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Sox Trot Socks: An Essential Equine Accessory

sox trot socks
Written by Lindsey Rains

Socks? Never Have Enough

In my years of riding, I have never met an equestrian who didn’t love to accessorize. We all have our favorite items to buy in every color and pattern for our horses, be it saddle pads, halters, or browbands. But each of us also has our own flair for personal riding accessories. Choosing a fun or inspirational accessory, or apparel item, not only gives an outlet to express our individuality, but additionally helps us set the tone for the day.

To be completely honest, I am not much of a jewelry fanatic. I have a couple of pieces that my husband got me that I wear religiously, but I don’t have any inkling to swap out necklaces, earrings, or bracelets regularly. And when it comes to my attire, I typically dress in hues of black, gray and earth tones. It’s just how I roll.

So where’s my secret accessory stash? In my sock drawer.

Socks are such a fun way to personalize my wardrobe without having to rethink everything I’m wearing. I don’t have to match them with anything if I don’t want to, yet they are a great way to add some personality and flair to my everyday routine.

And when it comes time to end a long day of riding, work, and errands, that moment of sweet relief kicking the boots off are met with the fun and festive patterns I chose that morning. So as you can imagine, I was thrilled to receive a fresh shipment of Sox Trot socks in the mail.

sox trot socks set

Sox Trot was founded in 1981 and provides lightweight, comfortable socks for girls and women with an equestrian flair.

The socks are designed to slip comfortably in a pair of boots without sliding down or causing that oh-so-agonizing toe-squish. They also create more subtle styles for those that fancy a classic look.

sox trot socks couch

Sox Trot socks are great for non-horsey days, whether you’re cruising around town, off to work, or hitting the gym. My favorite is this pair of cute equestrian-patterned horsey socks — of course!

Sox Trot also rolls out some holiday patterns to check out in winter for a more festive look.

sox trot holiday socks

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Whether you’re looking for your next set of socks to go under your tall boots or to wear around town, show off your personal style with Sox Trot. They make a great gift to throw in your trainer’s holiday basket or to use as a stocking stuffer for your horse-crazy girl’s stocking.

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