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The Great Kerrits Winter Riding Tights Showdown

best winter horse riding tights
Written by Horse Rookie

Seeking: Best winter riding tight—Montana style

Every morning, I wake up, bat my heavy eyelids, and fumble for my phone. It’s not to check email or text messages. It’s to check the weather—and the results have been less than stellar lately. 

Here in Montana, winter is the real deal. We recently suffered through two weeks of sub-zero temperatures and face-freezing forecasts that reminded me just how important it is to have the right riding gear.

(Anything above twenty degrees now seems like a heat wave, but we’re a long way from Ice Fil® tights and tank tops.) 

So when Kerrits reached out about trying five of their winter riding tights, I crawled out of my winter cocoon (ahem, warm bed) to see if any of these pants could make this season enjoyable—or at least slightly more tolerable.

Kerrits cold weather tights comparison

We’ve all read our share of riding apparel product reviews, and I wanted to do something a bit more fun to brighten up these short… dark… cold days. That’s why I combined five tights, five miniature horses, five inches of snow, and 500 treats to give you a review that’s as cute as the clothes are cozy.

Note: My ratings are based on winters in Montana. If you live somewhere milder, you may prioritize different features or be able to get away with lighterweight tights than I can. 

Head to to shop their full line of winter riding tights. 

Special thanks to Kerrits for providing the four pairs of winter tights I didn’t already own, and to my friend Jodie for letting be borrow four of her mini horses to make this post so darn adorable!

Sit Tight Wind Pro® Knee Patch Tight

Meet the mini: Helping model these tights is 3-year-old Breyer, a clown in a horse’s body. He loves to smile, learn tricks, and go on adventures! 

To keep riding year-round in Montana, my clothes have to be tough—like, really tough. That’s why I was over the moon to stumble upon the Sit Tight Wind Pro® Knee Patch Tight at my local tack store several years ago.

From the instant I pulled them on, I could tell winter riding would be far more comfortable.

These are the warmest winter riding tight Kerrits makes, and I own five pairs. I love them!

Favorite Features

  • Polartec® Wind Pro® exterior deflects snow, sleet and wind
  • Soft fleece interior is super warm and cozy
  • Wide waistband ensures all-day comfort
  • Lower leg panel is stretchy and slim under boots
  • Matte exterior sheds hair and dirt best of all the tights
  • Two side pockets mean my phone doesn’t get treat crumbs all over it
  • Gripstretch™ Suede knee patches offer medium technical grip

Shop This Tight at

For nearly five years, these were the only winter tights I wore—and that was for the barn and around town in my life. Only now are the knee patches starting to crack and show their age.

Power Stretch® Knee Patch Pocket Tight

Meet the mini: Helping model these tights is 2-year-old Bree, a sassypants princess. She loves to shake hands, strut her stuff, and “beep beep” back up for butt scratches!

Wearing my Power Stretch® Knee Patch Pocket Tights feels like walking around in a super snuggly pair of yoga pants. For any days with temperatures above “ridiculously frigid,” I now reach for these tights. The only thing I love more than how they look is how they feel.

They’re so comfortable, in fact, that I slept in them when I got sick with a bad cold this winter. 

Favorite Features

  • Polartec® Power Stretch® exterior is brushed for on-skin softness and sheds hair and dirt well
  • Four-way stretch lets you move freely without winter bulk
  • Zippered side pocket keeps your phone safe and secure
  • Wide waistband is equally comfortable with shirts tucked in or out
  • Anti-slip Kerrits Sticks™ knee patches give you grip in the saddle

Shop This Tight at

If these blocked cold Montana wind as well as the Sit Tight pants, they’d have tied for first place.

Thermo Tech™ Full Leg Tight

Meet the mini: Helping model these tights is 1-year-old Bugaboo the Love Bug (owned by the Chief Horse Rookie), a pint-size appy with a laid-back personality. He loves to be brushed, give kisses, and eat…very…slowly!

Though the Thermo Tech™ Full Leg Tights are too lightweight to wear on their own most of the winter, I anticipate loving these come Spring and Fall. For now, I use them as a base layer under all of the other tights on really cold days.

This tight reminds me of a winter version of my favorite summer Ice Fil® Full Seat Tech Tight.

Favorite Features

  • Four-way stretch Thermo Tech™ knit and lightly brushed interior is designed for cool (not COLD!) weather
  • Makes a great base layer under thicker tights
  • Light compression offers support and coverage (I should have gone down a size)
  • Mid-rise 3″ waistband is comfortable, even with another tight over the top
  • Two side pockets give you in-saddle access to essentials
  • Kerrit Sticks™ silicon along the inner leg and thigh provides full-leg security and grip

Shop This Tight at

Come April, these will be my go-to tights. In the depths of winter, though, they’re best used as a base layer.

Stable Temp Merino Wool Riding Tight

Meet the mini: Helping model these tights is 25-year-old Trekka, possibly the sweetest gal on earth. She loves to be groomed, politely accept treats, and watch over her adopted son Bug. 

I’d heard about Merino over the years, but the thought of wool next to my skin didn’t sound very appealing. (Anyone else?) On the flip side, it’s hard to deny the natural fibers in the Stable Temp Merino Wool Riding Tight are superior to most of what you’ll find in other riding apparel.

It turns out, I actually like these for cold-weather layering. They wick moisture away quickly so I don’t have to suffer through clammy winter rides.

Favorite Features

  • Mid-weight Merino wool is naturally odor-resistant 
  • Thermoregulation properties keep you warm and dry, even when the wool gets wet
  • Breathable wool/spandex blend ensures freedom of movement while retaining shape
  • Silicone knee patches and two hip pockets are rider essentials
  • Layers without bulk, or could be used alone in warmer temps

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Warning: this tight gathers horse and dog hair super fast, and it’s really hard to get off again!

Fleece Lite II Knee Patch Tight

Meet the mini: Helping model these tights is 22-year-old Bonnie, queen bee of this diminutive herd. She believes giving birth to Breyer and Bree has earned her a lifetime of human adoration (and treats), and we have to agree! 

When the days are short and dark, dressing for the barn can feel a bit monotonous. The mini herringbone pattern on the Fleece Lite II Knee Patch Tight is giving me life this season—and they’re right up there in terms of comfort. I’ve actually been wearing them around town as much as I do to the barn.

This winter riding tight surprised me the most. They remind of my favorite Sit Tight pants—but with a cozier interior and two pockets instead of one.

Favorite Features

  • Cozy brushed fleece interior insulates you when temperatures drop
  • GripSoft™ knee patches provide a flexible, secure grip
  • Mini-houndstooth design is fleece-backed for warmth and comfort
  • Four-way stretch integrity gives you full freedom of movement
  • Two low-profile hip pockets are handy places to store your phone and other small items
  • Wide waistband is comfy and secure for those long days at the barn

Shop This Tight at

Though Kerrits says this is their lightest winter weight tight, I’ve found it to be nearly as warm as my Sit Tight pants.

Parting Thoughts

It’s been a blast trying this line of Kerrits winter riding tights, and I’m literally in one of these pants every single day this season. I love having more options to choose from based on the temperature, wind chill, and what I’ve got planned at the barn. 

Hop over to and find your perfect pair of winter tights!

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