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Letter to My Rookie Self: Sarah Harris

sarah harris sisters horsing around
Written by Sarah Harris

Equestrian Advice: This is part of our Letter to My Rookie Self series, an open letter equestrian reflection project. Learn more and/or submit your own letter here.

Dear Rookie Self,

Before you panic, because you are hearing from your future self, I have to say that looking back on you is eye-opening. You’re a fun-loving, goofy, ADHD little 8 year old girl with big dreams of riding in the Olympics. I just want to tell you that even now, at this moment, we’re not there yet — but we’re on our way!

Horses are your passion. Your heart pounds every time you think about galloping on your very own special stallion.

You draw them every chance you get, hoping they will jump off the page and into your life. Every time your family drives by a horse in a field you always shout ‘’HORSE!!’’ and let me tell you, you are still going to do that even in the future. The love of horses is in your blood, and I like to believe that as God was forming you in the womb, He smiled and said, ‘’Let me add the love of horses in her to keep her out of serious trouble!” Cool right?!

sarah harris leading horse

Photo courtesy of Sarah Harris

Right now, you are just as extroverted as can be and a bit naive. You have a few bad habits like being lazy and doing things without thinking. I know it sounds harsh, and maybe a bit unfair, but things are going to get better!

You’re going to learn that working hard is one of the only ways you can make it in this world.

You are going to go a long way. You are going to grow up and mature, and you are going to sober up and see the world a bit differently.

You’re going to have to learn to listen to those who are trying to help you and not only hear what you want to hear. I know we’re still figuring that one out, but it’s going to help. Things that some people say will make you a bit apprehensive because you are afraid that things will turn out bad or wrong. But in the end, they will open many doors for you!

sarah harris bay horse

Photo courtesy of Sarah Harris

You’re going to become more confident, but you are also going to become a bit more introverted. All of this is because you are going to experience some rough times.

You’re going to be hurt by “so-called” friends, and you’re going to have some heartache. But all of that is going to make you stronger, and make you want to push forward.

You’re going to learn that your greatest friend who has always had your back is God, although at times it will seem like He has forsaken you. He is going to lead you through some tough times, but He is never going to let go of your hand. He is going to lead you to meet some INCREDIBLE people — people you could only DREAM of meeting!

He is also going to give you the horse of a lifetime! This will be a horse that some call ugly, but that you call beautiful! I know this sounds strange, but it’s all true!

sarah harris bridle

Photo courtesy of Sarah Harris

And, as you go on in life, you’re probably going to wonder and ask yourself many questions like, “How in the world did I switch to eventing when I used to be such a hardcore cowgirl?” And “How did I used to be so afraid to step out of my comfort zone and jump, then end up jumping 3’3 fences without thinking about it?”

Well, let me explain. As you get older you’re going to crave adrenaline!

The first time you gallop cross country and jump your first cross country fence, you’re going to realize that this is what you were born to do. I’m hooked on Eventing and, as your future self, I’m going to tell you that even though the fences are big and scary, and a bit daunting, you’re going to find out that you’re brave enough for the challenge.

sarah harris cross country

Photo courtesy of Sarah Harris

You’re going to step out of your comfort zone and get off the ground! You’re going to fly because a special gelding that God put in your life is going to show you that…

No matter your color, no matter your size, and no matter if you don’t fit in, you can live your dreams!

Also let me tell you something even more exciting! Through everything you learn and go through, you’re going to start a YouTube channel with our big sister Emily. AMAZING RIGHT?!!

You always wanted to start a YouTube channel! But when you do come around to starting, I want to warn you not to take things for granted. Sisters Horsing Around is a special opportunity to grow closer with your sister and share your experiences with others.

sarah harris vanner

Photo courtesy of Sarah Harris

You are going to be able to share with others that horses can be a beautiful part of their lives, just as they have been for you. It will be challenging, and a lot of work, but it will be fun! I don’t want to tell you too much because I want to save the excitement!

As I bring this letter to a close, I want to remind you: believe in God, yourself, and your family, and don’t be afraid to face your fears. Even to this day, I am still having to face fear.

Here are a last few words that I will leave you with: Fear Not Sarah. Keep your chin up and heels down. You’re going to make it.


Your future self, Sarah
Sisters Horsing Around

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Sarah Harris is the younger sister of Sisters Horsing Around, an upbeat and educational equestrian vlog. She has earned USPC certifications in Western, Dressage, Eventing and Horse Management, and she loves riding her horses Genesis and Rowdy.