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Heirloom-Quality Capitan Boots (Cheyenne Boot Review)

capitan boot
Written by Horse Rookie

“I Can Still Make Cheyenne…”

– George Strait

To say I’m a boot lover would be an understatement. Having grown up in the horse business, cowboy boots have long been critical day-to-day footwear in my world. 

As a trainer and competitor, I spend more than 12 hours each day on my feet or in the saddle. Comfortable, well-made boots are a MUST.

Naturally, I was excited when presented with an opportunity to try out a new brand—Capitan Boots.

Cowboys, Meet Capitan

If you’re new to Capitan, as I was, there are a few things you should know. The Arlington-based company has a purpose as big as Texas.

“We handcraft boots built for life—made to last and ready to work as hard as you do.”

At Capitan, they don’t dabble in fluff – their promises are comfort, unrivaled quality, and an undiluted, no-nonsense ethos. Whether you’re saddling up for a rugged day on the range or stepping out in style for a night to remember, their diverse toe shapes and dress styles make sure you’re not just wearing a boot, but a statement.

capitan boots

Instead of sticking to a single style or material, Capitan’s line of cowboy boots includes fine leather, ranch, and rare exotic footwear. I was going to try the Cheyenne model

capitan boots

Capitan Boots Unboxing

Since received numerous boots in the past as Christmas and birthday gifts, I have developed a keen eye for identifying boot boxes amidst other packages. When the Capitan box arrived in the mail, I immediately knew what was inside and couldn’t wait to open it.

From the branded packaging to drawstring boot bags, it was clear Capitan doesn’t cut corners on quality.I was impressed with the care and packaging of the El Capitan Boots.

Sturdy cardboard liner ensured the boots didn’t lose their shape during shipping, plus the company included a branded Capitan koozie!

capitan boot unboxing

First impressions matter, and Capitan’s didn’t disappoint.

As I slipped the first boot from its bag, I turned it over in my hands. The aroma of the leather was rich and familiar, the boot shaft felt substantial, and lime green inlays had eye-catching appeal.

capitan boot unboxing

Though made of cowhide, the base has an exotic texturing treatment resembling alligator.

Let’s Talk Sizing

Before you order, consider if you prefer a snugger or looser fit. Generally speaking, men’s boots should match the size you wear in dress shoes.

However, the Cheyenne boots were substantially bigger than expected. I even snapped a photo next to my regular boots to show the difference. Not only were they longer, the foot was much taller. 

I had ordered my normal size but had to send them back and get one full size smaller. (This is the first time this has happened to me, so I was surprised!)

When I received the replacement pair, the size was much more similar to the other brands I had worn in the past. Yet, I still had to add an insole to get the correct boot fit.

Note: Exchanges are free in case you end up needing a different size.

capitan boot sizing

Capitan boots (left) run large. Order a size down!

The Cheyenne (Mens Boot)

Capitan’s bestselling Cheyenne boot is made from fine cowhide leather foot with a distressed, vintage finish. With carefully tucked seams, and durable construction, the boot is undeniably tough—but with all the comforts we cowboys (secretly) want.

Each Capitan boot is handcrafted in Leon, Mexico using high-quality leathers and generations-old boot making methods.

My Montero Tan Cheyenne boots have a 1.5″ heel, wide square toe, and 13″ shaft, which is a great height for riding.

What’s to love:

  • Leahter-stacked heel
  • Spur ridge 
  • Goodyear welt
  • Lemonwood pegs
  • Butyl leather/rubber compound outsole
  • Leather insole and heel counter
  • Smooth, hand-tucked interior seams
capitan boot horse

Testing out my Cheyenne cowboy boots with client horse Blackie

After slipping my new boots on, I quickly recognized they were made for work and built to last.

Although they felt stiffer than some boots I’ve worn in the past, they also felt sturdier and ready to hold up to the day-to-day work of a horse trainer.

I grabbed my spurs and headed for the barn!

capitan boot

The thicker leather on these boots would require more of a break-in period, at least for me, but even a few hours of walking around and riding made them more supple.

Never once did I feel like I needed to grab an old pair and give my feet a break!

capitan boot

I love the wide square toe look and stacked heel while training horses.

Room for Improvement

No boot is perfect, but I was generally impressed by the craftsmanship and design of the Cheyenne boot. So what would I change?

  • Sizing: Reading through the reviews online, it became clear I wasn’t the only one who had to size down. Many other customers commented on these boots being larger than other boots they owned. It’s probably time for Capitan to revisit their measurements and better align them with industry standards. 
  • Suppleness: I want my boots to be fitted, but not so stiff that they’re painful. If Capitan can improve the suppleness of their boots right out of the box, I’m sure customers would be delighted. We expect a bit of break-in time with cowboy boots, of course, but this could be an area of differentiation for the brand if they nailed it!
capitan boots

Pairing traditional leather ‘flame’ shaft with exotic texturing on the foot sets these boots apart.

Caring for Your Boots

As a lifelong equestrian, I know caring for my cowboy boots is the best way to make them last.

Luckily, Capitan sells leather conditioner and leather balm to help keep your boots looking great.

Leather conditioner is a natural, water-based formula of vital oils and nutrients brings your boots and leather goods back to near new condition. Their lightly scented Rosemary Mint formula keeps leather healthy, supple, and soft and can be used on more than just boots, like bags, wallets, sheaths, and even horse tack.

Leather balm, on the other hand, is essentially a healing remedy for boots. Made from cosmetic grade adhesives and deep conditioning oils and waxes, it keeps your boots hydrated and restores old, dried out leather.

Click to see Capitan Leather Care Products

capitan boot


So, Are Capitan Boots Worth It?

Capitan Boots says, “We handcraft boots built for life. Made to last and ready to work as hard as you do. Fine leather, ranch ready, and rare exotic boots.” After the first few days testing these boots, I can certainly attest to that statement. While they do take a bit more break-in time than I’m used to, I’m confident the quality and materials will hold up to the tough life of a horse trainer.

If you haven’t checked out Capitan boots, head over to their site to start shopping!

capitan boots

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