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Beyond Blue Jeans: 10 Creative Ways to Style Tecovas Boots

tecovas cowboy boots
Written by Susanna Wright

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Fashion-Forward Pairings That Showcase Your Cowboy Boots

Cowboy boots are a footwear staple when you’re riding horses, which is why we’re BIG fans here at Horse Rookie! While you may not have selected your riding boots with fashion in mind, cowboy boots are actually incredibly adaptable and can add a touch of Western flair to a wide variety of outfits.

Cowboy boots are most commonly associated with Western wear and blue jeans. But brands like Tecovas prove boots go far beyond traditional pairings and can up the ante for your entire wardrobe.

We’ve drawn our inspiration from Tecovas boots, known for their quality craftsmanship and contemporary designs.

Break free from traditional fashion expectations and embrace some unconventional boot pairings with these creative suggestions!

1. Boho Chic: Flowy Dresses with Cowboy Boots

For a comfortable, stylish bohemian look, pair a flowy dress with your favorite boots.

bohemian outfit with tecovas cowboy boots

Select a dress with bold, floral prints or vibrant patterns for bold boho vibes. Then use your boots (like The Jamie) to bring a touch of Western charm to your chic ensemble.

Adding some layered jewelry, a floppy hat, and a fringed crossbody bag will give you that free-spirited vibe perfect for music festivals, outdoor concerts, or stroll around a farmers market.

Natural elements and eclectic accessories will help you fully embrace the bohemian look. Consider adding some fresh flowers to your hair or braiding in colorful ribbons for a whimsical touch.

Oversized sunglasses along with a stack of bangles or beaded bracelets will add an extra layer of boho flair.

Don’t shy away from mixing and matching different textures and fabrics, such as pairing a crochet sweater or lace-trimmed dress with your rugged Tecovas cowboy boots for some playful contrast.

By combining flowy fabrics with Western accents and eclectic accessories, you’re sure to nail the boho chic look for a perfect summer vibe!

Best Boot for This Look: The Jamie

2. Edgy Glam: Leather Skirt with Cowboy Boots

Add some rock ‘n roll edge by pairing a sleek leather skirt with your cowboy boots.

edgy glam outfit with tecovas cowboy boots

Whether you select a mini, midi, or maxi length leather skirt, you’ll add instant attitude to your outfit when you combine the look with the rugged elegance of cowboy boots (like The Abby).

Select a form-fitting top or fun graphic tee to balance out the skirt and boot combination. This edgy glam look is perfect for a night out on the town or standing out from the crowd at a concert.

Consider incorporating bold accessories and daring makeup choices that complement the energy of the leather skirt and cowboy boot pairing.

Metallic accents, like silver or gold statement jewelry, can add a touch of glamor and shine to your outfit. Chunky chains, studded bracelets, or even a leather choker can add an extra dose of rebellious attitude.

For makeup, opt for a smoky eye with dramatic eyeliner. A bold lip color adds an edgy, sophisticated look. Depending on your destination, you could even add temporary metallic tattoos or body glitter to enhance the rock ‘n roll vibe.

With your leather skirt, cowboy boots, and glam-rock flair, you’ll be sure to turn heads wherever you go.

Best Boot for This Look: The Abby

3. Short ‘N Sweet: Culottes and Cowboy Boots

Break free from traditional denim by pairing boots with culottes for a chic, sophisticated look.

culottes and Tecovas cowboy boots

Choose culottes in a neutral tone such as black, navy, or camel and pair them with a tucked-in blouse or fitted sweater for a polished look. A silk camisole or blouse with ruffles can up the elegance of your outfit, balancing comfort with fashion.

A structured blazer or chic trench coat in a complementary hue can be a nice added layer depending on the weather and your layering needs. Select accessories with clean lines and minimalistic designs, like a sleek leather belt or statement pendant necklace, to keep the look cohesive.

Selecting Tecovas cowboy boots for your footwear is certainly unexpected, combining comfort and style.

We’d suggest boots in a versatile color, such as black or bone (like The Daisy), to anchor the look.

Whether you’re running errands in the city or meeting friends for brunch, you’re sure to look sophisticated, comfortable and edgy in this combination.

Best Boots for this Look: The Daisy

4. Vintage Vibes: Midi Skirt and Cowboy Boots

Channel retro-inspired glamor by pairing a midi skirt with cowboy boots for a neat nostalgic look.

retro outfit with tecovas cowboy boots

Vintage prints like polka dots, bold floral prints, or checkered fabric with a tucked-in blouse or fitted sweater creates a timeless silhouette.

A cropped denim or leather jacket (for a modern twist) can help finish out this particular style, complementing your cowboy boots (like The Sadie)

This unexpected combination is sure to blend old-world charm with some contemporary flair, making it the perfect choice for everything from a brunch date to an evening rodeo.

Eclectic accessories and vintage elements will round out the look. Look for cat-eye sunglasses and statement jewelry such as bold earrings and chunky bracelets to add personality to the look.

We’d suggest selecting cowboy boots with distressed or embroidered leather for a playful twist to this vintage-inspired ensemble.

You’ll be sure to showcase your unique sense of style and creativity with this outfit!

Best Boots for this Look: The Sadie

5. Cozy Comfy: Oversized Sweater and Cowboy Boots

For a cozy-yet-chic look, pair your Tecovas cowboy boots with a chunky, oversized sweater.

cozy comfy look with tecovas cowboy boots

A bold color and eye-catching pattern or texture pairs great with skinny jeans or leggings for a balanced silhouette.

This pairing is perfect for cooler days when you want to stay warm without sacrificing style. A beanie or slouchy hat can add a touch of urban edge, while your cowboy boots (like The Georgia) will bring that Western flair.

Consider incorporating accessories and unexpected details to further complete the cozy-yet-chic look. A chunky scarf, studded belt, or fringe handbag will help pull your look together.

Don’t be shy about playing with a variety of textures to add visual interest.

We’d suggest picking out some Tecovas cowboy boots in distressed leather or an embellished style to balance out the look.

You’re sure to be comfortable and warm (with some Western charm) for whatever your weekend outings may throw at you.

Best Boot for this Look: The Georgia

6. Sporty Edge: Leggings and Cowboy Boots

Embrace the fusion of sporty and Western style by pairing your favorite leggings with boots for an edgy, energetic look.

sporty edge look with tecovas cowboy boots

Who says cowboy boots can’t be part of your athleisure wardrobe?

For a flattering silhouette, select high-waisted leggings made from a sleek performance fabric. An oversized sweatshirt or cropped hoodie creates the perfect relaxed-yet-stylish ensemble.

If you’re looking for an extra dose of athleisure edge, top it off with a baseball hat or beanie. Your favorite cowboy boots (like The Annie) will be sure to add a surprising twist!

Sporty-chic accessories such as a denim or leather jacket can add an extra layer of warmth and style. A crossbody bag with bold hardware or statement detailing can elevate this particular ensemble, adding some urban edge to your vibe.

Whether you’re running errands, meeting friends for coffee, or stopping by the barn, you’ll look (and feel!) comfortable and confident.

Best Boots for this Look: The Annie in Lagoon

7. Upscale Urban: Cargo Pants and Cowboy Boots

For a utilitarian-chic look that blends urban style with Western edge, pair boots with cargo pants.

upscale urban cargo pants with tecovas cowboy boots

Select pants with a relaxed fit and neutral color (like olive green or khaki) for maximum versatility, and pair them with a fitted t-shirt or blouse for a modern silhouette.

A denim or leather jacket can add an extra layer (offering warmth and some additional style!). Rugged accessories, like a canvas backpack or leather belt with metal buckles, will add practicality to your outfit while channeling this urban explorer aesthetic.

Aviator sunglasses or a wool beanie can bring a more adventurous vibe, further complementing the unexpected pairing of cowboy boots with cargo pants.

Tecovas cowboy boots (like The Annie) with distressed leather or a weathered finish will add to the rustic-chic vibe of this ensemble.

Whether you’re navigating city streets or casually exploring the outdoors, this pairing offers utility, comfort, and style, showcasing your individuality.

Best Boots for this Look: The Annie in Fawn

8. Preppy Chic: Tailored Shorts and Cowboy Boots

Add a playful twist to classic preppy style by partnering tailored shorts with cowboy boots.

preppy chic look with tecovas cowboy boots

Choose shorts made from classic fabrics, like tweed, for a sophisticated touch. A crisp button-down shirt or fitted sweater rounds out the ensemble for a stylish statement perfect for a garden party or brunch with friends.

Experiment by mixing patterns and textures, such as plaid, stripes or bold floral prints for fun, eclectic vibes.

To further elevate the look, consider adding playful accessories that add personality and charm to your ensemble. A colorful belt or patterned scarf can add a pop of color, while pearl earrings, a statement watch, or structured tote bag can help enhance your polished, preppy aesthetic.

Complete your preppy-chic look with an infusion of Western flair with your favorite Tecovas cowboy boots (like The Annie).

Whether you’re strolling through city streets or spectating at a polo match, this preppy-Western outfit is both stylish, sophisticated and maybe a little unexpected.

Best Boots for this Look: The Annie in Midnight / Antique White

9. Gown Glam: Evening Gown with Cowboy Boots

For a dramatic, red-carpet-worthy look, consider pairing an elegant evening gown with boots.

gown glam look with Tecovas cowboy boots

Select a floor-length gown in a luxurious fabric, like satin or velvet for a touch of glamor. Whether you’re attending a formal event or a black-tie wedding, this unconventional footwear selection is sure to make a memorable statement.

Keep accessories minimal, allowing your boots to take center stage. Their unique, Western charm will shine through!

We’d suggest timeless jewelry pieces such as diamond studs or a delicate pendant necklace to avoid overpowering the ensemble.

A sleek clutch will keep your essentials secure, completing your polished look. Opt for elegance and refinement with your hair and makeup selections. Soft curls or a chic updo paired with a classic makeup palette featuring a smokey eye and bold lip will enhance your natural beauty.

We’d suggest selecting a pair of Tecovas cowboy boots (like The Annie) in either a neutral or metallic hue to complement the fabric of your gown. This footwear selection is sure to add a touch of individuality, showcasing your unique sense of style and confidence.

Best Boots for this Look: The Annie in Burgundy

10. Artistic Expression: Midi Dress and Cowboy Boots with Socks

For artsy, whimsical style, pair textures and layers with a midi dress, boots, and tall socks.

artsy allure look with tecovas cowboy boots

A flowy fabric, like chiffon or silk adds a feminine touch. Statement socks in a complimentary color or varied texture will keep you warm and add a playful twist to the outfit.

Finish off your look with a wide-brimmed hat for summer vibes or a floppy felt hat for fall flair. Eclectic jewelry, like a leather or woven cuff and beaded statement necklace will add to the artistic expression of this outfit and complement the Western flair of your cowboy boots (like The Hailey).

Seek a mixture of textures and materials for an artisanal touch. A lightweight scarf or draped shawl can add visual interest while complementing the flowy silhouette of this ensemble.

A pair of Tecovas boots with distressed or embroidered leather in a natural, earthy tone will best complement this outfit. Statement socks will also help add a pop of personality!

Whether you’re wandering through a museum, enjoying a lazy Sunday brunch, or wandering around a neighborhood, this outfit is comfortable, creative, and chic.

Best Boots for this Look: The Hailey in Brown

Get creative and kick on!

Cowboy boots truly offer endless possibilities when it comes to your wardrobe. From urban explorer to artistic expression, these unexpected pairings showcase your creativity and confidence. Each style idea adds a unique twist to the classic cowboy boot’s charm.

Let your creativity shine as your experiment with different combinations to wear your Tecovas cowboy boots for any occasion from the barn to a trendy brunch with friends.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What are the most comfortable women’s cowboy boots?

Comfort really depends on the person wearing the boots. Fit can vary depending on manufacturer, style, and sizing. If you’re struggling to find the right fit, consider swapping out the insole for something more specific to your needs. This article on the most comfortable cowboy boots has some great tips as well!

Q: What style cowboy boot is the most fashionable?

Typically, boots with a “Fashion” or “A-toe” fall into the trendy boot category! Square toe boots might be more comfortable for riding, while a snip toe is a hybrid of the two. Height preferences (Short, medium, or tall) really is a personal preference when it comes to outfits.

Q: What are the best boots for dancing?

Cowboy boots can be both comfortable and stylish for activities like dancing. Look for boots that have a snug (but not tight) fit with some cushion. Check out this article for specific recommendations!

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