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30 Affordable Gifts for Equestrians on a Budget

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Written by Lindsey Rains

What to Give Your Favorite Horse Friends (and Friendly Horses)

Whether for holidays, birthdays, or just for fun, we all need a little resource with ideas about what to get our horsey friends (or ourselves, or our horses). If you have a horse of your own, you are probably near broke anyway, so I have compiled a list of great gifts that I think would be great for any horse owner that don’t break the bank.

Some are fun and some are practical, so as to appeal to all horse aficionados!

It’s the Thought (Not the Price Tag) That Matters

Horse Care Gifts

Farnam Swat Clear Gel & Roll-On Fly Repellants

These are two great products at great prices. Farnam puts out great alternative Fly Repellent methods that keep even the smallest flies away. I like to apply the clear gel to the base of my horse’s mane and tail to keep the tiny flies from burrowing there, and apply the roll-on to his face.

Both are non-invasive alternatives to spraying on repellent (or pooling it in your hand and “wiping it on their face” – i.e., having it run all the way down your arm and onto your new riding polo).

swat for horses

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Vetrolin Liniment

Liniment is great for lessening and even preventing stiff muscles the day after a workout for your horse. It does so by improving circulation and bringing down swelling. This is used for muscle injury for those purposes, but I have always used it just after workouts to prevent discomfort in my horse.

Dilute it in a bucket and smear it all over your horse’s legs after a mild workout, or move all the way up their shoulder, neck and back after more intense exercise. Plus, Vetrolin smells like heaven on earth.

Vetrolin horse liniment

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Lined Wash/Applicator Mitt

For when your sponges start going by the wayside. These mitts are great for holding a decent amount of soap and getting a good scrub in when bath time comes around.

Plus they come in a handful of fun colors!

horse wash mitt

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Farnam Endure Sweat-Resistant Fly Repellent

For classic fly spray to cover the rest of your horse, Farnam has another product called Endure to keep the flies away from your horse this summer. Sweat-resistant and affordable, spray some on before a good work-out or when turning your horse out in the morning.

Farnam also sells bulk refill jugs for budget-minded horse owners.

Endure horse fly spray

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Thrush Buster

This wonderful little bottle of purple magic has been around for over twenty years now, and for good reason. This topical solution treats thrush on the first application. Back in California, we had to use this at our barn every winter, when the stalls would turn to mud.

I always have this stuff on hand in case I start to smell that poopy-diaper scent coming from my horse’s hooves. This can be used to treat thrush when it arrives, or once a week during moist weather as preventative care.

thrush buster

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Horse Grooming Gifts

Tough 1 Large Rubber Curry Comb

Tough 1 is known for their durability among equine products. And every horse rider needs their own rubber curry brush. These are great for unearthing dirt and dander from a horse’s coat. 

They are great for any season, because they can get the dirt out, no matter how long or short their fur is. Plus, the gentle pressure and circular motion required for the curry comb stimulate beneficial circulation.

tough 1 curry brush

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Oster Equine Care Series Stiff Grooming Brush

Follow the curry comb up with Oster’s stiff grooming brush to sweep away all of the excess hair, dirt, and dander from your horses coat, leaving only shine behind. I like this brush in particular because its bristles are both long and stiff, cutting down grooming time while not sacrificing thoroughness.

oster stiff horse brush

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Absorbine Showsheen Showring Shine Original

If you have been in the show circuit at all, you know exactly what this is and why it is great. For those who don’t know, Showsheen is a spray for the horse’s mane and tail that proves to be a wonderful detangler, as well as a deep conditioning agent with a protective layer that keeps a horse’s mane and tail feeling suuuuper smooth.

I would use this mane and tail spray over any other. This, too, smells absolutely incredible.


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Cowboy Magic

Okay, the name really says it all. This mane and tail detangler must possess some divine quality. Work a dime-sized amount into a vicious knot in the mane or tail, and you can work it out with your fingers within a matter of minutes. (Full Disclosure: This is my back-up human detangler for my crazy knots as well!).

cowboy magic

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Horseshoer’s Secret

Every horse owner needs a bottle of hoof conditioner. Particularly when the spring time turns into summer, lathering on some conditioner can prevent extreme cracking from the weather turning dry quickly. I really like many different hoof conditioners, but this one is my stand-by favorite.

I like Farnam as a company, and their hoof oil has never let me down.

Horseshoer's Secret

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Wahl Pocket Pro Universal Trimmer

Who needs a touch-up trimmer that is sleek, portable, and cordless? This is great for touch-ups right before a show, as it easily cleans up whiskers and can even reasonably clean up a thinner bridle path. This trimmer is great for dogs, also!

wahl pocket pro

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Intrepid International Rubber Hoof Pick with Brush

This fun little hoof pick packs a punch. It comes in five different colors and has a rubber handle (for goons like me who drop things all the time), as well as a sturdy pick and bristle brush attached. Your horse friend can have one for their grooming bag and one for their saddle bag when they hit the trail!

hoof pick

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Horse Book Gifts

Centered Riding

I was introduced to this book when I was a pre-teen. Sally Swift is a legend among dressage and equitation riders, but her methods apply to all disciplines. She breaks down how our position and approach affect the horse, and provides visuals for proper riding position, as well as philosophies to shape a harmony between you and your horse.

This is a read that will continue to inspire, correct, and enhance anyone’s riding experience.

centered riding

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Relaxed & Forward: Relationship Advice from Your Horse

Anna Blake is an equestrian author/blogger who speaks directly about the effect that us riders have on our horses. Here in Relaxed & Forward, she writes about listening, communicating, and leading your horse, with a hearty blend of story and technique.

relaxed and forward

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Stable Relation: A Memoir of Horses, Healing and Country Living

Also by Anna Blake, this memoir chronicles her personal story with a horse farm in Colorado and her inner healing during a mid-life crisis. This would be a wonderful vacation or relaxation book for a sentimental horse lover.

going steady

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Hope Rising: Stories from the Ranch of Rescued Dreams

Kim Meeder founded Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch alongside her husband, Troy, several years back. Building a ranch out of forsaken land, they have not only salvaged the property, but also abandoned, mangled, and abused horses, and the sojourning hearts of forgotten children.

All stories speak of the power of the healing presence of horses, and the impact willing hearts can make on the broken.

hope rising

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Bridge Called Hope: Stories of Triumph from the Ranch of Rescued Dreams

Kim Meeder follows her overwhelmingly successful Hope Rising with more stories from Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch. Read about stories of children from incredibly broken situations find hope in horses that also know what it is to be broken.

bridge called hope

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Natural Horse-Man-Ship: Six Keys to a Natural Horse-Human Relationship

My Western Riders will recognize Pat Parelli from his revolutionary video series. Parelli has a way of breaking down horse psychology and behavior into a format that humans can understand and relate to.

Consider this book a lovely primer on how to communicate with your horse and build a solid foundation of trust.

natural horsemanship

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Horse Accessories Gifts

Professional’s Choice Polo Wrap in Tribal Mint

Professional’s Choice has various series of leg accoutrements for horses, including well-established exercise boots. They also have many colors and patterns of polo wraps.  Aren’t they fun?

horse polo wraps

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Professional’s Choice Bell Boots

Professional’s Choice also offers these amazing bell boots in a huge variety of colors and prints. They are great for protecting the horse’s hooves, especially in turnout or lunging. They are a great gift balance between practical and fun.

These boots are known for their durability and for not turning or slipping.

horse bell boots

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Tough 1 Nylon Hay Tote Bag in Prints

These hay totes come with a clip on top to hang in the trailer or the barn. Manufactured for durability and convenience, this hay tote bag comes in nine different prints. I can’t decide which one I love better – the Paisley Shimmer or the Tooled Leather look!

horse hay bag

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Weaver Leather Original Adjustable Halter

Weaver has a great line of halters. These halters come in sixteen colors, which means great for matching with fun lead ropes! Since they are so affordable, you can go with more than one color combination if you can’t decide!

horse halter

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Weaver Leather Poly Lead Rope with Solid Brass Snap

Also in the Weaver collection is a wonderful assortment of lead ropes! This rope is strong, flexible, and soft, and provides so many amazing color pairs with the Weaver Adjustable Halters.

horse lead rope

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Horse Trail Gifts

Tough 1 Insulated Horn Bag in Prints

Does your horse friend spend hours on end on the trail? Tough 1 delivers yet again with these fun saddle bags that require no fasteners, as they stretch over the horn. This pouch comes in a variety of fun prints and contains two insulated pouches that can be used to hold snacks, cell phones, juice boxes, sunscreen, or a small first-aid kit.

horse riding horn bags

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Trail Max Original Pommel Pocket

Trail Max has a great alternative saddle bag that fits right over the pommel and can carry an impressive load for its size. It comes in four colors, and is highly rated for its accessibility, size, and durability on trails.

pommel saddle bag

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Mubasel Gear BPA-Free Hydration Backpack

I love this Mubasel Gear Hydration Backpack. It exceeds other products of its type, with a 2-liter BPA-Free Bladder that keeps liquids cool for up to 4 hours. This is an excellent alternative to carrying a clunky water bottle for the trail, and frees the saddle bag up for more snacks.

hydration backpack

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EOTW Cell Phone Armband Running Case

For those who spend their days exercising their horses or riding on trails, this cell phone case offers tremendous convenience. Keep your device safe and secure around your arm or calf — without loud velcro that could scare your horse. The magnet closure is silent!

arm phone holder

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Horse Treat Gifts

German Horse Muffins

If there’s an especially well-deserving horse on your gift list, you can’t go wrong with German Horse Muffins. These sticky-sweet nuggets will bring your favorite steed running in from the pasture!

german horse muffins

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Manna Pro Peppermint Nuggets

Peppermint is a classic favorite when it comes to horse treat flavors, and the Manna Pro Peppermint Nuggets don’t disappoint. If your horse prefers butterscotch, apple, or carrot, though, this brand still has you covered. 

peppermint nuggets

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Mrs. Pastures Cookies for Horses

This brand is among the most popular among equestrians, and it’s easy to understand why. Bite-sized, crunchy, and made from all-natural ingredients, Mrs. Pastures Cookies even come in a handy resealable tub so they don’t go stale.

mrs pastures cookies for horses

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