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9 Best Gift Ideas Horse-Crazy Moms Will Love

horse related gifts for mom
Written by Susie W.

Feature photo courtesy of Erin Brown

Spoil the mom in your life with the perfect gift!

Shopping for the perfect gift can be challenging, but we’ve made it easy with this comprehensive list of horse-themed gifts! Whether your budget is $10 or $100, we’ve got a variety of options for every price point.

Find inspiration from the list below. From customizable to creative, these gift options are a great starting point to assembling the perfect horse-themed present.

A few tried-and-true tips when considering the best gift for Mom:

  • For a unique, thoughtful twist, consider starting with a gift from this list and adding a few “accessory” gifts for a personalized feel. Think about including a hand-written card, a fresh-baked batch of Mom’s favorite cookies, or her favorite hand lotion.
  • If you’re unsure of what size to get, generally steer clear of sized items instead of guessing wrong. Too small and she won’t be able to wear it; too large and you risk offending her. It’s best to stick to non-sized items!
  • Plan a few weeks or even months ahead, especially if you’d like to get something customized.
  • Consider adding some fun gift wrap (either at checkout, or DIY) for an extra special flair!

Custom Stall Sign

These custom stall signs are a versatile gift that Mom will be sure to love! The wood and brass combination is a classic style that looks great in an English or Western barn. It is easy to install, as it hangs from a brass-plated chain and doesn’t need to be screwed in or permanently attached to the stall door.

Plus, you have several options for how to have it engraved.

custom horse stall sign

Click to customize at Amazon

Why She’ll Love It:

  • This gift is customized and shows you planned ahead!
  • A timeless style will great in any barn or tack room
  • Customers prefer this vendor, specifically commenting their high quality, professional products

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Matching Tote Bags

Equine Couture makes a complete line of barn-friendly bags for everything from saddles to boots to show clothes. Choose from a variety of colors and styles to find the perfect match! These bags make a great stand-alone gift, or you can mix/match them to create a set. We suggest considering the Equestrian Tote Bag (who can’t use an extra tote bag?!) for any horse mom.

For English riders, the Hat Bag is a great option for her helmet and gloves, or the Boot Bag for keeping her tall boots clean and scratch-free. The Saddle Bag is both pretty and durable.

English and Western moms alike can utilize a lovely bridle bag!

equine couture saddle bag

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Why She’ll Love It:

  • These tote bags come in fun, vibrant prints
  • Customers especially love the boot bags for tall English boots, commenting on the style and durability. Important to note, these are too large for Western style boots.
  • You can gift Mom one or several items from a collection at once, or use this idea for multiple holidays, adding a new piece each time

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Coffee Themed Gift Boxes

Coffee mugs can be a bit cliché in terms of gifts, but we have some ideas on how you can spice them up to create a unique gift Mom hasn’t seen before! First, start with a coffee mug that fits your mom’s personality. Does she like funny quotes? Would she prefer a customized mug?

french press coffee set

Click to see it at Etsy

Does she have 9,000 coffee mugs already? (If so, keep reading—part of this suggestion is still applicable!) Mugs are great, but this coffee variety pack gift set is even better! Not only does it include a variety of individually-packaged coffee samples, the gift set includes an adorable tiny French press.

This is a great way to improve early mornings at the barn or horse shows!

horse mom mug

Click to see it at Etsy

Why She’ll Love It:

  • Customizable options to fit her specific personality
  • Sample-sizes allow her to try out a variety of flavors
  • The tiny French press is portable and versatile

Where to buy it:

Horse-themed Candles

While candles can sometimes be over-gifted, we think these particular options are worth a second look. First, can anyone really have too many candles? Candles don’t have a shelf life, so Mom can save them for later. She may not want to though, as these come in a variety of fun, horse-themed scents we can’t wait to test out!

As an added bonus, these candles support small businesses. With names like Clip Clop Candle Shop and Canter Culture Candles, they have the perfect equine vibe.

Pair with her favorite chocolate, a bottle of wine, or maybe a gift card to create a beautiful present.

horse candle

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Our Favorite Scents:

  • Clip Clop Candle Shop – Clean Round (scent changes as the candle burns for variety! Includes notes of lemon, then Jasmine, and last Juniper)
  • Canter Culture – Turn Out (Cypress & Bayberry)

Why She’ll Love It:

  • Candles come in a variety of price points, so they won’t break the bank
  • Scents like “Sweet Feed” “Tack Room” and “Trail Ride” are unique and show you are picking out something that reflects what she likes
  • Customers rave about the scents and various equine themes!

Where to buy it:

Equine Art

There are a variety of option, styles, and price points when it comes to equine art which makes this a flexible gift category.

Whether you find a local artist to support, have a custom print made featuring your mom’s favorite horsey friend, or, pick from a few of our favorite Etsy stores, the options are endless.

custom horse portrait

Click to order a custom portrait at Etsy

Why She’ll Love It:

  • With such a large selection, you can find the perfect print to fit your mom’s style
  • These selections are quality prints for a good value
  • We’re sharing three exceptional shops on Etsy to give you a variety of art styles to choose from. Whether it’s a watercolor, wild mustang, or more of a vintage feel, these are worth checking out.

Where to buy it:

Horse-Themed Jewelry

AlchemyArtworks is a unique Etsy store that creates beautiful jewelry out of horse shoe nails for a twist on traditional horse-themed jewelry. These pieces have a rustic, slightly industrial feel that will be sure to wow!

Each piece is hand-made in a coal forge, shaped on an anvil, brushed, and finished with wax for added shine.

horse nail bracelet

Click to see it at Etsy

Why She’ll Love It:

  • Made from horseshoe nails, this jewelry is hand-made and incredibly unique
  • This Etsy shop comes highly recommended by customers
  • This jewelry is equine themed without being over-the-top

Where to buy it:

High Point Ready Gift Box

Subscription boxes have gained popularity in recent years, and for good reason! They are a great way to gift a variety of items with a common theme and can be especially helpful in selecting quality products without having to do a bunch of research.

High Point Ready boxes are geared towards the horse show crowd but can be gifted to any equestrian regardless of discipline or experience. With both subscriptions boxes or one-time gifts, choose from a variety of price points.

We also love this small business because it was started by a Purdue Equestrian team alumni!

high point box

Click to get a gift subscription

Why She’ll Love It:

  • The owner of High Point Ready has successfully competed across a variety of disciplines at top-ranked shows, finishing 2014 as the APHA Rookie of the Year. She knows what it takes to win and hand-picks top quality items for each box!
  • Your mom is sure to receive a variety of highly useful items
  • You can opt to start with a single box—if Mom likes it, you’ve got some great options for future gifts as well!

Get a Gift Subscription

Trinket Dish

We found several equine-themed trinket dishes that Mom is sure to appreciate. Trinket dishes are useful for jewelry, coins, keys, or simply as décor. These can be gifted alone or paired with some horse – themed jewelry (which is also included on this gift guide!) to create a fun combination.

We selected a few different dishes depending on the particular style you think your mom would enjoy.

custom horse dish

Click to customize at Etsy

Why She’ll Love It:

  • Trinket dishes are a great way to organize jewelry or add some flair to a room
  • This gift is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a lower-budget item or something to pair with another gift
  • Customers say they look even better in person!

Where to buy it:

Pop-Up Card

When putting together the perfect gift for Mom, don’t forget the card! This pop-up style card features a herd of horses with a blank interior, so you can hand-write a message for any holiday or event.

The horses are white, chestnut, and black.

horse popup card

Click to see it at Amazon

Why She’ll Love It:

  • Cards at the store are expensive—these are a great value for a pop-up card that will be remembered
  • These cards come with free shipping!
  • Customers say these cards are beautiful and well-made

See it at Amazon

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best horse-related mother’s day gift?

Because each mom is different, there is no one-size-fits-all gift. However, you can’t go wrong with key staples such as candles, jewelry, flowers, or Mom’s favorite candy! Consider bundling items together to make a unique gift basket that shows you care.

What do you give a horse owner who has everything?

It can be tough to select a gift for someone that seems to have everything they need. Consider items that are used regularly, and need to be replaced, such as some gourmet horse treats, her favorite ground coffee, or Epsom salt paired with essential oils for some relaxation after a long day in the saddle.

Check out our article about the best gifts for horse owners here!

What is the best funny horse related gift?

Depending on Mom’s sense of humor, there are some fantastic gifts available. Consider a T-shirt with a quirky saying or a witty coffee mug. Tote bags and wine glasses are also available with witty equine theme.

Parting Thoughts

While finding the perfect gift may seem tough at first, there are a ton of fantastic options available! Consider adding some personalized touches, such as a hand-written card, to truly show that you care. Mom will be sure to love whatever you select!

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