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BRUNT Boots Honest Review: “All I Wore for Three Weeks”

brunt boots review
Written by Horse Rookie

Meet the Workhorses: The Kasparian + The Marin

There’s no shortage of boots in my closet, but they only fall into two categories—barn boots and everyday boots. So when BRUNT reached out to have Horse Rookie team test their bestselling work boots, I was intrigued. 

It could be handy to have boots that weren’t relegated to the most disgusting barn tasks, yet were fashionable and durable enough for everything else.

That’s why my editor and I were excited to take part in a combo boot review of The Kasparian and The Marin.

*Thanks to BRUNT for providing both pairs of boots for us to try!

brunt boot review

Built for Workers, With Workers

BRUNT is reinventing the workwear category from the ground up. The team spent a lot of time working side-by-side with those in the trades obsessing over how to develop products that make real workers’ lives easier.

Not only are their boots designed to stand up to the toughest tasks, they sell direct-to-customer so you keep more of your hard-earned money in your pocket.

Even though my buddies have the means to buy any workwear on the market, they shouldn’t be overpaying for the tools they wear to do their jobs. – Eric Girouard. Founder & CEO

brunt boot review

As a consumer, I also like knowing what’s driving a brand’s direction and innovation. 

And from everything I’ve learned, BRUNT is certainly a brand worth supporting.

BRUNT’s Company Values Include:

  • Amplify voices
  • Build our brand with you
  • Challenge the industry
  • Win together
  • No B.S. (Especially love this one!)

brunt boot review

BRUNT Boots Unboxing

Sometimes you can tell from the moment you pick up the box whether its contents are going to be high-quality, and I had that feeling when my BRUNT boots arrived.

The branding was big, bold, and beautifully done—and I’m obsessed with the phrase “The Tools You Wear.”

brunt boots box

The box is robust enough to store your boots in an off season (if there is such a thing when it comes to work). Here’s a look at The Marin for women when I first saw them. 

“This is not a shoe box. It’s a tool box.” Seriously, who’s the brilliant writer who wrote this copy?!

brunt boots unboxing

My initial impression was something akin to, “Holy cow. Work boots are way cooler than I thought!”

The leather exterior was buttery soft and a gorgeous shade chestnut. The cream soles and stitching really pop. Honestly, I couldn’t wait to try them on.

brunt boot review

Here’s a shot from above to show the overall boot style, colors, and shape. I love that it’s not overly feminine (read as: PINK, shiny, sparkly, or otherwise silly looking).

This is a classic style work boot that’s been thoughtfully reimagined for women.

brunt boots marin

The Marin (Women’s Boot)

Let’s get into The Marin features that stood out to me, including a couple I’ve never seen before on other boots. 

“Combining high-quality materials with a durable construction, this boot is designed to keep you comfortable and protected in any environment.” – BRUNT

What’s to love:

  • Full-grain leather with double-stitching where it counts most
  • 6″ shaft offers extra protection and ankle support
  • Triple-layer waterproof exterior
  • Durable rubber foam midsole that’s lightweight and shock-absorbing
  • Premium insoles with a nonstick top layer, memory foam middle layer, and cushy bottom layer
  • Adjustable width: Remove the gray insert to transform the boot from regular fit (D) to relaxed fit (EE)
  • Rubber-skinned sole with built-in oil and slip resistance
  • Pass-through OR wrap-around lace hooks with heavy-duty eyelets
  • Mesh lining for all-day breathability
  • Lightweight construction (only 1.66 pounds for a size 9 boot)
  • Electrical Hazard Rated and meets ASTM F2892-18 standards
  • Free Shipping + Returns with a 30-day risk-free trial

the marin boot features

brunt boot insert

One of the smartest features—a removable insert that changes the boot from regular to relaxed fit. So handy when you wear different weight socks!

brunt insert

BRUNT even printed a ‘cheat sheet’ about the insole inside the boot

brunt boot review

boot top

The mesh lining and cushion around the ankles is breathable and comfy

boot toe

Reinforced stitching in strategic places increases longevity

brunt traction

The traction on these boots is awesome. Period.


Triple-layer waterproofing means you don’t have to fear mud or rain anymore


I tested the boots on a wintery driving trip from Montana to Arizona (3 days each way)

snow day

Snow worries—feet are still dry!


Stuck in ski traffic for an hour? Still comfy!

boots in car

They held up great during long days on the road


Shoveling snow, walking the dog, The Marin takes it all in stride

Room for Improvement

There’s so much to love about The Marin, but there are a few things I’d like to tweak.

brunt boot laces

The laces are pretty slick and come untied often. Not a dealbreaker, but I recommend double-knotting them.

brunt sole

I wish the shaft was half an inch shorter—sometimes the top hit my ankle bones. I switched to the hook laces and skipped the top one.

The Kasparian (Men’s Boot)

My editor tried The Kasparian Men’s Boot from BRUNT, and he really committed to the cause.

He didn’t leave his house in any other boots for three whole weeks!

This soft-toe boot is a compact, all-around design focused on durability and comfort. I’d say the overall look of this model is more everyday than job site, but it would certainly hold up in either scenario.

What’s to love:

  • Full-grain leather with double-stitching where it counts most
  • 6″ shaft offers extra protection and ankle support
  • 1″ Defined heel with external heel guard
  • Pass-through OR wrap-around lace hooks with heavy-duty eyelets
  • Rubber-skinned sole with built-in oil and slip resistance
  • Electrical Hazard Rated and meets ASTM F2892-18 standards
  • Triple-layer waterproof exterior
  • Oil and slip resistant sole
  • Premium insoles with a nonstick top layer, memory foam middle layer, and cushy bottom layer
  • Adjustable width: Remove the gray insert to transform the boot from regular fit (D) to relaxed fit (EE)
  • Durable rubber foam midsole that’s lightweight and shock-absorbing
  • Padded collar cushions and supports the ankle
  • Composite shank keeps you stable on ladder rungs and ruts without added weight
  • Lightweight construction (only 1.75 pounds for a size 9 boot)

kasparian boot feature

brunt boot review

Our editor is retired, in his 70s, and happens to be my father! He likes boots with a lot of traction, foot stability, and durability. He also wants them to keep looking nice for years. That’s why I chose The Kasparian style for him to try.

He received his boots on February 15th, and they were immediately comfortable. As a result of that first impression, it occurred to him to wear them until discomfort caused him to seek a change of footwear. (Spoiler alert: never happened, so he gave up March 10!)

Finding the slip-in insoles comfortable too, he left them inside throughout the next three weeks. He only wore these boosts whenever he left home, and they remained as comfortable as when he began testing them.

brunt boots on

He loved the brown and black color combination, since it lets him wear it with twice as many outfits.

brunt boot review

His unboxing experience was equally positive, and he really liked the complimentary cleaning cloth. (More on proper boot care later in this article.)

The colorful packaging clearly expressed the company’s belief in the quality, as well as durability, of their boots. They promised that they would hold-up under tough use or customers could return them!

brunt cloth

Being able to choose what type of lacing you’d like is a special feature from BRUNT. Out of the box, boots come laced using the pass-through eyelets. 

If you prefer, you can unlace the top two eyelets and use the wrap-around hooks.



The boots laced up quickly and had padding throughout the areas that commonly rub against the foot and ankle—plus a loop for pulling them on.

He ended up deciding not to lace them up to the top, as he liked having enough lace-length to double tie them so they did not come undone.

What kind of things did he engage in while wearing the boots?

  • Dinners out
  • Social gatherings like cards, coffee (never enough), pastries (too often too much)
  • Garage opener remote setup and programming
  • Stepladder climbing (see prior item repeatedly)
  • Grocery store shopping expeditions (repeatedly)
  • Attending church (repeatedly)
  • Snow and ice removal (too many times; see alley ice picture)


The conclusion of his three-week Kasparian trial took place at a church funeral for a nearby beloved, elderly pilot.

Boots a little casual for a funeral? Not in the Western USA where he lives (near Yellowstone National Park).

This last event was not a test of the boots while sitting and sipping coffee. To the contrary, he was on his feet constantly for four hours making coffee, doing dishes, and running kitchen duty. His BRUNT boots were comfortable the entire time!

Room for Improvement

My editor only noted a few areas of the boots that could be better, and they both happened to overlap with my own feedback. (I promise, we didn’t discuss it!)

His laces came undone easily, unless double-knotted, and he also felt the boot shaft was about half an inch too tall. 

Of course, boot height preferences vary person to person. Manufacturers must decide what height works best for the most people. The good news was that the lacing system allowed us to skip the top hole/hook and create more flexibility a the top of the boot.

brunt boot review

Caring for Your Boots

These boots will hold up job after job—if you care for them properly.

Luckily, BRUNT outlines some simple best practices for boot care.

Remember, every pair of boots comes with a cloth that is up to the task.

boot cloth

brunt boot review

So, Are BRUNT Boots Worth It?

Because we spend so much of our time in the horse world, this wasn’t a brand I was previously familiar with. Now, however, we’ve become big fans. 

BRUNT sells more than a dozen different models, and I’m hopeful even more of them will become available in a women’s version in the near future. (We work hard, too!) Our men’s and women’s trials were so positive, we’re excited to recommend this brand to our friends, family, and Horse Rookie community.

If you haven’t checked out BRUNT, head over to their site to start shopping!


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