Author - Susanna Wright

Hello, fellow horse lover and outdoor enthusiasts! I started riding horses in elementary school and never stopped. From my early days in 4-H to the college equestrian team, I’ve tried a little bit of everything. Riding Quarter Horses has been my sport of choice for the last two decades, including finishing in the Top Five at the Quarter Horse Congress along the way.

I recently embarked on a new equine adventure–adopting two burros from the Bureau of Land Management. Attempting to train these two wild animals has been the most challenging and rewarding experience in my equine career.

Equine nutrition is one of my favorite topics. For seven years, I worked hands-on in the world of horse feed and nutrition. Now, I work hard to ensure I’m feeding my equines near-perfect nutrition with ever-changing options. Learning how to appropriately feed donkeys was certainly a challenge! They are more different from horses than you might imagine.

Based in the stunning Front Range, my side-hustle, Bottomless Backpacks, is all about embracing and enjoying the outdoors. It started with sharing our outdoor adventures and expanded into providing first-hand gear reviews you can trust.

So, whether it’s horses, donkeys, exploring the great outdoors, or finding the perfect gear for your adventures, I’m here for it!