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11 Best Thank You Gifts for Hero Veterinarians

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Written by Susie W.

Not sure what to give your vet as a thank you? We can help.

Veterinarians play a crucial role in the health of our horses—and many other pets. The veterinary profession is not an easy one and showing some additional appreciation to such an important team can go a long way.

Whether you want to demonstrate your support for the entire staff, recognize a particular event or milestone, or just brighten what may be a difficult day, this all-encompassing gift guide has you covered.

Looking for the perfect excuse to spoil your veterinarian or their team? Think beyond traditional holidays and consider the following:

  • World Spay Day – The last Tuesday of February
  • World Veterinary Day – The last Saturday of April
  • Veterinary Appreciation Day – June 18th
  • Pet Wellness Month – October
  • World Animal Day – October 4th
  • International Day of Veterinary Medicine – December 9th

Sometimes the best gifts could really be as simple as a gift card with a handwritten thank-you note. If that is the case, this may not be the best inspiration for you. If you’re looking for something a bit more memorable or creative, keep reading.

Best Gift for Veterinarian Staff

It takes a village to care for your animals, so we suggest considering a gift that recognizes the entire team. A charcuterie board makes for a perfect edible, shareable gift that the entire staff can appreciate.

Want to step it up a notch? Consider including a customized cutting board or set of cheese knives—this way, your gift will last much longer than just a day.

horse cutting board

Click to customize at Etsy

Why They’ll Love It:

  • Charcuterie boards are trendy right now—for a good reason!
  • Donuts, popcorn tins, and cookie platters are the norm. Instead, this gift stands out for its creativity and uniqueness. While it may take a little more work up front, the thoughtfulness and customization options will be worth it.
  • A well-thought-out charcuterie board can offer healthier alternatives to more traditional baked goods or sugary sweets.

Where to buy it:

Best Gift Basket for Veterinarians

We found an incredible gift basket that will be perfect for your equine vet. It features four candles made by Canter Culture (yes—horse themed!) packaged in a beautiful wooden brush box. You have the option to pick specific candle scents.

The brush box is a timeless classic that has many possible uses.

horse gift basket candles

Click to see it at Etsy

Why They’ll Love It:

  • Select four, 8.5 oz soy candles from scent options like “Saddle Soap,” “Turn Out,” “Heels Down,” and “Fresh Savings.”
  • The brush box is beautifully finished and could be re-used for actual brushes and grooming equipment, or as décor in a home or veterinary office
  • Customers LOVE this gift box option for horse lovers on their shopping list!

Where to buy it: See it at Etsy

Best DIY Gift for Veterinarian

For this gift option, it pays off to know your audience. Gifting plants can be a bit risky, as we don’t all have a green thumb. Regardless, if you noticed (living) greenery around your veterinarian’s office, this could be the perfect gift! Start with a horse-themed ceramic container, add some potting soil and a succulent, and voila!

This is a unique, one-of-a-kind gift that is sure to be appreciated.

horse planter

Click to see available colors at Etsy

Why They’ll Love It:

  • Horse-shaped ceramic containers come in a variety of themed options.
  • Succulents are relatively low maintenance and require little care.
  • This is guaranteed to be a unique gift that will be remembered!

Where to buy it: See it at Etsy

Best Books for your Veterinarian

Books make a fantastic gift! They can be read at home, used to spruce up the waiting room, and are easily regifted. You can also customize the subject to your individual veterinarian’s practice (Horses? Cats? Dogs? Llamas? All of the above?)

We particularly love picture books for this category due to their versatility.

the photo ark book

Click to see it at Amazon

Why They’ll Love It:

  • Books are versatile gifts that can be displayed in a variety of places.
  • You can bundle a variety of books together to create a completely unique gift basket.
  • Books offer a price point that can work within anyone’s budget.

Where to buy it (Amazon):

Best Customizable Gift for your Veterinarian

We love this personalized cartoon gift for its thoughtfulness. You can customize the person in the image to match your vet’s particular likeness and add their name.

Heads up—this particular gift is more geared toward a small animal practitioner.

custom vet photo

Click to customize at Amazon

Why They’ll Love It:

  • The customizable options show you planned it out in advance—this item obviously wasn’t thrown together overnight.
  • This gift comes framed and is a perfect addition to the walls of your vet’s clinic.
  • This option is a thoughtful gift that won’t break the bank!

Where to buy it: See it at Amazon

Best Artsy Gift for your Veterinarian

Adult coloring books are all the rage, and for good reason! Coloring can provide a much-needed mental break and relieve stress. This veterinarian-themed coloring book can be paired with some colored pencils for a fun, inexpensive gift.

This is a perfect present for any time of year.

vet coloring bag

Click to see it at Amazon

Why They’ll Love It:

  • The coloring book is specific to veterinarians and has a light-hearted tone.
  • Adding a colored pencil set makes the gift read to go.
  • It’s a unique option that will be remembered (and could be shared within the clinic!)

Where to buy it: See it at Amazon

Best Nerdy Gift for your Veterinarian

This 3-D horse model is fun to put together and makes for a great display item in a veterinary clinic or waiting room. It is a fun challenge to assemble. The inner clock mechanism actually moves all four legs of the equine model when complete!

Click to see it at Amazon

Why They’ll Love It:

  • This puzzle is perfect for the mechanically inclined, detail-oriented veterinarian that is looking for a fun side project!
  • This moveable, interactive toy can be used for entertainment after it is built.
  • It’s a unique gift that is certain to be remembered.

Where to buy it: See it at Amazon

Best Horse Themed Puzzles for your Veterinarian

Puzzles have increased in popularity over the last few years and for good reason—they can be a fun activity either as a group or on your own. Puzzles are known to increase problem-solving abilities, exercise your brain, and improve short-term memory.

Plus, these puzzles are lighthearted and fun!

horse christmas puzzle

Click to see it at Amazon

Why They’ll Love It:

  • An equine-themed puzzle is a unique gift that will stand out from a crowd of gift cards and food baskets.
  • This gift won’t break the bank, but still shows thoughtfulness. We suggest pairing it with a hand-written thank-you note!
  • Puzzles have a long lifespan—they can be re-assembled, placed in the waiting room, or even regifted.

Where to buy it:

Best Welcome Mats for your Veterinarian

Often overlooked, welcome mats are highly customizable and can make for a great gift at any time during the year. We found three horse-themed welcome mats that would be a “welcome” addition at your veterinarian’s home, office, or barn.

Help your vet spruce up their office (or home) with a positive first impression.

horse welcome mat

Click to see it at Etsy

Why They’ll Love It:

  • You can always find another spot for an additional welcome mat!
  • Welcome mats are quirky, fun gifts that will be appreciated.
  • This gift idea is less traditional and will be remembered for years to come.

Where to buy it:

Best Open-Ended Gifts for your Veterinarian

Veterinarians can be put in tough situations at times when clients may not be able to afford a treatment. Sometimes they cover services out-of-pocket when an owner is experiencing financial difficulty. Unfortunately, burnout is a real issue in this field.

Consider asking what you can do to help, such as making a donation to an in-house fund to assist owners who can’t afford procedures for their pets.

Why They’ll Love It:

  • This type of gift is incredibly thoughtful and can be used to help in a variety of ways.
  • Providing an open-ended gift allows your veterinarian to choose how it can best be utilized.
  • Making a commemorative donation can be a great way to both honor a pet’s memory after their passing and to help other animals.

Best Wine-Themed Gift for your Veterinarian

A lot of people can appreciate a nice glass of wine. Wine (and wine-themed items) make great gifts, and worst-case, these types of items can easily be re-gifted or saved for a special occasion. This gift idea can be taken in several different directions and even customized to the individual recipient.

Since this particular gift doesn’t include wine, we suggest adding a bottle (or two!) to fill out the basket.

wine kit gift

Click to see it at Amazon

Why They’ll Love It:

  • Wine is a versatile gift that is enjoyed by many.
  • This type of gift is easily passed along if the recipient doesn’t care for alcohol.
  • This picnic basket is the perfect gift as it is absolutely adorable, but also something you would be unlikely to purchase for yourself!

Where to buy it: See it at Amazon

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are 3 positive things about being a veterinarian?

Becoming a veterinarian is truly a calling. One must be interested in helping animals, learning for an entire lifetime, and enjoy the challenge of working with patients that can’t tell you what is wrong. Veterinarians have an incredible opportunity to help pets live happy, healthy lives and are an irreplaceable part of our society.

Q: What are some veterinary client appreciation ideas?

A few veterinary client appreciation ideas could include:

  • Recognizing a “Pet of the Month”
  • Offering a surprise discount to repeat clients or clients who refer additional business
  • Supporting a local charity in the client’s honor

Q: How do you address a vet in a letter?

A veterinary doctor is just that—a doctor—so address letters “Dr. Mary Doe” in writing. When speaking to your veterinarian, use “Doctor” unless they have told you otherwise.

Parting Thoughts

We love these gifts because they encompass a variety of price points, are customizable, and get a little bit more creative than your average gift list. Showing appreciation for your veterinarian can go a long way in building a long, happy relationship between you, your veterinarian, and horse.

That said, appreciation doesn’t mean money or gifts!

Consider writing a positive review, referring a friend or neighbor to their practice, or sending a hand-written thank you note to the clinic. Taking a little extra time out of your day to talk up a local business or show how thankful you are could mean the world.

One of the most meaningful ways to support your veterinarian and their team is to simply be a good customer. While it can be tough to maintain composure during a stressful situation, do your best to be polite and friendly to everyone you encounter from the vet clinic. You never know what situation they had to deal with before you.

Respect personal boundaries (save that cell phone number for true emergencies—don’t overuse it!), pay your bills on time, and give staff the benefit of the doubt if something doesn’t go quite right.

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