Author - Cathy H.

Hey, I’m Cathy Habas, and if there’s something I’m passionate about, it’s horses! Meet my awesome Appaloosa gelding, Chacos. He’s not just a horse; he’s a four-legged soulmate. My love for horses started early, and I’m forever indebted to my first equine companion, a beautiful Off-the-Track Thoroughbred (OTTB), who sparked my passion for these majestic creatures.

Chacos and I share a bond that transcends the saddle. We’re on a never-ending journey of growth, exploring multiple English and Western riding disciplines. Our adventures together aren’t just about training; they’re about learning, understanding, and nurturing the incredible partnership between horse and rider.

While my heart belongs to Chacos, I’m also intrigued by the stories of other horses. This fascination prompted me to start my blog, Blue Roan Appaloosa. Here, I explore the dynamic world of horses, sharing insightful tales about their behavior, care, and the exceptional bond they form with their human counterparts.

I’m a proud graduate of IU Southeast, with a zeal for language. English and Spanish translations are a passion of mine, whether it’s decoding the beautiful nuances of horse communication or sharing captivating stories in multiple languages.

In the world of riding, I don’t showcase my skills in competitions. For me, it’s more about the connection and the experience of riding, rather than seeking accolades in the show ring. I’m not just a rider; I’m a horse enthusiast whose love for these majestic creatures is deeply ingrained in my soul.

Join me at Blue Roan Appaloosa as I delve into the wonders of the equestrian world and share stories, insights, and the immense joy that comes from spending time with these incredible animals.