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Asmar Equestrian: Riding Apparel from Water Bottles

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Written by Horse Rookie

Sustainable equestrian clothing? Yes, it exists!

One of my favorite phrases is that “All Forward Motion Counts.” Though most of the equestrian apparel and riding gear we buy isn’t specifically eco-friendly, buying higher-quality items that we replace less often is a good start. Plus, we’re seeing more truly sustainable apparel and equipment hit the market every year. 

One great example of eco-innovation is the Sustainable Collection from Asmar Equestrian.

This premiere fashion brand has long been a favorite of competitors and casual riders alike. I was originally introduced to this brand by Horse Rookie contributor Shelby Dennis. She’s an equestrian vlogger and horse trainer in Canada, and she’s all about quality products that she can use for years.

After discovering that Asmar also has an eco-friendly line, I’m even more impressed by this company.  

See why Asmar’s All Weather Riding Jacket made Shelby Dennis’ list of the best equestrian gifts


Shelby in her Asmar All Weather Jacket

The Sustainable Collection

Horse riders are infamous for having a TON of gear. It’s a stereotype we rightly deserve, but we should still be strategic about what we buy. 

In fact, I publish my monthly horse expense reports to keep myself honest about spending.

Now you can look good and feel good about what you’re wearing.

Asmar Equestrian has an entire collection of sun shirts that are actually made from recycled water bottles. Instead of sending all that plastic straight into landfills (UGH), they break the bottles down and spin the fibers into super-soft (and super Earth-friendly!) fabric.

Noel Asmar Group has diverted over 261,000 water bottles from landfills.

plastic bottles

Less waste, more riding!

As luck would have it, sun shirts are some of my all-time favorite pieces of riding apparel. I spent years in tank tops trying to stay cool, but I ended up hot, sweaty, and sunburned. #rookiemistake

Sun shirts are thin and breathable, wick moisture away, and protect your skin from sun damage. Plus, they’re super cute. Bonus!

Read on for for my favorite products from the collection. 

Sustainable Logo Tee 18

This soft and silky long sleeve tee is made entirely of recycled fibers. It features UPF 50 sun protection and comes in seven rich colors. (Nautical blue looks very sharp with a chestnut horse…just saying.)

asmar equestrian sustainable tee

Click to shop this shirt (Photo Credit: Asmar Equestrian)

It’s also odor resistant, anti-pilling, and machine washable. Who has time to hand wash riding clothes anyway?

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Brittney Technical Polo

If you’re looking for a short sleeve sun shirt, the Brittney Technical Polo is a great choice. It features the same UPF 50 sun protection as the long sleeve tee, and it comes in four colors. 

brittney technical polo asmar

Click to shop this shirt (Photo Credit: Asmar Equestrian)

It has a 1/4 zipper pull, accent stripe on the back (so cute!), and is made from anti-bacterial recycled fibers. Plus, you can throw it in the washing machine on cold with the rest of your clothes.

What I like most about this shirt, though, is its versatility. Not surprisingly, it’s perfect for riding. But it also fits in out on the town, at the golf course, or out in the garden.

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Rila Mesh Paneled Show Shirt

If you’re destined for the show ring, consider the Rila Mesh Paneled shirt. The design is optimized for maximum breathability, flexibility, and functionality. It zips up the front, has a magnetic closure collar, and cuff snaps that make changing… well, a snap.

asmar show shirt rila

Click to shop this shirt (Photo Credit: Asmar Equestrian)

Choose from four accent colors, and enjoy the recycled mesh side panels and sleeves — especially on those sweltering summer days when the judges refuse to call coats. (Why, judges, why?!)

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About Asmar Equestrian

The visionary behind this brand is Noel Asmar, a self-taught designer with a forward-thinking sense of fashion and a deep love for horses. She has won numerous awards for her fashion and riding accomplishments, and her apparel company is now a worldwide name.

Asmar Equestrian focuses on elegant and modern fashion and is refined yet functional. Though the price tags are higher than some other brands, the quality and fashion are second-to-none. You’ll own (and love) these pieces for many years to come, and they’ll never go out of style! 

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