Author - Horse Rookie

From the tender age of six, I embarked on a journey that would weave horses into the very fabric of my existence. Over 35 years have passed since I first mounted a horse, and my love for equestrian sports is stronger than ever before.

My initiation into the world of riding began with dressage, a discipline that still holds a special place in my heart. As I transitioned into adulthood, my equestrian pursuits expanded into a medley of disciplines. Stadium jumping, eventing, working equitation, trail riding, reining, cutting, and roping became chapters in my ongoing equestrian tale. The thirst for knowledge and skill development propels me forward—a driving force behind the inception of Horse Rookie, a platform dedicated to this relentless pursuit of expertise.

My equestrian adventures have transcended borders, allowing me to ride in four countries. From the rhythmic gallops along the sun-kissed beaches of Costa Rica to the thrill of eventing in the lush emerald landscapes of Ireland, each experience enriches my connection with these magnificent animals.

When not exploring the world’s equestrian landscapes, I’m refining my craft at home in Montana, USA. Here, I devote myself to continuous improvement through 2-3 lessons weekly, schooling my horses 3-4 times weekly, occasional showing, and participation in at least five riding clinics annually. I strive for perpetual growth and refinement in my horsemanship.

My equine family includes Rem, my versatile AQHA reined cow horse, Jax, a spirited Azteca jumping pony, and Bug, a miniature horse with an adventurous Appaloosa spirit.

In this ever-evolving journey, my commitment to the art of riding and the bond with these majestic animals continues to fuel my unyielding dedication to the equestrian education!