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ophena riding tights
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How to Pick the Right Tight

When it comes to equestrian sport, your performance isn’t merely influenced by your horse or skills; the right equipment and attire are critical components of the perfect ride.

Among these, a staple of every rider’s wardrobe, and a pivotal part of riding gear, is a pair of well-fitted, comfortable, and stylish riding tights. This is why Ophena developed their own riding tights!

Below is a guide for what to consider when buying your own pair of riding tights presented by this Swedish equestrian brand. We’re focusing on one of the most advanced and sophisticated riding tights available: Ophena’s Riding Tights available in Black and Grey and with several grip options.

These tights bring a whole new dimension to riding with their sleek design, impeccable fit, and remarkable features. But before you jump to purchasing, let’s walk through what to consider when selecting your perfect pair of riding tights.

ophena outfit

Chief Rookie Aside: This is a sponsored post. But Ophena is a brand we genuinely love, and we personally own these tights!

The Grip Factor: Full Grip, Silicon Grip, or No Grip?

First and foremost, let’s delve into one of the most crucial factors you need to consider: the grip.

It’s your key to stability and control. Riding tights come with varying levels of grip – Full Grip, Silicon Grip, or No Grip. But which one is right for you?

Full Grip

Offering the highest level of grip and stability, full grip tights are ideal for rigorous training sessions or competitive events.

Ophena’s Full Seat Black Riding Tights are equipped with a full grip, made from silicon, that ensures maximum adherence and safety.

ophena full seat tight

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Half Grip

If you seek a balance between unrestricted movement and secure seating, opt for half grip tights.

Half seat tights offer more flexibility than full grip ones, but still provide you with ample grip.

ophena half seat tight

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No Grip

For those who prefer complete freedom, riding tights without any silicone grip are the way to go.

These provide a natural feel, though they do not offer the same level of stability as tights with grip.

ophena no grip riding tight

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Material: Breathe Easy

Next up is material consideration. Riding tights should offer breathability, flexibility, and durability. Thankfully, Ophena ticks all these boxes.

Their tights are made of a blend of recycled polyester and spandex—a combo that gives a snug yet flexible fit, stands the test of time, and ensures your skin can breathe.

ophena riding tights

4-Way Stretch Performance Fabric

Functionality: Deep Pockets

The importance of well-designed pockets in riding tights cannot be overstated. For equestrians, the convenience of easily accessible storage while on the horseback or in the barn is a must have.

Whether it’s for carrying essentials like phones or keys, or for those just-in-case items, having a secure pocket to hold them can make a significant difference.

Deep pockets, such as those found on the Ophena Riding Tights, offer riders the peace of mind that their belongings are safe and snug, even during rigorous training sessions or long trail rides. Positioned on each side, these pockets allow for easy reach and accessibility.

ophena riding tights

Two deep pockets, one on each thigh

Design: Ride in Style

One of the key factors with riding tights is how they look. A well-designed pair can give you that extra confidence to perform better.

Ophena’s Riding Tights boast a modern, sleek design that’s as stylish as it is functional. The high-waist fit, together with the subtle yet striking logo, gives these tights a timeless appeal.

ophena riding tights

Slimming, sleek, and stylish

Fit: Comfort is Key

A good fit not only makes you look great but also impacts your comfort level and performance. Too tight, and it restricts your movement; too loose, and it compromises your grip.

Ophena offers sizes from XS to XL, in true size, catering to diverse body types and ensuring the perfect fit for everyone.

ophena riding tight

The right tights boost your confidence

Parting Thoughts

Whether you’re a professional rider preparing for a high-stakes competition, an aspiring equestrian honing your skills, or a casual rider who enjoys the occasional trot, Ophena’s Riding Tights are an excellent choice.

They offer the perfect blend of grip, comfort, style, and durability – all the essential elements that make a great pair of riding tights.

Ready to ride with full control and in full style? Visit Ophena’s online store and grab your perfect pair today.

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