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Blogger Recognition Award Pet Edition 2017

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Written by Andrea Parker

This week I was pretty excited to find out that I had been nominated by Bridle and Bone, Roosa’s Horsey Life and Team Tunnah Eventing for the Blogger Recognition Award – Pet Edition.


These ladies have been blogging much longer than me and run brilliant sites, so it was a huge honor to receive this accolade. Thank you so much Heather, Roosa and Sophie!

About the Blogger Recognition Award:

This award is for Bloggers by Bloggers and I love the ‘pay it forward’ feel of this award. There are a few rules:

  • Thank the nominating blogger.
  • Respond to the nominating blogger with a link to this post on their blog.
  • Write a post about the award.
  • Share a story of how and why you started your blog.
  • Offer at least two pieces of advice for new bloggers.
  • Pass on the nomination to another 15 bloggers.


Why I started blogging:

I started my blog at the end of last year after contemplating the idea for quite some time. When the idea first entered my mind a few years ago, I had thought that I would make use of my expertise as a dietitian and blog mainly about nutrition and how this relates to the equestrian athlete. I wrote several lists about all the topics I could cover, but these never eventuated as my self doubt overpowered the spark of desire. Last year I was successful in obtaining sponsorship through a great Australia clothing company, Wilson Equestrian and to help promote their gear I wrote a monthly update/blog. In doing so I remembered how much I love writing and expressing myself in a creative manner, a far cry from the dry, factual writing that is the bread and butter of my work as a clinical dietitian. Writing these monthly updates gave me the confidence to start my passion project, aka ‘The Sand Arena Ballerina’.

What I got when I started blogging was so much more than I could ever have anticipated, I have ‘met’ a fabulous group of fellow bloggers through the Facebook group Equestrian Bloggers and from reading far and wide. It’s also facilitated connections with equestrians all across the globe – people who understand the realities of a life where horses are central.

So would I recommend blogging to others?

ABSOLUTELY! I’d also offer the following pieces of advice:

1. Write about topics that you are passionate about or that elicit a strong emotions. This will come through on the screen and will draw people in.

2. Don’t shy away from writing about a topic just because it has already been covered by another blogger as you will undoubtedly bring your own unique perspective to it.


I would now like to nominate the following blog’s for the Blogger Recognition Award for 2017:

Horse Addict

The Blonde and the Bay

Relaxed & Forward: AnnaBlakeBlog

The Half Halt Blog

Happy Hooves

Passion for Horse

Starbound Equine

Gee Gee and Me

Dead Broke Equestrian

Boston and the Blonde

Bridle and Bone

Roosa’s Horsey Life

Team Tunnah Eventing

A Horse for Elinor

Journey of an Amateur Eventer

These are some of my favourite blogs, so be sure to check them out!


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About the author


Andrea Parker

Andrea is an Adult Amateur dressage rider who competes at medium level on her 13-year-old mare Mon Ami. Andrea shares her journey through the equestrian world on her blog The Sand Arena Ballerina and is working on an equestrian podcast called Equestrian Pulse.