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Snazzy Horse Barn Bathroom Style Guide (With Videos)

Written by Natalie Gasper

Bougie Barn Bathrooms Are In

Bougie (slang for luxury) has found its way into all corners of life, including barn-style bathrooms. When it comes to horse stable restrooms, most are “basic”… to be generous. Many only have port-a-loos. But, in higher-end facilities, even the bathrooms can be things of beauty.

If you’re looking to design a bougie barn bathroom—for your stable or home—there are four main styles to choose from: barn-style, farmhouse, rustic, and country. Each style has different design features to help tie the room together. The most common design choices include natural stone, wood, antiques, and neutral colors.

A bougie barn bathroom will combine rustic comforts, like white walls and stone countertops, with touches of luxury, like herringbone wood flowers and floral accents.

These design themes are a fantastic way to fancy up your barn washroom, or bring a touch of barn-style to your home bathroom.

Style Descriptors

There are many different design styles you can opt for. Let’s discuss a few of the most popular ones.


Barn-style is heavily influenced by the look of old wood barns. Some common features include exposed wood, pitched ceilings, rustic beams, and natural stone.


Farmhouse style is all about being practical, natural, and cozy. Expect to see neutral colors, oversized comfy furniture, reclaimed wood, and antique furniture.


Rustic style is all about embracing natural beauty. Popular features include white walls, natural stone counters, and shiplap walls.

You can take inspiration from barn-style elements, like the black wooden stool and white wood accent wall below, and incorporate them with more modern design themes.


Country style is known for being cozy and casual. Look for elements like pastel cabinets, florals, weathered wood furniture, and wood floors.

Barn Elements

Here are some barn-related elements you can incorporate into your bougie barn bathroom.

Vibe: Relaxed and Cozy

If you (and your guests) want to feel relaxed and cozy, opt for natural wood elements like an antique vanity, exposed wood beam ceilings, or herringbone wood floors.

Colors to Consider

Warm wood tones and neutral colors like white or gray are popular choices. For a country feel, consider diagonal pastel tiles in a warm shade (like mint).

The Sliding Barn Door Fad

Sliding barn doors are a great way to add a barn feel to any bathroom. While some consider this design option a fad, it’s a key style element that can tie a design together. Plus, it’s very convenient in locations where a swinging door doesn’t work.

sliding barn door to bathroom

Source: Canva

Weathered Pieces, Antique Details, & Shiplap

The barn feel of most bougie bathrooms comes from antiques, a weathered look, or shiplap. You can buy a new weathered vanity or go furniture-hunting at your local antique shop.

Reclaimed Wood & Exposed Stone

A great bougie bathroom will feature reclaimed wood (as a vanity, flooring, or feature wall) and exposed stone.

One option is to create a natural stone wall behind a free-standing soaker tub.

stone shower with antique wood cabinetry

Source: Canva

Highlighting Quirks

Barn-inspired designs, from rustic to farmhouse to country, embrace the quirks that come from old things. If your house came with quirky flower wallpaper in the bathroom, why not embrace it and aim for country-chic?

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a rustic style bathroom?

Rustic design is all about incorporating nature. A rustic bathroom might feature wood or natural stone.

Q: How to make a bathroom on a low budget?

Check out online marketplaces for affordable materials like tile or furniture. Look to upcycle antiques. Highlight the quirks of whatever material you’re working with. A coat of paint can also freshen up a room or piece of furniture cheaply.

Q: What is a farmhouse style bathroom?

Farmhouse style is similar to rustic, in that it uses natural materials, but it focuses on creating warmth. You might find antique vanities or exposed beam ceilings.

Q: How can I make my bathroom look rustic?

If you want a rustic bathroom, you can’t go wrong with shiplap walls, a wood-framed mirror, or herringbone wood floors. You can’t go wrong with a classic claw-foot bathtub!

Parting Thoughts

If you’re looking for bougie barn house style for your bathroom, there are lots of options (and sources of inspiration!) out there.

Whether you’re sprucing up your horse stable shower room or bringing a touch of barn home, there are many ways to do a redesign affordably.

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