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5 Best Horse Bridle Racks to Keep Tack Tidy

neatly stored bridles in tack room
Written by Holly N.

Bridle Storage Made Simple

We rely on bridles and saddles to help us get the best from horses while keeping them as comfortable as possible. A bridle facilitates communication between riders and horses, helping control both their direction and speed. To do this, however, it must fit correctly.

If thrown on the floor and left to its own devices, a bridle can stiffen and mold to a different shape that no longer fits your horse comfortably. The reins may develop a kink that will confuse a horse used to neck-reining, or the noseband could get squashed, causing it to press on the horse’s sensitive nasal cartilage.

That’s part of why bridle storage is critical. Plus, using dedicated bridle racks keeps your tack storage space clean and tidy!

bridles hanging in tack room

Bridle Rack Basics

For the most part, bridle racks are simple, affordable pieces of equipment that help to correctly store your bridles and headstalls. They support the crown or headpiece, preventing it from being distorted, while the rest of the bridle and reins hang down in a similar position to when it’s on a horse’s head.

Even a simple bridle bracket or hook is better than hanging your bridle on a nail, as it distributes the weight evenly across the whole headpiece rather than on a single stress point.

Hanging a bridle on a nail also causes it to bend at a narrow-angle, creating potential for cracking and creases.

Ballpark Pricing

A portable or simple wall-mounted bridle rack typically costs less than $50 unless it’s handmade or made to order. If you’re shopping custom, expect to pay quite a bit more.

A free-standing bridle rack is a more expensive option, but versatile. You should budget at least $100 for a free-standing bridle rack and about the same for a premium wall-mounted model.

Bridle Rack Features to Consider


The rack should have appropriately designed hooks or loops to securely hold the bridles in place.

Ideally, the hooks should be large enough to accommodate the width of your bridle’s crownpiece, cheekpieces, and reins, without causing any strain or distortion.

Avoid racks with sharp or rough edges that could potentially damage leather or other materials.

Adjustable hooks or movable loops can be beneficial as they allow you to customize the spacing between bridles to prevent overcrowding.


A reliable bridle rack should be made of durable materials that can withstand the weight and pressure of multiple bridles.

It’s more cost-effective to invest in a good-quality bridle rack than to repair or replace bridles damaged by a cheap rack’s collapse.

Look for racks made from high-quality metals like stainless steel or heavy-duty plastics that are designed to be sturdy and long-lasting.

Reinforced joints and solid mounting hardware are also essential for ensuring the rack can support the weight of your bridles without sagging or bending.

Adequate Spacing

You need enough space between each hook so that each bridle can hang freely without getting tangled.

Neighboring bridles should be far enough apart that they don’t touch each other, reducing the risk of damage and excessive wear.


The ideal rack should provide easy access to each bridle without causing any inconvenience, or the need to move other bridles out of the way.

Opt for a rotating rack or one that allows you to easily slide the bridles on and off the hooks or loops without any obstruction.

Best Bridle Racks for Horses

Category Product Price Point * Key Features
Best for English Bridles Intrepid International Bridle Rack $$ Supports the headpiece, easy to install, solid construction
Best Free Standing Bridle Rack Easy-Up® Pro Series Free Standing Bridle Rack $$$$ Easy to assemble, durable, holds up to 16 bridles
Best for Western Bridles Equi Racks Deluxe Wall Mount Rotary Headstall Rack $$$$$ Heavy-duty, easy to access, minimizes space
Best Portable Bridle Rack Classic Rope Company Bridlehanger $ Robust design, plastic coated to prevent rust, fits all standard railings
Best Wood Bridle Rack Wooden 6 Hook Bridle Rack $$$$$ Handmade using top-quality pine, customizable, capped hangers prevent slipping

Intrepid International Multi Bridle Rack

This simple bridle rack is made of powder-coated steel, so is extremely durable and won’t rust, regardless of the weather.

Instead of hooks, this multi-bridle rack features wide, curved mounts that will help maintain the bridle’s correct shape.

Affordable yet stylish, it comes with two pre-drilled holes to make mounting the rack straightforward.

bridle rack

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  • Curved mounts support the bridle without creating pressure points
  • Easy to mount
  • Durable and rust-resistant


  • Mounts may be too narrow for Western bridles and reins
  • Spacing between mounts could cause abrasion as bridles if touching

Where to buy it: Amazon

Easy-Up® Pro Series Free Standing Bridle Rack

A versatile bridle rack that’s easy to assemble with detachable bridle hooks that you snap on and off using a simple button function.

With room for up to 16 bridles, this rack can be a great space saver, as well as being fully portable.

The bridles are stored on two levels, with the lowest hanging 44” above the ground, leaving plenty of room for the reins.

  • Offset hooks allow for easy access
  • Easy to transport and assemble
  • Can accommodate up to 16 bridles
  • Narrow hooks could cause pressure points and cracking
  • Higher price range

Where to buy it: SStack

Equi Racks Deluxe Wall Mount Rotary Headstall Rack

This top-of-the-range bridle rack has room for up to 16 headstalls and halters, while its rotary design helps to reduce space and improve access. The heavy-duty hooks give ample support to the headpiece, reducing creasing and eliminating pressure points.

It’s also pretty easy on the eye, as well it should be given its top-of-the-range price tag!

bridle rack

Click to see it at State Line Tack


  • The rotary design saves space and provides easy access
  • Heavy-duty hooks reduce creasing and eliminate pressure points
  • Eye-catching design


  • More difficult to mount than a standard non-rotary rack
  • Higher price range

Where to buy it: Stateline Tack

Classic Rope Company Bridle Hanger

A robust bridle hanger that fits snugly onto any standard railings, making it easy to move around and hang your bridles and halters wherever you need them. You can move your equipment easily from tack room to stable without getting it tangled or risking damage.

The metal hooks are a little on the narrow side but still wide enough to make pressure points unlikely. The metal structure is plastic-coated to make it more durable and prevent rusting.

bridle rack

Click to see it at Amazon


  • Fits onto any standard railing, making it highly portable
  • Plastic-coated metal is more durable and rust-resistant
  • No installation or assemblage is required


  • Hooks may be a little narrow and could cause pressure points and cracking
  • Only available in black

Where to buy it: Amazon

Wooden Six Hook Bridle Rack

This handcrafted bridle rack will instantly improve your tack room, while the half-moon hangers provide your bridles with the support they need to maintain their shape and prevent damage.

Built from top-quality pine, this bridle rack will last a lifetime and can be customized to accommodate as many bridles as you need to store.

This deluxe bridle rack measures 52” long and comes with three pre-drilled holes for easy installation.


  • Half-moon hangers provide bridles with robust support
  • Additional brass hooks provide space for crops, neck straps, and other accessories
  • Made from top-quality durable pine


  • May need to request wider spacing to accommodate thicker Western bridles and reins
  • Higher price range

Where to buy it: SStack

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where can you buy a custom bridle rack?

Both Amazon and Stateline Tack have a small selection of bridle racks, and Schneiders (SStack) seems to have a wider range of styles and materials.

Q: How do you mount a bridle rack to the wall?

Most wall-mounted bridle racks come with pre-drilled holes to make installation easier. You can mount them directly into the wall or onto a wooden board.

  • Use strong wall screws to ensure a good connection, first checking that these are compatible with the pre-drilled holes.
  • You may need to drill holes into the board or wall before mounting.
  • Use a bubble level to make sure your bride rack is straight before drilling.
Q: What is the best bridle rack for a tack room?

The best bridle rack for a tack room is one that minimizes space and allows for easy access. The rotary headstall rack from Equi Racks is a great option if you’ve got a lot of bridles but not much space, while the Intrepid International Multi Bridle Rack is ideal if you’ve got wall space available.

Q: What is the best bridle rack for a horse show?

A free-standing bridle rack is ideal for a horse show, especially if you’re taking a lot of different horses or competing in a variety of disciplines, each of which requires a specific bridle.

A portable bridle rack, like the one from the Classic Roping Company, can also be effective if you’ve got a railing to hang it on.

Parting Thoughts

A bridle rack helps safely store your bridles. The best bridle racks give appropriate support to the bridle and provide enough space that neighboring bridles don’t rub against each or get entangled. Bridle racks can also help save space and give you instant access to your bridles, so you spend less time prepping for a ride and more time enjoying it.

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