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9 Best Horse Rain Sheets for Weathering the Storm

best horse rain sheets
Written by Susie W.

Waterproof rain sheets for horses who need to stay dry

Rain sheets are waterproof sheets designed to be worn in wet weather. They are generally thinner than a blanket and won’t have any fill (insulation). Rain sheets should be breathable, as it could be easy for your horse to overheat wearing a rain sheet in warm weather.

How do you know if you need a rain sheet? Blanketing in general is a tricky topic, as it varies greatly between individual horses, geographies, and personal preferences. Unfortunately, there never seems to be a straightforward answer that everyone will agree on.

That said, here are few pointers:

  • If the weather is warm, a rain sheet probably isn’t necessary. Your horse is good at regulating their body temperature, even in the elements, and a rain sheet could cause your horse to overheat or sweat unnecessarily.
  • Are you going to a horse show, or need to keep your horse clean? If yes, you may want to consider a rain sheet. Some sheets are specifically designed to fit over tack, so it can keep your horse and your equipment clean and dry while waiting for your class.
  • Is the forecast calling for chilly, wet weather? A rain sheet may be helpful. It can help keep your horse dry and block the wind. If it is really cold, you should consider a blanket—a rain sheet doesn’t have any insulation and will actually smooth the hair down, minimizing its ability to trap warm air near the horse’s body.

If you think you want to add a rain sheet to your arsenal of horse blanket options, keep reading for our favorites!

Key Considerations

When considering a rain sheet, pay attention to fit. A sheet that is too small may rub, causing hair loss or worse. Too large and you risk a different kind of injury—your horse could get a leg caught in the blanket or it could get caught on something in its environment.

  • Size Options: Measure your horse using a soft measuring tape from the center of the chest to the point of the horse’s rump just before the tail; if between sizes, round up to the correct size.
  • Fit: Blanket fit can vary depending on manufacturer design and your horse’s conformation. Consider sizing charts, brand-specific recommendations and reviews by other customers for insight.
  • Personal Preference: Blankets come in a variety of price points and colors. If you’re planning on heavy use, consider a higher quality (and likely higher price point) sheet. If you really want a sheet with llamas printed on it, yes—that’s another preference you can select for!

Best rain sheet for horses overall

Mio Turnout Sheet Lite

Horseware Mio blankets are known for fantastic quality and performance at an economical price point. This lightweight blanket is made with 600 Denier polyester and is waterproof and breathable. It shines in fluctuating temperature or weather patterns.

rain sheet for horses

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Customers rave about how well this blanket fits, stating it is true to size, and they love how well it has held up over time.

Key Features:

  • Size Options: 45” to 84”
  • Fit: These blankets offer two adjustable chest closures, cross surcingles, and a rump strap.
  • Personal Preference: $$ This blanket is an excellent value when considering quality and price.

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Best summer rain sheet for horses

Shires Tempest Original Lite Turnout Sheet

This light turnout sheet is waterproof and breathable. Shires advertises a specially formulated coating which attracts moisture and draws it to the outer layer where it can evaporate. The RipStop fabric is 600 Denier and machine washable. It’s categorized as a lightweight blanket, perfect for cooler, wet temperatures where you don’t need added insulation.

Shires horse rain sheet

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Customers love this blanket because it fits well, is a good quality for the price, and is a nice light blanket for mild winter temperatures.

Key Features:

  • Size Options: 48” to 84”
  • Fit: Double buckle chest closures, cross surcingles, and a tail strap. Does NOT come with leg straps.
  • Personal Preference: $$ good value for the quality. This blanket comes in fun colors, including “Purple Lightning” and “Lime Peacock” as well as a solid Blue/Gray.

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Best horse rain sheet with neck cover

HORZE Avalanche 1200D High Neck Turnout Rain Sheet

This blanket is made of 1200 Denier ripstop fabric for increased durability. It is waterproof yet breathable and offers a high neck for better protection from the elements. Buckles are high-quality with taped seams for added durability and waterproofing. This blanket also includes a tail flap for full coverage, especially against wind.

horse rain sheet

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Customers comment on this blanket’s high quality and excellent fit. The high neck keeps shoulders dry and fits well, minimizing the chance of rubbing the mane.

Key Features:

  • Size Options: 49”-84”
  • Fit: Two adjustable chest closures, cross surcingles, and double elastic leg straps. This blanket fits like a turtleneck for your horse for neck coverage and freedom of motion.
  • Personal Preference: $$$ This blanket comes in two colors, blue and black, and a third patterned option (silver snaffle bits on navy).

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Best horse rain sheet with hood

Weatherbeeta Rain Sheet

Weatherbeeta blankets are known for both quality and durability. This rain sheet is specifically designed to keep your horse and your tack dry—it is perfect for horse shows! The outer shell is made from waterproof 420 Denier material. It has an easy front closure system with slots for stirrups, a bridle loop, and tail cord.

horse show rain sheet

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This sheet is made for horse shows, not turnout.

Key Features:

  • Size Options: This rain sheet comes in four sizes: Pony, Cob, Full, and Warmblood. Refer to the size chart for specific measurements.
  • Fit: Adjustable front closures, single adjustable surcingle
  • Personal Preference: $$. This rain sheet only comes in one color, navy.

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Best horse rain sheet with detachable neck

Horseware Amigo Bravo Turnout Sheet

This rain sheet is technically a turnout sheet—that means it is a bit heavier-duty than a rain sheet, but still made for cool weather vs. cold weather, as it does not have any insulation. Made from 1200 Denier polyester, this waterproof sheet is breathable with hood and liner loops so you can easily add a hood. The detachable neck covering is sold separately.

bravo horse rain sheet

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Customers love the fit of this sheet, as it is easy to put on/take off and stays centered on the horse. You can also add a liner for additional insulation.

Key Features:

  • Size Options: 66”- 87”
  • Fit: Front closure system allows freedom of movement, three cross surcingles, dual leg arches.
  • Personal Preference: $$$. This sheet comes in Brown/Red or Navy/White.

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Best Value horse rain sheet

Basics by Tough 1 1200D Poly Waterproof Sheet

Tough 1 is known as a reliable, quality brand. This turnout sheet is made of 1200 Denier waterproof polyester nylon for durability. It also has a 210 Denier lining. Shoulder gussets and a large tail flap help ensure a good fit. It’s an excellent value for the price point!

rain sheet for horses

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Customers mentioned that this is a nice weight blanket for between seasons and is easy to wash.

Key Features:

  • Size Options: 54” – 84”
  • Fit: Double buckle front closures, two cross belly surcingles, and adjustable/removable leg straps
  • Personal Preference: $$. This is the lowest priced rain sheet on our list—and customers love it! It also comes in seven different colors: black, hunter, navy, purple, red, royal, and turquoise.

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Best turnout sheet for horses

Gatsby Premium 1200D WP Turnout Sheet

Waterproof and breathable, this turnout sheet is made from 1200D ripstop polyester. Designed for maximum coverage, this blanket should last you years! It comes with a 1-year waterproof/breathable warranty.

horse rain sheet

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Customers mention how lightweight and waterproof this blanket is, along with a wonderful fit.

Key Features:

  • Size Options: 69” – 84”
  • Fit: Two quick-clip front chest closures, two cross surcingles, and adjustable leg straps.
  • Personal Preference: $$ Quality at an affordable price. This sheet comes in three colors: blue, merlot, and black.

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Best draft horse rain sheet

ARMORFlex Challenger Turnout Blanket

The Challenger turnout sheets are waterproof and designed for maximum comfort. Marketed as 5X more waterproof than competitive brands, the 1200 Denier outer fabric is designed to withstand tough use—these blankets come with a 5-year warranty!

draft horse rain sheet

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The Adjusta-Fit neck system can fit a variety of shapes and sizes.

Key Features:

  • Size Options: 84” – 94” Unlike other blankets, these come in 2” increments for sizing.
  • Fit: Choose between a closed front or an open front with two buckles. Two cross surcingles and leg straps. Also has an adjustable neck system.
  • Personal Preference: $$$$ This sheet offers the most adjustability and longest warranty on our list…and the price point reflects it. It only comes in navy.

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Best pink rain sheet for horses 

Showman 600D RipStop Waterproof Horse Sheet

Showman sheets are a value option at a competitive price point. These nylon sheets are 600 Denier Ripstop Nylon with a 70 Denier inner shell. It is contoured for a comfortable fit and includes fleece lining at the withers as well as having a tail flap.

horse rain sheet

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Customers comment on how well it fits and the perceived quality (and the vibrant color options!)

Key Features:

  • Size Options: 68” – 82” (2” increments)
  • Fit: This blanket has two adjustable buckle closures in the front, two crossed surcingles, and adjustable leg straps.
  • Personal Preference: $$ good value and quality. This sheet comes in five bright colors: pink, purple, blue, red, and teal.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does my horse need a rain sheet?

Most horses will be able to get by just fine without a rain sheet. That said, there are specific conditions in which rain sheets excel. Rain sheets are great for especially rainy, windy climates, or show horses that need to stay clean and dry.

Are rain sheets good for horses?

Rain sheets can be a good waterproof layer to protect your horse from wet, windy conditions.

Are horse sheets waterproof?

Not all horse sheets will be waterproof. Be sure to carefully read the description to ensure what you are buying is waterproof. In some instances, such as a cooler, you don’t want waterproofing—coolers need to breathe to allow the horse’s sweat to evaporate without chilling them.

What is the toughest horse blanket?

If you have a horse that is particularly tough on their blankets, pay close attention to the fabric! A 1200+ Denier fabric is less likely to wear/tear from rougher use. Denier is the fiber thickness of the individual threads used to create a fabric—the bigger the number, the thicker the fabric, which generally translates to more durability.

Are turnout sheets waterproof?

Generally, turnout sheets are waterproof, but you should always check to be certain!

When should I put a rain sheet on my horse?

Rain sheets are best for cool, wet weather, especially in windy conditions. If it is too cold, you will be better off with an insulated, waterproof blanket.

Will a rain sheet keep my horse warm?

Rain sheets do not offer any fill, or insulation, for warmth. Rain sheets are designed to keep your horse dry—they may hinder your horse’s ability to keep warm, as the sheet compresses the hair, minimizing its ability to trap heat near the skin.

On the flip side, rain sheets can cause your horse to sweat unnecessarily in warmer temperatures—there is a ‘sweet spot’ weather-wise for when rain sheets are most appropriate.

Do rain sheets offer UV protection?

Generally, rain sheets are not designed for UV protection—they will likely be used in cloudy weather where UV rays aren’t as much of a concern. For a UV sheet, you’ll want to search for “Summer Sheets.”

You may also want to think about how important bug protection is, as these features commonly go together.

Parting Thoughts

A rain sheet can be a great addition to your arsenal of blanket options so that you and your horse are prepared for any type of weather. It’s important to monitor changing weather and temperatures when blanketing to ensure you have your horse properly dressed for the conditions.

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