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“I jumped & kickboxed in bliss!” (Ophena Apparel Review)

ophena riding apparel
Written by Horse Rookie

My Workout-to-Turnout Look

When it comes to equestrian brands creating street-to-stable apparel, the results are typically mixed. Some pieces make sense in the saddle, but they look too “horsey” for broader use. Others tip the scales too much toward yoga pants and workout tanks to be durable and sensible at the barn.

That’s why I was curious to see if Ophena could strike the perfect balance with their Riding Wear Collection. Spoiler alert: expectations exceeded.

Read on to learn more about the outfit that seamlessly transitioned from from dog walk to nap, jumping to boxing in a single day.

ophena apparel

Half Seat Black Riding Tights

About Ophena

You may be thinking, “Wait…doesn’t Ophena make stirrups?”

Yes! The brand is known worldwide for The Magnetic Safety Stirrup™, the innovative product (and now subsequent models) that launched the company in 2017. Their magnetic safety stirrups were the result of hundreds of rider interviews, countless hours of research, and years of development. 

“Over 60% of riders surveyed were afraid of getting caught in their stirrups. And worse: People still got caught in other ‘safety stirrups’.”

I was lucky enough to test their Ophena S Pro stirrups in 2022 and wrote a review about it for the blog.

ophena magnetic stirrups

Read my magnetic stirrups review

Beyond Stirrups

Stirrups were just the beginning, though, and the company has since branched out into Riding Wear.

The decision was driven by the team’s belief: “Every rider deserves to feel confident and be fashionable.”

Having worked with the company before, I was confident that their core values would extend to apparel, as well:

  • Quality: They build products that are made to last, constructed for easy repair and replacement, and constantly improved based on riders’ feedback.
  • Zero Risk: They believe you should not pay for a product unless you are satisfied. That’s why they have 60-day Money-Back Guarantee.
  • Responsiveness: They typically answer inquiries within 24h (usually under four hours)—across all time zones, seven days per week.

Outfit Unboxing

Minimal is beautiful, and Ophena’s apparel packaging proves it. Simple frosted zipper bags protect each piece during shipping.

ophena riding wear

Items arrived clean and tidy

Patience is a virtue—albeit one I don’t possess. Within seconds, I had all three items out of their bags. I received: 

Note: I’m 5’6 and 130 pounds. The t-shirt and jacket fit perfectly, and the tights work—though they’re a bit snug in the waist.

Signature White Active T-Shirt

The first thing I noticed was the incredible feel of the t-shirt fabric. It may be the softest top I’ve ever touched, and I own a lot of riding apparel.

A repeating logo stripe down the spine and enlarged “O” on the chest add visual interest from all angles.

ophena shirt

This t-shirt fabric raises the bar

What’s to Love:

  • 4-way stretch fabric is ultra-comfortable, buttery soft, and moves with you in and out of the saddle.
  • Quick dry functionality wicks away moisture, keeping you cool and comfortable all day long.
  • Fitted silhouette slims and layers smoothly.
  • Conscious design crafted with 88% recycled fabrics.
  • Black or white color choices.

Signature Black Active Riding Top

It took all of five seconds to realize this jacket would be my new go-to travel outer layer. In fact, the following week I wore it through four airports on a trip to Vegas!

It’s the perfect weight for chilly airplanes, hotels, and (most importantly) early mornings at a horse show.

ophena jacket

I may never travel in another jacket again

What’s to Love:

  • 4-way stretch fabric provides full freedom of movement, even when layered.
  • Quick dry functionality keeps you comfortable no matter how hard you work.
  • Market-leading YKK® zippers are durable and reliable.
  • High zip collar protects you from wind and retains body heat.
  • Conscious design crafted with 87% recycled fabrics.

Black Half Seat Riding Tight

When I held up the tights, I got a bit worried. Stretchy or not, the waist looked pretty small.

But Ophena wasn’t kidding about these tights being stretchy. Despite my initial doubts, they did actually fit—and were comfortable.

ophena tights

Silicone logo pattern on the half seat tight

What’s to Love:

  • 4-way stretch fabric expands without sacrificing coverage.
  • Quick dry functionality keeps you cool from summer rides to yoga classes.
  • Durable silicone grip stabilizes and secures your position in the saddle.
  • Deep functional pockets keep your smartphone and other essentials safe and accessible.
  • Conscious design crafted with 82% recycled fabrics.

Matt Black Water Bottle

Ophena was kind enough to include their stainless steel water bottle.

An outer rubber coating provides a soft touch, anti-slip grip.

ophena water bottle

Soft rubber-coated exterior

What’s to Love:

  • Double-wall insulation keeps drinks cold for up to 18 hours or hot up to 12 hours.
  • 500ml capacity keeps you hydrated during rides, shows, or workouts.
  • Food safe stainless steel and 100% BPA-free construction.
  • Leak-proof design negates messy spills or leaks (like all over your white show breeches).
  • Three colors including matt black, dusty pink, and sand beige.
ophena water bottle

Stainless steel interior

Day in the Life: Riding Wear

I decided to wear the outfit from sunup to sundown, through all my activities—equestrian and otherwise.

ophena riding wear

Time to put these pieces to the test

Phase One: Dog Walk

According to one very fluffy PomChi, the absolute best way to start the day is with a WALK!

It was a bit chilly when we woke up—in the upper 50s—so I definitely wanted the jacket.

What I like most about the tights is the weight of the fabric. It offers just enough compression, without feeling restrictive, and the coverage is very good. I don’t feel self-conscious about them being see-through, as some other tights are.

ophena outfit

Setting out on a stroll with my pup Squirrel!

I slipped my phone into one of the thigh pockets, and off we went. Squirrel set a quick pace, per usual, so I was grateful for the quick-dry textiles. The tights were super stretchy, and the t-shirt and jacket felt light and airy so I never overheated.

When we returned home, I was cool, dry, and ready for a healthy breakfast. 

ophena outfit

Total comfort from head to toe

ophena tights

Love having a phone pocket on walks

Phase Two: Nap

After breakfast, I checked the clock. Just enough time for a little nap before I needed to leave for the barn.

This outfit was so cozy, I crawled right into bed and dozed off in seconds!

ophena outfit

A quick cat nap before heading to the barn

Phase Three: Jump School

Then it was time for my favorite activity of the day—riding, of course. I groomed Jax, my Azteca pony, without the jacket. Brushing is already a workout, and I didn’t want to get too hot. 

I did struggle to keep the white t-shirt clean. Horse sneezes and dirt are the norm, and I probably should’ve ordered the black version.

ophena outfit

Looking pretty slick—especially with a white saddle pad

ophena outfit

If you like a looser fit, size up on the tights

I typically ride in breeches these days, but these tights reminded me that you can still look really put together in a quality tight. Plus, the half seat grip was VERY sticky, so riders with green horses like mine may love that feature. 

The silicone is so grippy, it can be quite squeaky when posting the trot.

ophena tights

The silicone half seat grip is VERY sticky

ophena outfit

A lovely elevated riding tight

I rode in our indoor arena, which can get quite hot unless both garage doors are open. (They weren’t.) I soon removed the jacket, and the t-shirt and tight kept me comfortable and cool. 

ophena outfit

Clothes *almost* as cute as my pony Jax

ophena outfit

You can easily tuck in the shirt or leave it out

Phase Four: Kickboxing

A good ride always puts me in a good mood, so I returned home and headed upstairs to my heavy bag. 

I have a Fight Camp System, which includes gloves that track your punch count and output.

I picked one of the online kickboxing classes, gloved up, and went to work. The tights were just as comfortable and stretchy during a workout as they were in the saddle. 

ophena outfit

Invest in pieces that can be used for multiple activities

The t-shirt offered great air flow (especially in front of my fan…) and freedom of movement. Boxing requires a lot of shoulder movement, and I love how the shirt looks fitted without feeling restrictive.

ophena outfit

I’ll definitely be boxing in this top again

Room for Improvement

Every equestrian has unique preferences, so take this feedback with a grain of salt. Overall, I was really impressed by this outfit and will get a lot of mileage out of all three pieces in the future.

  • Shirt Wrinkles: I cannot get the shipping fold wrinkles out of my t-shirt, even after a few washes and hanging it to dry. The care instructions say not to iron, so I’m not sure what else to try—steam? The tights and jacket are wrinkle free!
  • Tight Sizing: These run on the small side, but the stretch fabric is quite stretchy. If you prefer a more relaxed fit or looser waistband, though, size up. The shirt and jacket fit true to size.
  • Tight Pocket Placement: I’m used to phone pockets being on the side of the upper thigh, but these are more toward the front. I don’t mind this for dog walk and errands around town, but riding with my phone on the top of my thigh would take some getting used to.
  • Grip: I have many friends who love incredibly strong grip. For me, the silicone was a bit too sticky. (This may lessen over time.) It also squeaks quite a bit against the saddle at the posting trot. I didn’t notice any noise at the walk or canter. Good news though: Ophena offers full seat, half seat, and no grip versions of these tights!
  • Care: This outfit shouldn’t go in the dryer, which means you have to remember to pull the pieces out to hang dry. It’s not a big deal for me, but some riders want to chuck everything into the washer/dryer.

Parting Thoughts

Huge thanks to Ophena for allowing me to try their Riding Wear Collection. If you love super-soft performance fabrics, staying cool and dry in and out of the saddle, and looking crisp and classy, you’ll love these tights, tops, and jackets.

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