Author - Sisters Horsing Around

Sisters Horsing Around is a dynamic equestrian vlog forged by the passion and expertise of two spirited horse lovers—Emily and Sarah Harris. These sisters, born and raised in the vibrant world of horses, share a mutual enthusiasm for the equestrian lifestyle that’s evident in their vibrant vlog.

Together, the dynamic duo strives to create an upbeat, educational platform that beckons viewers into their engaging equestrian world. Emily, the elder sister, brings her wealth of experience and knowledge to the fore. Her journey began when she got her first horse, Amazing Grace, at 17, followed by her second equine companion, Stella, four years later. With a multi-discipline riding approach that includes Dressage, Hunt Seat, Show Jumping, Western Dressage, Ranch Riding, and Trail, she brings a diverse array of equestrian perspectives to their vlog. Her dedication to content creation is exemplified in her role as the vlog’s co-founder, entrepreneur, web and graphics designer, technology and social media coordinator.

Sarah, the younger of the pair, injects her vlog contributions with her distinctive style. Earning USPC certifications in Western, Dressage, Eventing, and Horse Management, her riding experience and creative edge enhance the vlog’s excitement. Sarah’s passion for adventure, challenge, and creating epic content resonates through their engaging videos. As the vlog’s co-founder, entrepreneur, social media coordinator, and video creator, she constantly seeks innovative ways to infuse their equestrian adventures with a touch of fun and creativity.

Together, these spirited sisters form a vibrant team, capturing their colorful journey through the equestrian world, offering viewers an engaging glimpse into their equine adventures. Their dedication to providing an enjoyable, educational, and enriching experience to their audience is evident as they gallop through the vast landscape of their equine passions. Sisters Horsing Around is not just a vlog; it’s a vibrant and spirited ride through the love, challenges, and wonders of the equestrian world.