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33 Best Horse Gifts for Teenage Girls (All Budgets)

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This article is part of our “Rookies Horsing Around” series, guest authored by Emily and Sarah Harris of Sisters Horsing Around.

Gift shopping for a horse-mad teenager shouldn’t be stressful

If you have or know a horse-obsessed teen, you’ve likely realized that the things she gets excited about are quite different from her peers. And when it comes to shopping for special milestones, you may wonder “where should I even start?”

Good news: while the horse gift options are endless, we’ve got your back and have created a list of things teenage horse girls love!

Keep in mind, though, that not every horse-loving teen or situation is the same. What you get for one horse girl, may not be the “thing” for another horse girl.

Here are a few things to consider when shopping:

  • Is she already an avid rider, or has she not had many opportunities to ride (yet)?
  • Does she have a horse of her own — or one that she leases or rides regularly?
  • What horse riding discipline is she interested in?
  • What are her favorite colors?
  • What kinds of apparel and gear does she own already?

While horse-obsessed teens love all-things-horses, they tend to be selective about the items they prefer. Just as normal teens have a preferred style, horsey teens will have developed their own style. If you’ve noticed that your horsey teen tends to favor a particular style (e.g. colorful, blingy, classic), be sure to choose items with that vibe.

Knowing these things beforehand will help you wow your gift recipient. If you don’t know the answers to these questions, fear not — enlist the help of the teen’s family members, horse trainer, or barn friends to be sure you’re on the right track.

Gift Ideas for the Non-Riding Teen

Many teenage girls who love horses aren’t actually able to do much (if any) riding yet. Finances, transportation, and other constraints can make it hard to carve out quality horse time. That said, you can still give them equine-related gifts that they’ll love — and that can help them prepare for future riding opportunities.

Horse Books

Horse books make great gifts. Why? Because they mentally immerse the reader in a world that is exactly what they crave — all about horses! You can choose from a wide assortment of informational horse books, or a vast collection of fictional horse stories.

horse bible book

Click to see this book at Amazon

There are often horse stories that are part of a series of books that will keep your teen looking for the next book in the series, too.

Chief Rookie Aside: My all-time favorite books growing up were the Thoroughbred series by Joanna Campbell.

Check out Horse Rookie’s Virtual Book Club for recommendations

Horse Magazine Subscriptions

This is a fantastic gift because it gives horse-loving teens something to look forward to receiving in the mail every month. There is an undeniable anticipation and excitement that comes with receiving each publication full of glossy beautiful horse pictures and valuable information.

best horse magazines

Magazine subscriptions make great gifts!

Among our favorite magazine subscriptions are Young Rider, Horse illustrated, Horse & Rider, Sidelines, Chronicle of the Horse, Practical Horseman, and Western Horseman. But that’s only the beginning.

Horse Journal

Chances are, your horsey teen is already writing in a journal or diary, so why not get her one that’s horse-themed? Choose from a range of materials (including canvas or leather) and an assortment of colors to match her personality.

leather horse journal

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Want to see one of our favorites? Check out this leather journal with matching pen!

Horse Themed Clothing

Horse themed clothing allows a teen to to express herself in a way that shows what she is passionate about. You can choose a horse tee, sweatshirt or hoodie, or a jacket with horses on it can make a great gift.

horse themed tee

Click to see this t-shirt at Etsy

Horse-themed clothing also makes a fashion statement that is sure to bring your horse-loving girl a little extra attention.

Horse Themed Accessories

Fashion accessories can add the finishing touches to any outfit — especially if those accessories are horsey. Gift options can include equine inspired belts, Western bling belts or buckles, purses, tote bags, wallets, smartwatch bands, fitness bands, and caps/hats.

western bling belt

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Horse Themed Jewelry

Equine jewelry is one of those small gifts that makes a big statement. Horse themed jewelry is a beautiful and sweet gift that allows your teen to show what she loves in a fashionable way.

horse head necklace

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Riding Lessons

Riding lessons make a wonderful gift because it gives the teen who hasn’t had the opportunity to be around horses and ride that chance. When a horse girl gets to ride, it really brings a lot of joy and happiness to their lives.

Be aware that there are many types of riding lessons available.

emily harris trotting

Photo Credit: Emily Harris

If your horse teen hasn’t decided what direction she wants to go in, then a lesson barn that teaches multiple disciplines is a good place to start — your teen can try out multiple activities in one place. Also, some lesson barns also offer a multiple lesson package discount, which is a very nice plus!

A Horse (Buy or Lease)

A horse is the ULTIMATE gift you can give any horse teen, but please be very cautious. Horses are a huge commitment — both financially and time-wise.

Only consider this gift if you know the teen (and her legal guardians) is 110% ready, willing, and able for a horse of their own. 

For this type of gift, consult a deeply knowledgeable equestrian who can recommend a horse that would be suitable and a good fit for your teen. If purchasing a horse is too big of a step, consider leasing a horse instead. In these arrangements, your teen is able to ride a consistent horse without assuming ownership and the risks that entails.

horses 101

Photo Credit: Sarah Harris

If you decide to go with this gift, we suggest that you surprise your teen in a really creative way. (Just don’t surprise her parents!) A horse is one of the best surprises a horse girl can receive! 

Chief Rookie Aside: Read about how much a horse costs on average state by state.

Gift Ideas for the Teen Rider

For horse-loving teens who already ride, there are two routes that you can go for buying a gift. You can buy for your horsey teen and/or you can buy for your horsey teen’s favorite horse. Want to get even more kudos for your gift? Choose a gift that horse and rider can enjoy.

Show Helmet

First and foremost, a helmet is a perfect gift to give your teen because it lets her know:

  • You want her to be safe.
  • You support her ambitious dreams of competing.
  • You care about her having quality equipment.

There are many colors, styles, and patterns to choose from, so you can combine safety with style that compliments your teen’s riding attire.

one k defender helmet

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Be aware that helmets need to fit properly, so be sure to get help from someone who knows your teen’s head measurement — or purchase from a vendor that allows exchanges. 

Chief Rookie Aside: Check out our One K Defender Air helmet review.

Riding Outfit

Horse teens love getting new riding clothes. They often look through equestrian catalogs and websites for hours on end, browsing through the page after page of clothes want to try. There are shirts, breeches, jackets, coats, jeans, pants, vests, belts, buckles, and riding tights… the list goes on and on.

horse riding outfit

Photo Credit: Sarah Harris

If you decide to give them a show outfit, in particular, they’ll likely feel like they have won the lottery!

Boots Socks

Boot socks make an easy and practical gift option because horse teens always wear boots to ride. Boot socks come in so many different colors, sizes, lengths, and prints that it’s hard not to get excited when opening a new pair.

Plus, if you’re on a budget, socks are something that are easy on the wallet, while still allowing you to give a much needed gift.

Horse-loving teenage girls can never have enough boot socks. They’re great holiday stocking stuffers too.

ovation boot socks

Click to see boot socks at Amazon

Riding Boots

It’s common knowledge that most girls love shoes. For horsey girls, that equates to loving riding boots! Whether for showing, schooling, or both, a new pair of boots will delight any horse teen.

ariat capriole tall riding boot

Click to see the Capriole tall riding boot at Ariat

If your teen rides English style, go with a pair of paddock boots or tall riding boots. If your teen rides Western, go for a pair of cowgirl boots, so she can show off her “boots and class with a little bit of sass” — in true cowgirl style.

Chief Rookie Aside: Check out our 9 Rookie-Approved Horseback Riding Boots for Beginners.

Spur Straps and Spurs

Spurs and/or spur straps are gifts symbolize when a teen girl that has “earned her spurs.” Western-riding girls love their spurs and spur straps. (English riders often wear spurs, too.) They will wear them not only for riding, but also during every day work, because you never know when you might get some unexpected saddle time.

western spur straps

Click to see spur straps at Amazon

Western spurs and spur straps come in classic and decorative styles, as well as different lengths. If your teen is a spur wearer, no matter the discipline, getting her a really nice pair will surely be well received.

Wild Rags

Western-girls also love their wild rags! A wild rag is like the finishing touch that completes an outfit. They come in so many different colors, patterns, sizes, and materials that you are bound to find more than just one to match your teen girl’s preferred style.

wild rag

Photo Credit: Emily Harris

It may seem like a wild rag is just an accessory, but it also serves a purpose. They can be worn for warmth in colder temperatures, or for protection from the sun, wind, and dirt.

If you have some experience in sewing, this gift can easily be made yourself. This will make it a special gift with sentimental value.

Wild rags can also be used as a potholder by the campfire (cotton materials only), to strain water for drinking, as a temporary saddle rigging or rope, for a sling, tourniquet or bandage (man or beast), for flagging a race, as a handkerchief, or even for draping over the eyes of a spooky horse to help calm it down. 

Chaps and Chinks

Chaps or chinks make a really special gift your horse girl will absolutely love. Chaps are an item that you will find in both the Western and English disciplines. For this list, we are going to focus on the Western chaps.

Chaps or chinks can be an important piece of a rider’s outfit because it provides the rider with leg protection from the outside elements and prevents leg chafing.

There are many chaps to choose from, like: shotgun chaps, batwing chaps, western equitation chaps, reining chaps, and chinks. They come in a wide array of colors, sizes, patterns, materials, accents, fringed or no fringe, and more. Plus, you can often personalize them with special initials.

womens chinks

Click to see them at Amazon

Riding Gloves

Gloves protect your teen’s hands and make riding more comfortable. They can also be a finishing touch to a show outfit. This is also an item that tends to wear out quickly, especially with those who ride every day.

If your horse girl wears gloves when she rides, she will need a new pair eventually.

This gift can be given for either schooling or showing, English or Western. Though it seems like a small gift, it will mean a lot to any horse teen. Winter gloves also make great stocking stuffers.

ovation riding gloves

Click to see them at Amazon

Crop or Whip

In responsible hands, a riding crop or whip is a riding and training aid for teens whose horses may need a little extra “encouragement.” Crops and whips can be used in any discipline, and they can be used for schooling, training, or showing.

Riding dressage whip

Click to see dressage whips at Amazon

Lunge Line and Lunge Whip

As a teen progresses in her horsemanship skills, she will eventually use a lunge line and lunge whip. For some, it is a necessary piece of equipment for everyday training. They come in many colors and materials, so you can find items that match your teen’s favorite colors.

horse lunge line

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Horse Jewelry

Horse jewelry is something riders love to wear. If you want to add some pizzazz to your gift, then horse hair jewelry is a good choice. Horse hair jewelry takes a very special and sentimental gift to the next level.

horse hair bracelet

Click to create custom horse hair jewelry at Etsy

You can have bracelets and other items created with a little tail hair from your teen’s favorite horse. With this gift, it literally brings a piece of the horse closer to a horsey girl’s heart. Just be careful not to snip off too much!

Personalized Phone Case

A sturdy phone case is a necessity when spending time around horses. Make it a personalized phone case that has a picture of your teen’s horse — or even a picture of her with her horse(s)– and it’s a really thoughtful and sweet gift.

custom horse phone case

Click to get yours at Etsy

Who wouldn’t love to have a nice picture of her horse with them all the time?

Gift Ideas for the Horse Girl’s Horse

Why? Because equestrian girls love to spoil their horses! A gift for your teen’s favorite horse will be as appreciated as any gift for herself. 

Blanket, Sheet, or Cooler

Every horse teen will want or need a horse blanket, sheet, and/or cooler at some point. A blanket will be great to keep her horse warm in cold weather, a sheet can be used to keep her horse clean or protect against flies and sunburn, and a cooler is like a wicking towel that can be used to dry off a horse quicker after work.

horse cooler

Click to see horse coolers at Amazon

Even if she already has one, getting a new one as a gift is super exciting. Choose horse apparel in your teen’s favorite color and you will have exceeded the standard. Personalize it with her name or that of her horse for extra bonus points.

Chief Rookie Aside: Check out the 7 best horse blankets for winter, turnout, rain, and more

Horse Treats

Equestrians love giving their horses treats, like an apple, a soft peppermint candy, or even a horse cookie. Giving a horsey teen a bag or container of treats is sure to make her heart happy.

stud muffins horse treats

Click to see horse treats at Amazon

If you want your gift to have that extra umph to it, we suggest special gourmet horse cookies. We have it on good authority that they’re absolutely delicious.

Horse Bath and Body Basket

Grooming is an important part of horse care, and it helps riders bond with their animals. That’s why this kind of thoughtful and useful gift is a great fit for any teen — and any budget.

Whether it’s a simple set of horse shampoo and conditioner, or a more extravagant kit that adds mane detangler, coat sheen, hoof polish, and a sponge, these gifts are sure to please.

horse bathing supplies

Fill your bathing basket at Amazon

Get a gift basket big enough for your items, add some shredded paper in the bottom, arrange the supplies in the basket, wrap it in a cellophane basket bag, and put a bow on it. Voila!

Or, to make it even better, get a grooming tote or bag and put everything inside, and stick a bow on it. The grooming tote or bag can be used for storage for your horsey girl’s grooming items. Just like that, you have a beautiful gift.

Psst: If you want to score more points, you can give them their own personal bath & body basket that has a scent that either matches or compliments the scents in their horse’s bath and body basket!

Leather Halter and Lead

Halters get a lot of use during their lifetime. If you want to get a teen something nice and special that she can use on her horse, then go for a nice leather halter and lead. They look beautiful on a horse for photos, during shows, and for everyday use.

anatomical leather horse halter

See leather horse halters at Amazon

Add a nameplate that has her horse’s name on it for an extra special touch. Winner!


This is one of those gifts that is sure to earn tremendous appreciation — if done right. Perhaps your teen has been using a tired, old saddle. Or, maybe she wants to start a new discipline and needs the equipment to do it well. 

adjustable western saddle

See adjustable tree saddles at State Line Tack

This is another sized item that you will need to be sure will fit both her horse and herself. Enlist a trusted trainer and/or saddle fitter for help. If you’re on your own or in a hurry, choose an adjustable tree saddle that can fit multiple horses.

Saddle Pad

Many teenage horse girls love to collect saddle pads. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors for both English and Western disciplines.

ombre english saddle pad

See this saddle pad at Amazon

Personalize this item to make it a gift that is unmistakably your teen’s own. This also eliminates confusion about whose saddle pad it is, if she rides at a barn where she keeps her tack there.

Matching Fly Bonnet/Veil

Lots of horse lovers like to be “matchy-matchy.” Get a horse-loving teenage girl a matching fly bonnet to go with her new saddle pad, and you put the icing on the cake. You can find fly bonnets with cool designs, pretty colors, and in different sizes to fit any horse.

navy horse fly bonnet

Shop fly bonnets at Amazon

Bridle or Headstall

Horse-loving Western and English riders love bridles or headstalls. Just like getting a new saddle, gaining a new bridle or headstall is very exciting. A bridle or headstall can really express a teen’s style while also being practical.

western headstall

See this headstall at Amazon

There are English bridles that have different nosebands, stitching patterns, and decorative brow bands. There are also Western headstalls with elaborate tooling, shiny and blingy accents, and beautiful inlays.

english horse bridle

See this bridle at Amazon


Western horse girls love, love, LOVE their breastplates. Receiving a breastplate that matches her tack can complete your teen’s entire look.

horse breastcollar

Check out this breastcollar at Amazon

The breastplate is another piece of the horse’s tack that can express your cowgirl’s style, while playing a functional role in keeping the saddle in place.

Horse Boots or Polo Wraps

Like with saddle pads and fly veils, horse girls also love to collect horse boots or polo wraps. Having boots or wraps that match the horse’s saddle pad, fly veil, and the teen’s own outfit is super cool.

Horse boots and polo wraps come in many colors and styles and are available for different purposes.

You can find them for both English and Western and in a variety of sizes to fit different sized horses and ponies.

horse brushing boots

See horse brushing boots at Amazon

Horse Grooming Kit

Horses and dirt go hand-in-hand, and a complete grooming kit is the perfect solution. These seven-piece sets include all the tools your horse-obsessed teen will need. Plus, they come in a range of colors to match her personality.

Here’s a great option from Weaver.

Gift Card to their favorite Tack Shop

Gift cards are the perfect option if you really have a clue what to get. (There’s no shame in that.) You don’t have to stress over any decisions because all you have to do is give your horse girl the gift card for a shopping spree of her very own.

state line tack gift card

Grab a gift card from State Line Tack


Last, but certainly not the least, another gift option is cash. You could never ever go wrong with this kind of gift.

horse cash

You can never go wrong with cash!

It allows the recipient the greatest amount of freedom, and it’s especially easy if you’re running out of time or you don’t know what to get (even after reading this article).

As William Randolph Hearst said, “In suggesting gifts: Money is appropriate, and one size fits all.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are some good horse gifts for tweens?

One of the best things about this list is that these gifts can be given to any horse-crazy girl, regardless of age. But there are some other gifts that are perfect for this age group, as well.

  • Collectible model horses
  • Horse shaped table lamps or a horse night light
  • Horse comforter set or throw blanket
  • Horse themed jewelry
  • Horse board or video games

Q: What is the best gift for horse trainers?

When it comes to horse trainers, you want to get them something that they will be able to actually use. Choose something that would make their life easier while teaching, ensure their comfort during long hours outdoors, or give them an opportunity to pamper themselves and relax during those rare times when they can unwind.

Some options for gifts would be:

  • A personalized travel mug
  • A branded barn jacket
  • A personalized director’s chair for teaching
  • A voice amplifier so they can get through long lesson days
  • A chair massager
  • A gift card to a favorite restaurant, coffee shop or tack/feed store — or cash

Q: What do you get a horse-girl for Christmas?

A horse, of course! However, if you’re on a budget, there are lots of other options. A safe bet is something practical for her horse, like a new grooming kit or a big bag of carrots.

If you know her size, new riding gloves or breeches are always welcome. Speaking of riding, see if her trainer offers lesson packages (this is a fabulous gift for young kids or teens who are still mastering their riding craft). Many items, like halters and brushes, can be personalized

Not sure what she needs or would like? Consider a gift card to a local tack shop. Last but not least, any horse-themed item can be a real crowd-pleaser.

A few great options include:

  • Paint by Numbers (any horse image)
  • Horse ornament (many different color/breed options)
  • Jewelry (horse charm necklaces, bracelets, and earrings)

Q: What do you get a horse-girl for her birthday?

Horse girls tend to be all-horses, all the time, even on their birthdays. The best part? They never get tired of all things horse-themed. When in doubt, gift cards to a local tack shop are always welcome. If you want to make it more personal, offer to take them and treat them to lunch afterward.

  • T-shirts that feature horses or cute horse sayings (like “Born to Ride” or “I Do My Own Stunts”)
  • Horse coffee mugs or tumblers
  • Puzzles (Ravensburger has lots of options)
  • Books (fiction or nonfiction, there are choices for all disciplines, breeds, and age levels)
  • SaddleBox (monthly subscription box with treats, tack, and grooming tools)

Parting Thoughts

Although it seems like horse-loving teenagers can be a little hard to find gifts for sometimes, they really aren’t hard to please if you stay within the guidelines of this article. We hope that you have found something on this list that will be perfect for the teenage horse girl in your life. Happy shopping!

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