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9 Best Phone-Friendly Breeches with Pockets

breeches with pockets
Written by Susie W.

Horse riding pants with cell phone pockets are a MUST.

We live in a world where we are practically glued to our cell phones. Whether it’s for work or as an added safety measure, having a lifeline nearby is important! Despite this, it can be hard to find the perfect riding pants with pockets. We’ve evaluated nine different pairs of riding pants to help you choose the best pockets out there.

Traditional butt pockets are fine for holding your phone for errands, barn chores, or tacking up, but they don’t work well for riding, unless you like sitting on your phone.

Similarly, cell phones don’t fit great in front pants pockets while in the saddle either. We like pants with pockets on the side of the thigh, as they work best for cell phones while you’re riding.

How do you carry your phone while riding horses?

Phones are an important part of our daily lives. Whether you’re trying to stay connected for family, work, or safety, having your phone nearby is important.

  • Pants Side Pocket: Breeches with a side pocket on the upper thigh have the best placement for a cell phone while riding. It’s easily accessible, won’t bounce around, and shouldn’t come in contact with the saddle. Ariat even makes a riding jean with a side phone pocket. Many of our featured riding pants below include side pockets. Just be sure the pants fit well, or wear a belt.
  • Phone Leg Case: A phone leg case does exist, but we’re a bit skeptical. If you were to consider this option, we suggest a case that would go over your thigh to avoid any interference with leg cues.
  • Phone Arm Case: There’s no reason you couldn’t utilize a phone arm case for horseback riding. There are tons of available options—they don’t need to be equestrian specific.
  • Phone Belt Case: A cell phone holster for your belt can be a good way to securely store your phone out of the way. This product from Carhartt is simple yet effective.
  • Saddle Sack: This might be our favorite Western option for phone storage in saddle! The Saddle Sack works with Western saddles and provides a portable pocket for your phone, keys, Chapstick, snacks…whatever! According to one customer review, the XL Saddle Sack comfortably holds four beers. We love the huge variety of colorful print options available.

See our dedicated article about cell phone holders!

Best Riding Pants with Pockets Overall

Kerrits Free Style Knee Patch Pocket Tight wins the Best Overall category. Featuring SoftTek fabric, these tights are stretchy yet supportive with a little compression. The pockets are located on the outer thigh, strategically placed for easy access and use in the saddle.

A 3” waistband ensures a secure fit, while silicon knee patches provide grip with more flexibility than a traditional leather knee patch.

kerrits freestyle tights

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Key Features:

  • Price: $$ These pants come in at a reasonable price point—they won’t break the bank, but are made to last.
  • Pockets: Two pockets on the outer thigh allow for convenient cell phone access from the saddle.
  • Plus: Customers love these pants! The wide band helps keep them up and doesn’t dig in or roll.

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Best Women’s Breeches with Pockets

These pants are the best of both worlds! They combine the fit of your favorite jeans with features to excel in the saddle. The denim pants is not only stretchy, but also infused with DriRelease technology to ensure you’ll stay cool. GripSoft knee patches are flexible while adding grip.

Even better, these breeches come with FIVE pockets!

The two rear pockets are ergonomically designed to maximize performance in the saddle. The only drawback to these pants is that they don’t come in a short option. Vertically challenged riders might want to consider getting them hemmed to avoid extra bulk in your tall boots.

kerrits denim breeches

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Key Features:

  • Price: $$$ These breeches are a bit pricier, but are worth it with all the features that are included for comfort, a flattering fit, and durability.
  • Pockets: Featuring two front pockets, a coin pocket, and shaped rear pockets, these pants have tons of options!
  • Plus: Customers rave at how comfortable and well-fitting these pants are.

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Best Women’s Show Breeches with Pockets

These breeches work in our out of the show pen. They feature a stretchable, breathable fabric that keeps you comfortable throughout your ride. A wide waistband ensures a comfortable fit while staying in place. The best part about these breeches? Obviously the pocket!

It is located on the upper outer thigh so it’s out of the way yet still accessible in the saddle, and it zips closed.

pocket tights

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Key Features:

  • Price: $ These pants are a bargain option.
  • Pockets: Two pockets on the outer, upper thigh are great for holding your phone and zips closed for added security.
  • Plus: Customers love the pockets! The general consensus is these pants are comfortable and flattering, especially for the price.

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Best Kids Riding Pants with Pockets

Tuff Rider makes the Childs Minerva EquiCool Tights, our top pick for kid’s pants with pockets. These tights come in a variety of fun color options. Tuff Rider clothing is known for quality, affordability, and practicality, and these pants are no exception.

The fabric features EquiCool technology that wicks moisture while adding UV protection. Silicone knee patches add grip while deep side pockets keep objects out of the way in the saddle.

These are tights, not breeches—so they may not be optimal for showing.

pocket tights

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Key Features:

  • Price: $ These tights are an economical option for growing kids.
  • Pockets: Two generous side pockets are located on the upper, outer thigh.
  • Plus: Parents say their kids love these pants for comfortable, summer riding

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Best Knee Patch Breeches with Pockets

The Elation High Waist Platinum Brooklyn Riding Pants offers a cotton/spandex blend for 4-way stretch. The euro seat design is combined with contrast piping and premium knee patches to look great in and out of the show ring. A wider waistband is included for structure and stability. Featuring both front and back pockets, these pants offer plenty of options.

The drawback? These pants might not be ideal for oversized cell phones while riding.

pocket tights

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Key Features:

  • Price: $$ These pants offer a good balance of price with features and quality.
  • Pockets: Two contoured back pockets are engineered to stay out of the way of the saddle. These pants have two front pockets as well.
  • Plus: Comfortable year-round in a variety of weather conditions, customers recommend these pants for their fit and comfort.

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Best Full Seat Breeches with Pockets

These Horze Nordic Performance Silicone Breeches blend nylon and spandex for a lightweight, stretchy fabric. These pants also feature UPF 50+ UV protection and help keep you cool during hot summer months.

The silicone-patterned full seat provides extra stability and grip in the saddle. A wide waistband provides support, but in a way that is comfortable, not constricting. These pants offer two pockets in the front.

Of all the pants on this list, these rank towards the bottom for cell phone usage, but the combination of other features makes them worth a look.

pocket tights

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Key Features:

  • Price: $$$ These pants are a bit pricier than some other options, but are a reasonable price point for full-seat breeches.
  • Pockets: Two front pockets.
  • Plus: Customers liked them so much they often ordered another pair. Fit is flattering, and the material holds up to the test of time.

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Best Men’s Breeches with Pockets

Our pick for best men’s riding pants with pockets is the Tuff Rider Men’s Ribb Patrol Breech. These are made with a polyester/spandex blend for stretch and come in three color options.

According to one customer, the ribbing on the fabric is more pronounced than corduroy. Marketed as extremely durable, these breeches won’t fade or pill. Last, but not least, these pants come with four pockets, two in front and two in back.

One drawback? The sizing across various colors seems to be inconsistent, but they are shrinkable in the washer/dryer if needed.

pocket tights

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Key Features:

  • Price: $$ These pants are a great price point for the quality.
  • Pockets: Two front and two back pockets; the back pockets are offset to avoid the saddle and are generous in size.
  • Plus: Customers say these are extremely comfortable pants!

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Best Plus Size Tights with Pockets

Our pick for Plus Size Tights with Pockets are The Mane Range Silicon Seat Riding Pants. Available in sizes medium thru 2XL, these pants are made from a Nylon/Spandex blend for stretch and durability. Two pockets, located on the upper outer thigh, are perfect for holding a large phone both in and out of the saddle. The full silicon seat adds grip.

This brand’s logo, a pink pony, is prominently displayed on the pocket and may be off-putting for some.

pocket tights

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Key Features:

  • Price: $$ These are a value full-seat riding pant option for the features.
  • Pockets: Two side pockets are the perfect size and location for your smartphone while in the saddle.
  • Plus: Many customers say the same great things about this product! They are a good price, soft and comfortable, and are flattering, “holding things in without being too tight.” The extra-wide waistband doesn’t pinch or roll.

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Best Jodhpurs with Phone Pockets

These cotton jodhpurs are attractive, comfortable, and durable. The fabric is breathable and stretchable with an Ultragripp flex knee patch. They only come in black, but at least it’s a flattering color option. The jodhpurs come with straps to hold them in place over your paddock boots. The best part? They not only come with pockets, but the pockets zipper shut!

Note: they may be a little too warm for summer riding in hot temperatures.

pocket tights

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Key Features:

  • Price: $ These pants are an excellent value for the price point.
  • Pockets: Two zippered pockets in the front; may not be the best for riding with your cell phone.
  • Plus: Customers agree that these are comfortable and retain their shape well. Plus, they don’t attract lint!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do you carry your phone while horse riding?

The answer to this question really depends on the rider. I have a spookier horse, so I like to have my phone nearby, but not on me. I usually set it on the mounting block during my ride. This way, my phone is easily accessible should I have an accident, but I minimize possible distractions in the saddle.

With other horses, it was nice to have my phone on me—I found riding pants with a thigh pocket were best for English riding, as this location eliminated any phone contact with the saddle. The added weight of a phone made me appreciate breeches with a wide waistband and sturdier construction!

Q: What are the most comfortable riding breeches?

The most comfortable riding breeches are the ones that fit you! In addition to finding the correct sizing (each brand will vary) you may want to consider added features such as moisture-wicking for summer riding (if you live in a hot/humid climate) or fleece-lined breeches for cold weather riding (for chilly climates).

Some people will prefer higher-cut breeches or a wider waistband to minimize any chances of a muffin top, or thicker fabric for support. No shame here! Learn what you like and don’t settle for less.

Q: What is a full-seat breech?

Full-seat breeches include additional grip across the whole inner leg and seat of the pants, as opposed to knee-patch breeches that only offer this feature on the inner knee. Full-seat could mean pants lined with an additional layer of leather, or a grippy material designed to increase friction with the saddle for added stability and security.

Q: Are Kerrits breeches good?

Kerrits is a popular brand for good reason! Their products are known for their high quality, comfort, and durability. Personally, I’ve ridden in Kerrits tights in the summertime and fleece-lined breeches in the winter.

Both pairs of pants were super comfortable, had a flattering fit, and an added bonus: pockets on the sides—the perfect spot that is both accessible and out of the way of your saddle.

Q: Are breeches comfortable?

Breeches can most definitely be comfortable, if you find the right fit! Look for pants that offer four-way stretch, a mid-to-high-rise waistband, and reviews indicating high scores in the “comfort” factor. Once you find the right pair, you won’t want to take them off!

Q: Why are equestrian clothes so expensive?

High quality gear that fits well, meets comfort expectations, and is built to last will cost more. You’ll always be able to find brands offering something new and shiny for a cheap price—but buyer beware, a low price probably indicates low quality.

If you’re trying out a new discipline, buying a cheaper option makes perfect sense—why spend the big bucks if you aren’t even sure you’ll stick with it? Once you decide to commit, however, consider investing in higher quality clothing that will stand the test of time.

Parting Thoughts

Pants with pockets in the right places are a must for today’s breeches and riding tights. Pay close attention to pocket location when considering your options to ensure your cell phone doesn’t interfere with your ride!

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