swarovski crystals and other more pricey options but this particular browband is wallet friendly for all budgets and still looks great!

Get This Gift on Amazon

Back On Track Quick Wraps

Back On Track sells a number of therapeutic products for both humans and animals. I have many of their products and they do really work!

I am a huge fan of these products and highly recommend them.

Click to see them at Amazon.

Though, they are a higher price point, they are definitely worthwhile. These quick wraps are very easy to use and offer ceramic heat therapy for the horse’s legs.

Get This Gift on Amazon

Rambo Quarter Sheet

An incredibly popular brand and quarter sheet style, this is sure to put you in the good books with your equestrian family! Perfect for the colder months and very stylish, this is a fun addition to any horse’s wardrobe.

This quarter sheet is high quality and the price is reflective of that but this is a worthwhile gift for someone shopping with a larger budget.

Get This Gift at SmartPak
Get Rambo’s Competition Sheet on Amazon

Royal Sport Elastic Breastplate

This affordable and great quality breastplate is an excellent gift.

breast-collarRoyal Sport offers a wide range of affordable leather goods and is definitely worth checking out when you are shopping for someone who is horse obsessed.

Chief Rookie Aside: This breastplate is a better fit for slimmer horses vs. stocky Quarter Horses or draft crosses.

Get This Gift on Amazon

Likit Tongue Twister

The Likit Tongue Twister is a toy that is sure to keep even the most mischievous horses occupied. It’s great for food motivated horses, as this is a tasty treat.

Click to see it at Amazon.

Likits may not come cheap but they are a super toy and so valuable in the event a horse ever needs to be on stall rest or kept occupied at shows. (Milo Aside: Get five!)

Get This Gift on Amazon 

Equiderma Skin Lotion

Equiderma has a variety of coat and skincare products for horses that are excellent for keeping your horse happy and healthy, as well as treating a variety of injuries or fungal infections.

Click to see it at Amazon.

This skin lotion, in particular, is a must have for any equestrian’s tack locker.

Get This Gift on Amazon

Snaks 5th Avenchew Gourmet Horse Treats

Horse treats are a must have for all horse lovers, and they are something that we are all always in need of. Gourmet, fancy horse treats are a fun surprise for any equestrian.

(Milo Aside: Buy treats. All the treats.)

snaks-5th-avenueSnaks 5th Avenchew sells a variety of fancy horse and dog treats that are perfect as a gift.

Get This Gift at Snaks 5th Avenchew

I hope you enjoyed our gift ideas for horse owners, horse lovers, and horses. Happy Shopping!

Shelby & Milo

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