Author - Andrea Parker

Hey, I’m Andrea Parker, an adult amateur dressage enthusiast on a remarkable journey with my 13-year-old mare, Mon Ami. Delving into the equestrian world, I recount the highs and the hurdles on my blog, The Sand Arena Ballerina. I’m also passionately working on crafting an equestrian podcast titled Equestrian Pulse.

This year has been a whirlwind in my competitive life. Transitioning to the medium level (akin to third level in America) felt like a big leap. We had just commenced flying changes towards the end of 2016, and yet, here we were, ready to take on this new challenge. Joining a mid-year competition was both exhilarating and daunting – though our tests weren’t flawless, the experience of competing at this level was truly thrilling.

Stepping away from traditional competitions led me to an unconventional way of showcasing my skills. I stumbled upon EquiMind, a UK-based company specializing in online equestrian competitions across various disciplines. It provided a fresh and exciting perspective on competing, enriching my experience.

My blog is a reflection of my rider’s journey and holds a dear place in my heart. I’m passionate about sharing my learnings, the struggles, and the breakthroughs I’ve encountered during my riding exploits. I find great joy in exploring the stories of other riders like Emily Grimstead, Bailey Nolte, Mathilde Kvernland, and Danielle Pooles. Additionally, weaving in product reviews allows me to enjoy some guilt-free shopping!

Join me on this incredible expedition, where I dive into the nuances of dressage, riding experiences, and the camaraderie that connects riders in our equestrian community. The ride may be bumpy, but the journey is always an enriching one!