Author - Shelby Dennis

I’m Shelby Dennis, a prominent figure in the realm of YouTube as an equestrian vlogger and a dedicated horse trainer. For over 17 years, I’ve forged an unwavering connection with these majestic animals, charting a diverse path across the equestrian landscape. Hailing from the picturesque Fraser Valley of British Columbia, I stand as a professional horse trainer and behavior consultant.

My journey with horses spans more than two decades, encompassing a rich tapestry of experiences that have shaped my multifaceted expertise. From the electrifying world of the Arabian horse circuit to the precision-demanding domains of hunter/jumper and dressage, my immersion in various equestrian disciplines has crafted me into a well-rounded horsewoman. Not to mention, I’ve delved into the intense realm of exercising racehorses, broadening my understanding of these remarkable creatures.

My commitment to understanding equine behavior led me to pursue rigorous academic pursuits, engaging in Equine Science-based courses through Guelph. Striving for excellence, I’ve diligently worked towards my Certificate of Equine Science, focusing my studies on Equine Behavior. In recognition of my dedication and knowledge, I attained certification as an Equine Behaviour Consultant from the esteemed International Association of Animal Behaviour Consultants in early 2021.

My approach to training is rooted in a profound comprehension of equine learning theory, emphasizing ethical practices and the application of equine ethology. This knowledge has continually refined my skills as a horse person and facilitated a modernized approach to training.

The profound impact of horses in shaping my character cannot be overstated. They’ve sculpted me into a hardworking, patient, and resolute individual. Their influence extends far beyond the stables, guiding me on a path of continuous growth and learning, both as an equestrian professional and as an individual.