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20 Gift Ideas for Horse Owners Who Seem to Have Everything

Written by Cathy H.

Seeking unique gifts for horse lovers?

If you’ve ever seen the inside of a tack trunk, you know that equestrians collect a lot of stuff. Knowing how much gear your beloved horse lover already has can turn gift-giving into a real struggle. What do you get for the person who seems to have it all?

Our gift ideas will ensure you choose a unique, memorable gift that your friend will cherish and appreciate. And it won’t end up in the donation pile, resale tack shop, or garbage bin!

Before Swiping Your Credit Card…

The key is to stay away from cheesy trinkets and focus on customization. That requires knowing a little bit about your favorite equestrian before you make a purchase decision.

It’s helpful to find out:

  • What discipline do they ride?
  • What kind of horse do they own, lease, or ride?
  • What does their favorite horse look like?
  • What is their horse’s name?
  • What are their favorite colors?

These tidbits will prevent you from making a mistake that results in a returned gift. If you’re not a horse person yourself, ask one of the recipient’s horse friends to do a little recon for you!

Uncommon Gifts for Horse Owners

1.  Custom Horse Portrait

Equestrians love quality horse decor, especially artwork. But, equestrians don’t want just any painting–they want the subject to be their horses!


Click to see more from artist Dana Lombardo on Etsy

Custom horse portraits come in a wide range of sizes, styles, and mediums, which helps keep the budget within your limits. Just remember to confirm turnaround time with the artist up front so you don’t accidentally miss a key date (e.g. birthday).

Why They’ll Love It:

  • It’ll bring a huge smile to their face every time they see it.
  • It’s a great conversation starter for visitors.
  • Long after their horse is retired (or, forbid, passes away), this will be a beautiful momento.

Where to buy it: Browse custom horse portrait artists on Etsy

2.  Custom Model Horse

Virtually every horse-crazy kid went through a Breyer phase. It doesn’t matter how old your equestrian friend is now; they probably still love looking at beautiful model horses.

A model painted like their favorite horse is a true treasure.


Click to see more Attic Studio WV custom models on Etsy

Why They’ll Love It:

  • It’s a keepsake that lasts forever and can be displayed anywhere.
  • Young kids will love to play with it and let their imaginations run wild.
  • Equestrians can never have too many reminders of their heart horses.

Where to buy it: Browse custom model horse artists on Etsy

3.  Pay Their Way to a Clinic

Clinicians travel around the country to give lessons in front of an audience. Riding every now and then in a clinic is a great way to learn something new from an elite professional.


Experiences like clinics create memories that last

Why They’ll Love It:

  • Riding in a clinic is probably on their bucket list.
  • They’ll learn a ton, even just by watching the other riders.
  • It’s an incredible experience and opportunity for their horse as well. 

Where to buy it: Give a voucher and let them choose who the clinician will be, or ask their trainer which clinics would be best.

4.  Buy Tickets to a Fun Equine Event

It could be a local rodeo, an FEI event, or an expo like Equine Affaire. They’ll love the opportunity to go, especially if you go with them!


Search online for fun equine events in their area

Why They’ll Love It:

  • Any equine event promises to be a fun, memorable experience.
  • They’ll feel inspired after attending.

Where to buy it: Give them a voucher for the tickets to ensure it’s an event they want to go to and can travel to attend. Or, search online for local events and buy their tickets directly. Better yet, buy two tickets so you can go together!

5.  Matching Saddle Pad and Polo Wraps

Deep down inside, all equestrians love a matching set of gear in order to (if nothing else) make their horse look extra adorable.


Click to see matching sets from Hopeful Equestrian

Why They’ll Love It:

  • Colors and patterns are truly endless, so they can get something no one else has.
  • It’s a fun thing that everyone likes, but the more practical-minded equestrians might not buy for themselves. That makes it a perfect gift!
  • It can inspire an entire collection.

Where to buy it: Try Hopeful Equestrian on Etsy, especially for hunter/jumper riders.

6.  Really, Really Soft Brushes

Most equestrians have enough grooming supplies to create two or three separate kits. But super soft, luxurious finishing brushes can be hard to find.

Click to see this brush on Amazon

Why They’ll Love It:

  • You can honestly never have too many high-quality soft brushes
  • Brushes can be customized with paint or monogrammed
  • These brushes are perfect for show kits

Where to buy it: Showman Extra Soft Goat Hair Finishing Brush

7.  Pay Class Fees at Their Favorite Show

Showing horses can get expensive! Help your fave equestrian have fun at an upcoming show by paying their class fees.


Paying for show fees is a great gift

Why They’ll Love It: 

  • A little financial assistance may mean the difference between showing and not showing.
  • Shows are an invaluable learning opportunity.
  • You can go watch and cheer them on!

Where to buy it: Give a voucher and let them choose which show to attend. Or, ask their trainer if there are any upcoming shows they’d love.

8.  Custom Handmade Plushie

We can’t always be at the barn with our horse. The next best thing is having a mini plushie version of them!


Click to order a custom horse plushie on Etsy

Why They’ll Love It:

  • Seeing it will always bring a smile to their face because it looks just like their favorite horse.
  • They can take it with them when they travel for a little reminder of their horse.
  • Anything customized to look like their horse is a super great gift!

Where to buy it: Try Imagine Nation Shop on Etsy

9.  A Weekend of Horse Chores

One of the downsides of owning horses is that they need care every day. And throughout the day, too.


Elbow grease around the barn is always needed

But, finding a horse sitter can be tough. That’s where you come in!

Why They’ll Love It:

  • They’ll have an opportunity to go on vacation.
  • Even a chance to sleep in will be welcome.
  • Be sure to snap some fun photos of their horses to share while they’re away!

Where to buy it: Give them a voucher, and be prepared to follow through.

10.  A Professional Photography Session

Smartphones these days can take some amazing pictures, but there’s something stunning about professional pictures.

Many horse owners are too strapped for cash to invest in nicer photos, but they’d love to have some.


You can never have too many photos of your horse!

Why They’ll Love It:

  • They’ll get pictures worthy of being framed.
  • It will be a fun experience in and of itself.
  • Seeing the pictures will make them smile for a lifetime.

Where to buy it: Inside a beautiful frame, place a voucher for a local equine photographer.

11.  Corral Cards: Essential Horse Knots

Knot tying is a critical skill for any equestrian, and Corral Cards make it easy. (At least easier!) Learn 19 essential horse knots in his handy pocket guide.

Corral Cards Horse Knot Tying Guide

Click to see it at Amazon

Why They’ll Love It:

  • Step-by-step instructions and diagrams for 19 knots
  • Durable and 100% waterproof
  • Includes a mini carabiner so you can attach it to your saddle ring, belt loop, or anywhere else!

Where to buy it: You can grab Corral Cards at Amazon or order directly from Reference Ready.

12.  Access to an Online Course

Online learning for horseback riding? You bet! There are numerous self-study courses online that can help riders tackle even tough issues.


The gift of education is priceless

Why They’ll Love It:

  • It represents a chance to make real progress in their riding or horsemanship skills.
  • A wide range of topics are available.
  • They can go at their own pace and don’t have to travel.

Where to buy it: Give a voucher and let your horse-crazy friend research a course they’d like to take. Or, purchase a class you think they’d like at My Horse University.

13.  Saddlebox Monthly Gift Box

Who doesn’t love a monthly surprise gift? Especially when it contains horse-related products and goodies? That’s exactly what Saddlebox offers!

Saddlebox Equestrian Subscription Box

Click image to read our SaddleBox review

Why They’ll Love It:

  • It’s something fun to look forward to unwrapping each month.
  • Each box has both practical and interesting things to try.
  • They’re bound to find something they love that they would have otherwise never tried.

Read our detailed SaddleBox review here to see a sample kit!

Where to buy it:

14.  Snaks 5th Avenchew Gourmet Horse Treats

Horse treats that look good enough to eat yourself!

This is the perfect gift for an equestrian who loves to celebrate their horse’s birthday or important milestones, like that coveted grand champion ribbon.


Click to shop Snaks 5th Avenchew

Why They’ll Love It:

  • The treats are totally unique and adorable!
  • It makes for a cute photo opportunity.

Where to buy it: Snaks 5th Avenchew

15.  Personalized Travel Bags

Saddlebags, bridle bags, helmet bags, and boot bags all make it infinitely easier to haul gear to shows and keep it all clean at the same time.


Click to shop personalized bridle bags at Etsy

Why They’ll Love It:

  • Personalized fabrics make it easy to locate gear in the shared tack stall.
  • Who doesn’t love something fun and totally unique?
  • Practical-minded equestrians don’t think to buy this sort of thing for themselves, which makes it an appreciated gift.

Where to buy it: Try Padded Ponies on Etsy

16.  A Nice Tack Trunk

Is your favorite equestrian still trying to cram everything they own into a plastic tub? If you’re handy, you can also make a custom tack trunk. Or, like most of us, you can buy one.


Click to see this trunk on State Line Tack

Why They’ll Love It:

  • Tack trunks are designed with equestrians in mind, with lots of storage
  • It will simplify their lives at the barn and at shows.
  • Makes a great place to sit and chat with barn friends!

Where to buy it: Biltmore Deluxe All Purpose Wooden Tack Trunk on State Line Tack

Interested in this gift? Check out our 6 best tack trunks before you buy.

17.  Luxury Gloves

Apparel is tricky, but you can’t go wrong with gloves. Especially ones that are made from high-quality material that will last a long time.

Click to see these gloves on Amazon

Why They’ll Love It:

  • Riders who go to shows always need a nice pair of gloves for the ring.
  • Gloves can come in conservative show colors like black or white, or super fun colors and patterns.
  • You can’t have too many pairs of gloves, because they’re often misplaced.

Where to buy it: SSG Leather Show Gloves on Amazon

18. One K MIPS CCS Avance Wide Brim Helmet

Equestrians need new helmets every three to five years, so why not buy them a new one? The CCS line from One K, which is top-rated for comfort and safety, also offers interchangeable front shields. You can choose a fun color (maybe to match a new saddle pad) or go for some bling, like with the One K CCS Crystal Front Shield.

wide brim onek helmet

Click to see it at Amazon

Why They’ll Love It:

  • A high-quality helmet will last longer.
  • There are many colors and styles to choose from.

Where to buy it: One K MIPS CCS Helmet on Amazon

19. YFN Sterling Silver Horse Pendant

If you’re looking for a gift your equestrian can use outside the barn, this stunning necklace is the perfect option.

horse necklace

Click to see it at Amazon

Why They’ll Love It:

  • 7 colors to choose from (including ones where the horse is white, black, gold, or rose gold).
  • Simple, eye-catching design that can be worn with any outfit
  • Hypoallergenic for those with sensitive skin

Where to buy it: YFN Sterling Silver Horse Pendant on Amazon

20.  A Gift Card

Finally, if none of these ideas strikes a chord with you, you can always opt for a gift card to a tack store.


Grab an e-gift card at State Line Tack

Why They’ll Love It:

  • They can get exactly what they want.
  • Horse lovers have no problem going on shopping sprees! 

Where to buy it: State Line Tack Gift Certificate

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the best gift for horse owners overall?

If we had to choose only one gift (so difficult!), we’d pick custom horse portraits as the best gift. 

You can support a small business artist, choose from a wide variety of styles and techniques, and use a photo from social media as the inspiration.

Q: What are the most practical gifts for horse owners?

If usefulness is your top priority, there are plenty of supplies equestrians use (and run out of) all the time.

For example: 

Q: What are the best gifts for horse riders?

In addition to the ideas in this article, check out: 

Q: Where can I buy a ready-made horse lover gift basket?

Your best bet will be to try subscription boxes like Saddlebox or to browse Etsy gift baskets.

Q: What could I use to create my own horse lover gift basket?

Soaps, shampoos, and moisturizers that can be used for both horses and people (Mane and Tail brand even has gift sets on Amazon) make great gift basket gifts.

Add in a few scrubby brushes and place it all in a small bucket filled with horse treats instead of paper. Equestrians never have enough!

Q: What are the best luxury gifts for horse lovers?

If you’ve got a higher gift budget, here are some luxury items to consider:

Q: What are the best Christmas gifts for horse owners?

You can’t go wrong with a custom horse portraits or horse photography session for the holidays. Shop small, pick your favorite style, and enjoy a huge smile when your gift is unwrapped!

Horse owners will also love the Snaks 5th Avenchew‘s holiday themed treats. So cute 🙂

Q: What are some personalized gifts for horse lovers?

Artwork that is modeled after their favorite horse always makes a delightful gift. We have some examples above, or you can also order a mounted picture of their horse from Etsy that they can display in their home.

Q: What are the best horse gifts for adults?

Adults have the ability to buy many of their horsey necessities on their own, but they might be so budget-conscious that they skip over some of the purely fun items when buying for themselves, like matching saddle pads and polo wraps.

They’re also more likely to get excited about the educational opportunities we mentioned above.

Want more gift ideas? Check out Shelby Dennis & Milo’s Equestrian Gift Guide and 12 Gifts Barn Owners, Managers & Workers Will Actually Love.

Q: What are the best gifts for barn owners?

Check out 12 Gifts Barn Owners, Managers & Workers Will Actually Love for ideas!

Q: What are the best gifts for English horse riders?

English horse riders like gifts that equestrians from Western disciplines like too, but you can find more customizable gear on Etsy for English horse riders. That’s because it’s far easier to make English saddle pads by hand than thick Western pads.

English riders might like copies of magazines written for their discipline, or they might enjoy a high-quality braiding kit to help them prep for their next show.

Q: What are some good stall/stocking stuffers?

Assuming the horses can’t reach the stockings, peppermints, apples, carrots, and other horse treats make great choices. For riders, fashionable horsey-themed scarves are fun to include.

Gloves and socks are small but practical. Equestrians can also go through hand lotion (Mane and Tail makes our favorite lotion, which is available on Amazon) and lip balm quickly.

Or, you can include silly gifts like a Santa hat for the horse to wear (available on Amazon), plus a matching one for the rider!

Find more ideas in Shelby Dennis & Milo’s Equestrian Gift Guide.

Q: What does every horse owner need?

Other than a great horse and a knowledgeable trainer? Check out this list of must-have essentials for new and seasoned horse-owners alike.

  • Grooming supplies
  • Curry comb, hard brush, soft brush, mane and tail comb, hoof pick, fly spray
  • Basic tack
  • Two halters (one as a backup), a lead rope, a lunge line, two saddle pads, a saddle, a bridle, a bit, two sets of reins (one as a backup), a fly mask
  • First aid kit
  • Scissors, vet wrap, wound cream, silver spray, poultice, gloves, sponge, Vaseline, duct tape, tweezers, Bute, large syringes

Q: What do equestrians want for Christmas?

If you’re not sure what to get your resident horse-enthusiast, check out this list for some fail-proof ideas.

  • Clothes: A good pair of jeans, new breeches, riding boots, waterproof chore boots, or riding gloves are always safe choices. If your equestrian loves to show, consider a nice show shirt or a fancy belt.
  • Tack and Equipment: Some items, like high-quality brushes or a good saddle pad, are welcome and much-used.
  • Horse-themed items: Consider commissioning a painting of your equestrian’s horse or booking them a photo session with an equine photographer. You can also look for a model horse that looks like theirs or get horse-themed puzzles or books.

Q: What should I get my horse trainer for her birthday?

Horse trainers can be a tricky bunch to buy for. One of the best things you could do is purchase a lesson package from them. You can also opt for a personalized key chain. If you live somewhere cold, a pair of high-quality gloves, a nice scarf, or earmuffs will be much appreciated.

It’s the Thought That Counts

Buying gifts is easier when you know what the recipient specifically likes and what they don’t. (And please don’t buy your beloved equestrian a pitchfork unless they ask for one!)

This list of uncommon equestrian gifts will show your recipient that you understand their passion for horses and want them to enjoy their chosen hobby even more. What’s not to love about that?

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