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For the Love of Learning – Part 2 YouTube

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Written by Andrea Parker

In my first post in the series, ‘For the love of learning’ I shared my favourite equestrian podcasts. Because we all have different learning styles it’s important to look at different learning tools. This week it’s all about YouTube Channels. As far as training goes there only a small number of dedicated YouTube channels that offer high quality training videos. However the ones that I have chosen are awesome!

The Dressage Hub

The Dressage Hub offers free video clips via their YouTube Chanel on a variety of topics. These clips are primarily of to riders having lessons with highly renound coaches  and riders such as Carl Hester, Robert Dover, Laura Graves and Steffen Peters. The great thing is that you get to see the rider work through an issue and hear the coach’s explanation.

I particularly enjoy the video’s which offer commentary by a judge as a rider works through a test. The video below for instance features commentary by Janet Foy on the third level test 3. As a side note for any of my Aussie followers third level is the equivalent of medium.

Despite the majority of videos being rather short they are still incredibly helpful.

Unstoppable Equestrians

Earlier this year my fabulous mindset and performance coach Danielle Pooles of Dressage Plus launched Unstoppable Equestrians. In the first video Danielle shares how she wanted to show up more in the equestrian world. Additionally she explains how her experiences with competition nerves led her to do the work she does.

Via this series Danielle shares a new video each week and covers a wide variety of topics from managing competition nerves and self imposed pressure to breathing correctly and even rider fitness. The videos are a great length at <10 minutes and give you a great insight into the topic as well as practical strategies that you can implement into your riding.

In episode 26 ‘Will this matter in a years time” Danielle shares what has become one of my favourite strategies for managing nerves in the lead up to competitions.


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Hey, I'm Andrea Parker, an adult amateur dressage enthusiast on a remarkable journey with my 13-year-old mare, Mon Ami. Delving into the equestrian world, I recount the highs and the hurdles on my blog, The Sand Arena Ballerina. I'm also passionately working on crafting an equestrian podcast titled Equestrian Pulse.


  • I also love DressageHub and watch all their videos when they come out! I hadn’t heard of Dressage Plus so I’m going to be checking that one out. I’ve also really enjoyed some of the videos on the YourRidingSuccess channel, especially the older ones where there wasn’t as much salesmanship 🙂

    • Dressage Plus has only started doing video’s recently but I get so much out of them, I hope you do too!
      Yes I’ve seen some of the Your Riding Success video’s but found that they didn’t resonate as well with me, of course different things work for different people so its good to see so many coaches embracing the technology!