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5 Best Full Seat Breeches for Security in the Saddle

best full seat breeches
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What full seat breeches are the best fit? It depends.

There are hundreds of full seat breeches on the market for equestrians. While we all love options, sometimes the selection can feel endless. Many riders find a specific brand that they like and stick with it forever, but if you want to expand your collection of breeches outside of your favorite brand, here are the best options. 

Key Considerations

When shopping for breeches, there are a few important factors to keep in mind, including style, use, cut, color, durability, and even brand. Breeches have a huge personal preference component, so always try breeches before buying them. Many tack stores will not allow you to try breeches on while riding, but you can almost always try them on in the store.

Sitting in a chair can help to test the stretch and comfort.

  • Style: Breeches come in many different types, but the most significant element is the rise, or how high the waist is. You will see options for low-rise, mid-rise, and high-rise breeches.
  • Show or Pleasure: Most competitions do not have rules against full seat breeches, but many have color restrictions. Be sure to check allowable colors before buying those purple leopard print breeches!
  • Comfort: Breeches come in lots of materials – cotton and cotton blends being the most common. Advanced microfibers also are becoming popular due to their comfort and breathability. Try on several different styles and materials to determine what feels most comfortable for you.
  • Durability: Breeches can range from budget-friendly to very expensive. Most riders prefer not to buy breeches regularly. To avoid this pattern, purchase durable breeches that will hold up to lots of riding time.
  • Brand: There are tons of brands that produce and sell breeches. While it is always tempting to stick with your “tried-and-true” brand, consider expanding once and a while to experience the quality, durability, and fit of a new brand.

Best Luxury Winter Full Seat Breeches

B Vertigo Dianne Thermo Full Seat Breeches

The Horze Dianne breeches are super comfortable, luxurious winter breeches. The high waist helps to keep these breeches in place and come in attractive color options.

The full silicone seat is grippy while being flexible for comfort.

horze diana

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Key Features: 

  • Silicone Full Seat
  • High waist
  • Beautiful color choices

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Best Silicone Summer Full Seat Breeches

Horze Nordic Performance Silicone Full Seat Breeches

The Horze Nordic Performance Silicone Full Seat Breeches feature inspirational statements on the full silicone seat. Complete with distinctive piping and UV protection, these breeches are sure to become a fast favorite. The silicone grip full seat provides extra stability and improves balance in the saddle.

Made from lightweight, durable fabric, these sporty breeches are ideal for summer riding.

horze nordic

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Key Features: 

  • Silicone Grip Full Seat
  • UV Protection
  • Midrise waist

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Best Summer Full Seat Breeches 

Kerrits Griptek II Full Seat Breech

The Kerrits Griptek II Full Seat breeches are designed with optimal performance in mind. The hidden zip and snap closure make quick changes easy. The Griptek full seat keeps you firmly in the saddle while not feeling restrictive on the group. Made from stain and water-resistant material, these breeches are an excellent option for schooling or showing.

The lightweight, extreme stretch woven fabric and Coolmax lining make them ideal for summer riding.

full set breaches

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Key Features: 

  • GripTek Full Seat
  • Easy On/Off
  • Extreme Stretch Woven Fabric

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Best Denim Full Seat Breeches

Dublin Shona Full Suede Seat Denim Breech

The Dublin Shona Full Suede Seat Denim breeches have a vintage denim look with a full suede seat. These mid-rise breeches feature bi-stretch fabric, which delivers compression and coverage where you need it most. The suede belt loops add a subtle flair to these slim-fit breeches.

If you are looking for a jean look at the barn but want stability in the saddle, these breeches are ideal.

dublin breeches

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Key Features:

  • Mid-Rise
  • Vintage Denim Look
  • Front Zip and Snap Closure

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Best Tummy Control Full Seat Breeches

Ovation Celebrity Slim Full Seat Breech

The Ovation Celebrity Slim Full Seat breeches are designed to be exceptionally flattering while giving you a smooth look for the stomach and hip areas. The secret tummy-flattening panel gives you additional coverage while being stretchy and comfortable.

Enhanced with the absorbent Dry-Tex fabric, these breeches will keep you dry and comfortable under tall boots. 

ovation breeches

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Key Features: 

  • Secret Tummy-Control Panel
  • Dry-Tex, Stretchy Fabric
  • Several Color Options

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I wear Full Seat Breeches in competition?

Yes, you can wear full seat breeches in competition. You may want to check the regulations on allowable colors, though!

What do low-rise, mid-rise, and high-rise mean?

Similar to jeans, breeches come in low-rise, mid-rise, or high-rise waist height. The rise refers to how high the waist of the breeches comes up. Most riders will have a preferred rise that they are comfortable in. Try on a few different options to find out what you prefer.

What does full seat mean?

Breeches come in full seat or knee patch variations. This means there is additional grip in those areas, either the inner knee or through the entire seat. Knee patch breeches tend to be popular in jumping disciplines, while you will see full seat breeches very often in dressage.

What is the difference between Jodhpurs and Breeches?

Jodhpurs are full-length pants that end in a cuff designed to fit over paddock boots. These pants have an elastic strap that goes under the boots to keep the pants in place. Breeches do not have this strap and have a smooth bottom designed to go under tall boots or half chaps. 

Parting Thoughts

Breeches shopping can be lots of fun. Try different materials, cuts, and brands to determine what you like best and is most comfortable in the saddle. If you can try on the breeches at the tack store, move around in them, and sit down to test the stretch and comfort level.

Full seat breeches are a great option for giving you extra stability in the saddle, but you still want to be comfortable in what you wear!

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