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20 Best Equestrian Fashion Brands (English + Western)

best equestrian fashion brands
Written by Horse Rookie

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Luxury to Budget Equestrian Brands You’ll Love for Life

Equestrian fashion is ever evolving, and you can find brands to suit every style, wallet, and discipline. In this article, we’ve pulled together a list of our top 20 go-tos for riding apparel, footwear, and accessories.

Read on to learn about each brand’s history, products, and why we love seeing each of them succeed in the market.


Whether you’re running barrels at a local jackpot or heading into a jump off at the highest levels, Ariat will be there. It’s become one of the most beloved equestrian fashion brands over the past 30 years, and it’s easy to understand why. 

What began as an innovative boot company soon expanded into a performance-focused apparel, footwear, and accessories brand. Boots are still at the heart of Ariat‘s portfolio, and they partner with world-class biomechanical research groups and testing labs to make sure every product can hold up to the toughest jobs.

Why We Love It: 

  • Performance: Ariat designs specifically for equestrian performance. Long days in the saddle or working at the barn are the bare minimum expectations for every product that makes it through their rigorous design process.
  • Style: Even non-riders are attracted to the flattering styles Ariat produces year after year. Colors and patterns (almost) always hit the mark, and you don’t have to worry about apparel looking outdated next season.
  • Versatility: Not all brands can straddle English and Western disciplines, but Ariat does so seamlessly. Plus, many pieces like their softshell vests look right at home in any equestrian sport.

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Asmar Equestrian

Though they’re a relatively new fashion brand (est. 2011), Asmar Equestrian has redefined riding apparel by extending the horsey aesthetic to all area’s of life. Technical tops, Italian leather handbags, and show apparel are just the beginning of this brand’s offerings.

Founded by Noel Asmar, a self-taught designer with an unparalleled sense of fashion, this brand is all about classic equestrian-inspired styles.

Why We Love It: 

  • Rider First: Equestrianism and fashion often go hand-in-hand. But real riders never trade form for function. Every product must work at the barn, first and foremost—and Asmar keeps that focus at its core.
  • Design: Their clothes are so beautiful it doesn’t look like they should work at the barn… but they magically do. Fashionistas will love the cut, styling, and fabrics—almost as much as they love their horses. (We said almost.) 
  • Sustainability: From choosing sustainable materials to cutting supply chain waste, Asmar Equestrian is actively working to minimize any negative impact on the planet.

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Aztec Diamond Equestrian

If you’re seeking an upscale look on a modest budget, Aztec Diamond Equestrian is a great place to start. Their styles are contemporary and go ‘beyond the barn,’ but they’re equally at home in the saddle.

With more than 100 products, the company prides itself on modern pieces “with a luxury finish, minus the premium price tag.” Their main aim is to make the brand accessible to all riders, ages, and disciplines.

Why We Love It: 

  • Put Through Their Paces: Pieces are tested by professional riders to ensure performance and comfort are up to snuff. 
  • Color to Match: This brand sticks to neutral colors and a few classic accents, like deep red and navy, so it’s easy to mix and match.
  • Barn and Home: From breeches to base layers, sweatpants to sweaters, shoppers aren’t limited to barn apparel.

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Part of Miller International, the CINCH Jeans brand is a staple for western-style fashion.

Though this brand is (far) more popular among the western crowd, the styles are still clean and classic. Pants, shirts, and and outerwear are the main product categories available.

Why We Love It: 

  • Denim Dreams: Shopping CINCH jeans? You’d better set aside plenty of time to browse all the different styles and washes available. There’s truly something for everyone.
  • New Classics: Shirt styles, in particular, are different than what you see all the time—yet still classic designs.
  • Backed by Warranty: Peace of mind comes standard for CINCH products, which are guaranteed to be free from material and manufacturing defects for the “useful life of the garment.”

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Footwear, casual clothes, and competition apparel are all part of the Dublin product line. Though the casual clothes are suitable all women, the core of the brand is English style riders.

Dublin believes it’s the little things that make a difference in the saddle, and we have to agree. Well-placed seams, grippy treads, and comfortable fabrics can turn a good ride into a great one. 

Why We Love It: 

  • Created by Riders: The team behind this brand are equestrians, designing for equestrians. They know what riders need and deliver it. 
  • Big on Boots: From lifestyle ankle boots to show ring ready dress boots, Dublin is renowned for the quality of their footwear
  • All-in-One Accessories: You don’t have to look elsewhere to find most the accessories you need. Half chaps, whips, and gloves are all available from the Dublin brand.

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EQL by Kerrits

Though it often feels like we spend all our time at the barn, equestrians also crave lifestyle apparel that can go beyond the barn. That where EQL by Kerrits saves the day. This responsibly made lifestyle apparel brand is nested under the beloved Kerrits brand.

Equine-inspired clothing, sweaters, tops, pants, loungewear, pajamas, hats, socks, belts, and outerwear are all part of the product line. Plus, the styles are intentionally designed to “transcend trends” and look beautiful far beyond one season.

Why We Love It: 

  • Equileisure™: Active riders, and anyone who simply admires the equestrian lifestyle, will love these clothes. Styles celebrate and flatter all body types, and comfort is the foundation of every piece.
  • Unbridled Impact: By focusing on people, planet, and process, EQL isn’t just another brand selling apparel. They’re modeling corporate stewardship, and 1% of sales are donated to equine-based organizations making a difference in the world.
  • Versatility: If you’ve been craving the ease of a capsule wardrobe, this brand is the place to start. Colors, patterns, and styles are designed to mix and match so you can create a wide variety of outfits.

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Equinavia (formerly Horze)

Combining European riding heritage, Scandinavian design, and a deep understanding of the equine community, Equinavia offers a wide range of horse and rider apparel and tack. For nearly 40 years, the brand has stayed focused on its core values or quality, value, and fashion.

Relatively new to the US market, Equinavia was formerly known as Horze. The team is committed to designing and manufacturing products that encourage confidence, discovery and freedom.

Why We Love It: 

  • Extensive Product Line: Unlike most of the other brands on our list, Equinavia goes far beyond apparel. Whether you’re looking for a technical top for summer or a stable blanket for winter, this brand is a one stop shop.
  • Multiple Brands: You’ll find more than the Horze brand on their site—many of the big players are available, from Back on Track to IRH and more. 
  • Value: This company is particularly suited to modest budget shoppers, but you’ll still get quality that lasts.

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Equine Couture

Along with TuffRider, Equine Couture is one of the ‘house brands’ at Designed for women and kids, this clothing line combines couture cuts with modest budgets. 

Their apparel is made for riders because their design team is full of riders. They understand the demands of riding life, and they keep those needs at the forefront of their process.

Why We Love It: 

  • Performance: Freedom of movement, moisture management, and washability come standard. 
  • Design: Durability and performance don’t mean you have to sacrifice style, a fact Equine Couture proves with every piece.
  • Sister Brands: If you love this brand, chances are that you’ll also enjoy their sister brands like TuffRider and Halo. 

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For Horses (FH)

FH is a brand inspired by Giovanna Novello and Andrea Piovan’s great passion for horses and equestrian sport. The husband and wife team brings deep knowledge of both the textile and clothing sectors, as well as riding performance and design.

for horses sirio show shirt

Each garment combines Giovanna’s creative soul, great sensitivity and trend-setting intuition with Andrea’s technical skills and innovative technology pursuits.

Why We Love It: 

  • Fabrics: Rarely have we experienced fabrics as high quality and buttery soft as those produced by For Horses. 
  • Styling: Creative styling details have the power to bring new interest to classic pieces. That’s certainly the case for this brand.
  • Mix and Match: From casual wear to show attire, it’s easy to combine pieces into a variety of outfits.

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Check out our review of For Horses products 

Mountain Horse

Founded in 1988, Mountain Horse created the world’s first winter-lined equestrian riding boots—a pet project by a father who wanted his own daughter to stay warm during harsh Swedish winters.

Mountain Horse focuses on fashion, function, comfort, durability, safety and innovation as its trademark features, and it has for more than 30 years.

Why We Love It: 

  • Gorgeous Footwear: Tall boots are the hallmark products in this line, and the beautiful styling makes it clear why. In particular, Mountain Horse is known for its comfortable-yet-stylish winter boots.
  • Fresh Designs: Every year, the brand rolls out two new collections (Spring and Autumn), including innovative materials, styles, and built-in safety features.
  • Focus on Cold Temps: Given the company’s Northern heritage, they’re outerwear is especially suited to even the more brutal climates.

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Justin Boots

Handcrafted since 1879 (you read that right), Justin Boots’ skilled boot-makers continue the deep tradition by using only the finest leathers and quality materials. Solely focused on footwear (pun intended), Justin takes great pride in the character of their superior craftsmanship and the comfort of their products, from the leather to each individual stitch.

If you want to wear a piece of history, start with a pair of Justin Boots. They combine the legacy of the American West with the innovative technology of modern design.

Why We Love It: 

  • Focus on Footwear: This brand focuses on what they do best—boots. That said, you can also sport the brand with numerous pieces of apparel and accessories. 
  • Made in the USA: Justin offers several boots that are created right here in the United States, for those who want to support national manufacturing.
  • Whole Family: Men, women, and kids can all enjoy Justin boots. There are even vintage designs for those who want to showcase an extra bit of history.

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All too often, equestrian fashion brands compromise performance for fleeting trends—but Kerrits has focused on the needs of real riders since 1986. Despite its long tenure in the industry, Kerrits has evolved and elevated to become one of the premier apparel brands on the market. 

One of the reasons you’ll see Kerrits in virtually every tack store is that the pieces are designed by riders, for riders. The team understands that riding clothes must fit well, work as hard as we do, and boost our confidence in and out of the saddle.

Why We Love It: 

  • Hardworking: Cutting-edge fabrics, rider community input, and rigorous testing ensure that every shirt, tight, and jacket will perform beautifully day-in, day-out. 
  • Confidence: Looking good and feeling good are inextricably linked, but that doesn’t mean looking good should be hard. Kerrits makes it quick and easy to feel your best—whether you’re riding the trails or entering the show ring.
  • Inclusivity: This brand models inclusivity by encouraging all women to enjoy spending time with horses, regardless of discipline, skill level, or body shape.

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Kimes Ranch

The mission of Kimes Ranch is to bring Western back to its roots by creating fashionable jeans with a classic feel. Founders Matt and Amanda blend their fashion industry background with their western roots to make western fashion current.

Kimes Ranch exists to deliver jeans with the simplicity and durability necessary to make them the cowboy’s must-have. Kimes Ranch has made function and fit a priority, and their pants are a canvas for your unique western style.

Why We Love It: 

  • Timeless Style: Attend any upper-level Western show in the States, and you’ll see their jeans on a bunch of the top riders. Chances are, if a pair of jeans looks good enough to turn your head, they’re from Kimes!
  • Made in the USA: All Kimes Ranch jeans are 100% made in the Unites States from the highest quality, heavy-weight denim. They get better with each wear and have a “break-in” period, but they’ll last for many (many) years.
  • More Than Denim: Caps, button-down shirts, and jackets are all part of the product line—and they’ve got the same cool factor as the jeans.

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Ovation is a household name among equestrians, and it’s one of the most successful brands in the English Riding Supply family. From breeches to boots, helmets to show coats, this brand offers a wide range of riding essentials.

You’ll find this brand in nearly every tack store, and the quality and value appeal to equestrians of all levels, ages, and budgets.

Why We Love It: 

  • Whole Family: It’s surprisingly hard to find riding apparel for boys, but Ovation has them covered—along with a full range of Women’s, Men’s, and Girl’s clothes and boots.
  • Boot Bonanza: Casual, dress, field, mud, paddock, and half chaps ensure every rider can find the perfect boots.
  • Winter Ready: Finding durable-yet-flexible riding attire and boots for cold weather is tough. Ovation offers a full line of winter products that stand up to the elements.

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In February 1957, Haefner & Co. started operations in the 6,000-strong community of Uchte, around 60 kilometers northwest of Hanover, Germany. Come 1964, Haefner & Co. became Pikeur. The company doubled down on research into new materials that would deliver optimal fit, while being weather resistant and fashionable.

What you might not know is that Pikeur has a sister company called ESKADRON, which produces textile horse equipment and gaiters.

Why We Love It: 

  • Creative Collections: Pikeur’s collections combine functional materials with sporty styles and fresh colors for men, women and children. Their pieces combine comfort and freedom of movement with unique designs – including as well light functional shirts for hot summer days as cuddly parkas for cool evenings at the stable.
  • Product Variety: Shop their large assortment of breeches, jackets, waistcoats, shirts and hoodies, as well as competition clothing, accessories, and riding helmets.
  • Outerwear Excellence: If you’re not sure where to start, we recommend exploring Pikeur’s outerwear collection. Their coats and jackets are particularly lovely!

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Ranch Dress’n

The fun loving brand, Ranch Dress’n, is the brain child of barrel racing champion Fallon Taylor. They offer a unique style of clothing and accessories for the everyday colorful cowgirl. 

Largely operated by Fallon and her close-knit group of female friends, the Ranch Dress’n first became beloved for their colorful denim jeans. The company has since grown to a wide variety of performance shirts, tees, pants, leisurewear, and accessories.

Why We Love It: 

  • Tacktical Equine: Fallon’s team has come out with a custom line of tack—everything from boots and breast collars to brightly colored saddles. If you’re a fan of “matchy matchy,” this suite is for you.
  • Saddle Sacks: One of the most popular products is the Saddle Sack, a patterned zipper bag that clips to the pommel of your saddle to store your belongings so you can focus on riding.
  • Rodeo Shirts: These stretchy long sleeve shirts are as comfy as they are practical, with faux snaps down most of the front and a couple of true snaps by the collar. They stay tucked in and don’t wrinkle while you’re on the rodeo road.

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SmarkPak is on a mission to make the world a better place, using their team’s smarts to power healthy horses and happy riders.

Founder, Becky Minard, understood that supplements were a struggle for horse owners and barn managers everywhere, so she developed the SmartPak supplement feeding system. That was only the beginning, though, and the brand has since evolved to a full line of riding apparel and accessories.

Why We Love It: 

  • Breeches: As breeches prices continue to rise, SmartPak created its own line of quality affordable tights and breeches that are perfect for the everyday rider. 
  • Show Clothes: Competing is expensive enough as it is. SmartPak offers high quality without the high price tags for its classic show shirts, jackets, and boots. 
  • SmartPak Supplements: OK, we know supplements aren’t about fashion. But these are simply too innovative to overlook! Daily SmartPak strips make it easy to administer personalized supplements for every horse.

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Since 1865, Stetson has represented the resourceful, authentic, and diverse American spirit. Steeped in history, the story of Stetson continues to evolve with its line of beautifully designed cowboy hats.

Stetson is the first name most people associate with western headwear. From the fabrics to the styling, each step of the process is painstakingly followed to craft the highest quality products.

Why We Love It: 

  • Creating Iconic Hats: Every Stetson hat is handcrafted with the utmost care and attention to detail. 
  • Extending the Brand: Shop the same quality across Stetson’s boots, apparel, jewelry, and more.
  • Giving Back: The Bulova Stetson Fund helps provide better opportunities for all Americans across education, the arts, accessibility, and veterans’ initiatives.

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Toggi is a leading British equestrian and country clothing brand that creates apparel for women, men, and children. It’s a brand you’ll see in many horse-related vlogs, as they love to sponsor influencers, team riders, and other community leaders. 

Great Britain has a rich equestrian history, and Toggi styles reflect that heritage of hard work, confidence, and love for horses. 

Why We Love It: 

  • Browse Boots Galore: If you’re a fan of British country chic style, you’ll love all the boots in the Toggi product line.
  • Brave the Elements: English weather is no joke, and Toggi apparel and footwear are made to withstand the worst of it.
  • Classic Fabrics: In additional to modern technical materials, you’ll also find classic tweeds, plaids, and wax fabrics in the Toggi product line.

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Wrangler believes in commitment and perseverance in the face of obstacles and challenges. Most of all, they respect western heritage and the environment in which we live.

Wrangler is a a brand that’s beloved by the Western community for their jeans’ durability, design, and comfort.

Why We Love It: 

  • Timeless Styles: Wrangler is synonymous with classic western wear, and denim is their love language. Check out all of their jeans and jackets styles.
  • One Year Warranty: Each Wrangler product carries a one-year warranty, which covers defects in materials and workmanship.
  • Sustainability: Wrangler continues to explore new ways to care for the planet, the partners and workers in their supply chain, and neighbors around the world.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best equestrian brand?

This depends on your personal style, budget, and type of activities. If we had to pick three brands that cater to the vast majority of riders, stop your shopping adventure at Kerrits, Ariat, and Ranch Dress’n.

What is an equestrian outfit called?

Traditionally speaking, an equestrian outfit is called a “Riding Habit.”

What celebrity has an equine clothing range?

If you’d like to explore celebrity-owned fashion brands, explore English styles from Asmar Equestrian, and Western Styles from Ranch Dress’n.

What are some luxury equestrian brands?

If you have the budget for luxury apparel, check out DeNiro Boots, Asmar Equestrian, and For Horses (FH).

What are some Italian equestrian apparel brands?

If you’re looking for Italian riding apparel, start with For Horses (FH).

Is Gucci an equestrian brand?

Most people would be surprised to learn that Gucci started as a saddlery and luggage store in Florence, Italy, in 1921. This was to support the international crowd who loved a range of equestrian pursuits. The interest in his pieces was so strong that the line quickly expanded into various fashion items (like shoes and handbags).

While this brand is mostly known for its snaffle motif, used on accessories, shoes, and bags since the early 1950s, they also make a saddle.

Is Hermes an equestrian brand?

Like Gucci, Hermes also has some strong equestrian roots, beginning as a harness workshop for members of European nobility in Paris in 1837. When the store passed to his son in the late 1800s, saddlery was introduced and the products were highly sought after by equestrians from around the world.

They currently offer a line of high-quality, handmade saddles, custom-fitted to each horse and rider. Hermes also makes a range of items for both horse and rider, from noise-reducing ear nets and grooming bags to bits and saddle pads (though most everything comes with a hefty price tag).

Parting Thoughts

We hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know each of these fashion movers and shakers. Whether you’re in the market for show apparel, a comfy pair of riding jeans, or your next pair of winter boots, you’ll find whatever you’re looking for on this list.

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