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Top 10 Practical Gifts Horse Owners Will Actually Use

practical horse gifts
Written by Horse Rookie

Useful Horse Gifts Don’t Have to Be Boring

Looking to find a gift that you know will be appreciated, and actually used, by the recipient? This list of practical gifts is perfect for both humans and their horses.

Designed to fit a variety of budgets, our choices encompass a variety of items to inspire your shopping—whether for a special birthday, milestone, or holiday.

When evaluating gift ideas, be sure to consider this shopping checklist:

  • Sizes: If you opt to go for a sized item, be confident that you are ordering the correct size! While returns/exchanges are an option, they can add a layer of inconvenience. Better to get it right on the first try, or choose an item where size isn’t a factor.
  • Lead Time: Keep in mind, anything that is customizable will have a longer lead time.
  • Shipping Cost: While many retailers offer free shipping, a few items on this list may fall into the “oversized” category. If local pickup is an option, it may be worth it to save some $$!

DIY “Barn Staples” Gift Bucket

This versatile gift idea puts a twist on the classic “gift box” idea. Instead of a box, package items in a flat-backed bucket (also a gift by itself). Many of these items come in a variety of colors so you can either match items or customize it to the recipient’s barn colors.

horse gift bucket

We added a mix of items that are sure to be a hit—here’s a breakdown (clockwise from left):

  • Flat-Back Bucket: Start with a nice flat-back bucket. Horse owners use these for many things!
  • Hooflex Hoof Conditioner: Excellent for maintaining healthy hooves, this item has a long shelf life
  • Salt Lick on a Rope: Salt is an important supplement for horses. The rope makes this easy to hang in a stall. Salt also has a very long shelf life!
  • Lead Rope: It’s always good to have an extra lead rope (or three!).
  • Vet Wrap: Useful for many purposes, vet wrap is always good to have on hand
  • German Horse Muffins: Delicious molasses horse treats in a sealable bag for freshness? Yes please!
  • Fly Spray: While a seasonal item, this is something that will always be needed.

Why it Makes a Great Gift:

  • Gift Category: General barn equipment
  • Customer Reviews: Each item pictured is super popular with equestrians and based on our own personal experiences.
  • Pair It With: This gift stands alone! Consider adding a hand-written card though.

Custom Engraved Grooming Brushes

Brushes eventually wear out, so even if the person you’re shopping for already has a set, this personalized gift will still be a hit! Consider engraving the brush(es) with either the owner’s name, or their horse’s name. You could also personalize them with a logo.

This etsy shop offers four different styles/sizes of brushes, or you can buy multiples as a set.

custom brush set

Click to see it at Etsy

Why it Makes a Great Gift:

  • Gift Category: Horse Grooming
  • Customer Reviews: These brushes are beautiful and the customer service at this shop is amazing.
  • Pair it With: Consider including a grooming tote to hold the brushes.

Get Them at Etsy

Horse Memo Holder

This adorable desk ornament holds sticky notes and pens/pencils. It’s perfect to assist in office organization and adds a unique flair. It comes with two 2.7” x 2.7” note pads.

horse memo holder

Click to see it at Amazon

Why it Makes a Great Gift:

  • Gift Category: Horse-themed office / home decor
  • Customer Reviews: Quality, cute, and useful—makes a great gift!
  • Pair it With: Consider adding a planner, some pens, pencils, or a highlighter to go along with this gift’s office vibe

Get it at Amazon

Hunter Women’s Rubber Boots

These waterproof, rubber rain boots will keep feet dry in the wettest of weather. They come with a two-year warranty and are known for their high quality. Available in ten different colors (wow) and a variety of sizes, these boots are excellent for rainy days, barn chores, or horse bath time!

horse muck boot

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Why it Makes a Great Gift:

  • Gift Category: Barn footwear
  • Customer Reviews: Perfect for wet weather, but pay attention to sizes—may want to go up a half size for wide calves.
  • Pair it With: A nice pair of C4 boot socks would go nicely with this gift!

Get it at Amazon

Leather Care Case

Effax is known for high-quality leather care and this kit is no exception. This travel-size kit comes with everything you need to care for leather in a convenient carrying case. It even comes with a polishing cloth and brush!

leather care kit

Click to see it at Amazon

Why it Makes a Great Gift:

  • Gift Category: Leather care, horse shows
  • Customer Reviews: Travel-size kit is perfect for shows; may want to consider larger sized products for regular use.
  • Pair it With: This gift would go great with any leather products (boots, halter, bridle, etc.).

Get it at Amazon

Horse Head Catch-All Tray

This horse-head shaped tray is the perfect décor for any horse-lover. It can be used for keys, wallets, or just as decoration. Each hand-made wooden tray is unique. The tray measures 11.25” by 10” by 1.5” deep.

horse head tray

Click to see it at Etsy

Why it Makes a Great Gift:

  • Gift Category: Equine décor
  • Customer Reviews: Customers rave about the quality and craftsmanship of this product.
  • Pair it With: Consider filling the tray with seasonal candy for added flair.

Get it at Etsy

Grooming Tote

This classic grooming tote is practical yet unique! Perfect for either daily use or horse shows, this bag is sure to stand out. This item can be customized with initials or a name—you can select both the thread color and the font.

groom tote

Click to get it at Etsy

Why it Makes a Great Gift:

  • Gift Category: Horse grooming supplies
  • Customer Reviews: Love the customization, quality material, great communication
  • Pair it With: The custom grooming brushes, listed above, would pair very nicely with this tote bag!

Get it at Etsy

Hay Bale Carrier

If your gift recipient travels, whether for horse shows or trail rides, they likely bring a bale of hay along. This hay bale carrier is great for travel, as it makes hay easier to carry and protects it from the elements! Available in two colors, it’s high-quality and durable.

haybale tote

Click to see it at Amazon

Why it Makes a Great Gift:

  • Gift Category: Feed storage for trailering
  • Customer Reviews: Heavy material, helps keep trailer clean
  • Pair it With: Consider adding a complementary item like a slow feed hay bag

Get it at Amazon

WikSmart Premium Cooler

This cooler is an excellent product for chilly or cold riding weather. Its patented design speeds up the evaporation process to help cool your horse down (safely!) in half the time. Available in Extra Small, Small, Medium, and Large, this cooler is also machine washable.

horse cooler

Click to see it at State Line Tack

Why it Makes a Great Gift:

  • Gift Category: Horse equipment
  • Customer Reviews: A little tricky to put on/remove but works fabulously.
  • Pair it With: Consider adding some human-sized cold weather gear such as a warm hat or gloves.

Get it at State Line Tack

Portable Saddle Stand

This lightweight saddle stand is perfect for the tack room or travel. It is sturdy, folds flat, and holds English or Western saddles. Plus, the tray underneath is great for holding other items like boots or a grooming tote. This saddle stand measures 34” high by 27” long and is made from galvanized steel.

portable saddle stand

Click to see it at Amazon

Why it Makes a Great Gift:

  • Gift Category: Horse tack & equipment
  • Customer Reviews Say: Lightweight, sturdy, and takes less than 10 seconds to set up
  • Pair it With: Additional travel-friendly tack equipment like a bridle bag, saddle carrying case, or portable hooks to hang items

Get it at Amazon

Frequently Asked Questions:

What’s the most practical gift for an equestrian?

Consider items that are used on a regular basis—these are likely to be re-purchased over and over and therefore will be utilized. While tack might be a bit too specific to give as a gift, grooming tools and equipment are frequently used and some redundancy can actually be a good thing.

For example, some people opt to maintain a separate set of grooming brushes and equipment for daily use vs. horse shows.

What is a gift that seems practical, but is actually a bad idea?

We don’t suggest guessing at tack—if you aren’t 100% certain on what size/style/type to buy, there’s a big chance you may get it wrong and the item won’t be used.

For example, bits can be incredibly specific to both the horse and rider combination. Boots have both sizing and style elements that make guessing tough. When in doubt, it’s best to stick to more generic items for a high chance of success.

What’s the best cheap practical gift?

Vet Wrap and/or duct tape. This stuff is useful for a variety of purposes and costs under $5 per roll!

Parting Thoughts

This list of practical gifts is perfect for the picky equestrian. The items listed are versatile, useful, and less likely to end up in the back of a closet or in next year’s barn White Elephant gift swap. Happy Shopping!

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