Italian Delights: For Horses Shirt & Breeches Review

for horses sirio show shirt
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Fashion forward. Show ready.

For Horses was kind enough to send me two items to try. These opinions are my own, and the company did not have any editorial input for this review. 

The For Horses Brand

For Horses Europe was established in 2000, but the brand is lesser known over here in the States. For Horse America is now based in Wellington, Florida is quickly gaining in popularity.

Created by Giovanna Novello and Andrea Piovan, both riders, For Horses apparel is designed to be functional, elegant, and versatile. Products are 100% made in Italy (not far from Venice, where I’ve visited!), and the brand specializes in show shirts, coats, breeches, and leggings.

They pride themselves on a continuous balance between new fashion trends and highly technical materials, studied and designed for specific uses.

SIRIO Show Shirt

Lightweight with an elegant fit, the SIRIO women’s show shirt* proves competition apparel doesn’t have to feel stiff and bulky.

Tuck it into your favorite pair of breeches without fidgeting with lots of extra fabric. Plus, rest assured it’ll look classy under a coat or on its own.

*Non-US riders should visit the European Shop.

for horses show shirt

The SIRIO show shirt is comfy and cute!

What’s to Love

  • Quality: From the moment I unpacked this shirt, I could immediately tell it was the highest quality and softest fabric and construction of any apparel item in my riding collection.
  • Sun Protection: With long sleeves and high UV protection, you don’t have to reserve this shirt for the show ring — you can wear it for everyday outdoor schooling. Additionally, the quick-dry fabric is breathable to keep you cool.
  • Colors: I’m head-over-heels for the Blue Pois color. It’s vibrant, stands out from the bland hues commonly seen in the show ring, and the delicate polkadots are flattering. (It comes in six other colors, too.)
  • No Jacket Needed: If you’re competing in a show that doesn’t require coats, or they’re called for hot weather, this shirt looks beautiful solo.
  • Classy Collar: Despite being shipped from overseas, the collar arrived crisp. Two snaps allow you to leave the collar open or closed depending on the situation. And, when snapped, I don’t feel like I’m choking.
  • Stays in Place: This shirt stays perfectly tucked in while you ride, so you’ll look tidy your entire time in the show ring.
  • Special Details: From the Italian flag button on the back of the collar to the crystal logo on the chest, there’s great attention to detail. 
for horses show shirt button

I love the little details on the SIRIO show shirt.

for horses show shirt buttoned collar

The collar stands up nicely without feeling restrictive.

for horses show outfit

Once mud season finally ends, we’ll be show ready!

What’s (Potentially) Not to Love

  • Durability: It’s hard to stay clean around horses, and my riding clothes often take a beating. I’m a bit worried the delicate fabric may snag and tear more easily if I brush against my tack, stall walls, etc.
  • Care: While you can machine wash the shirt, don’t throw it in the dryer or iron it — hang to dry. (I’ll probably hand wash it to be safe.) Also, I hope the cute logo crystals stay in place after routine cleaning!
  • High Cost: If you’re on a tighter budget, start pinching your pennies to shop For Horses apparel. The SIRIO show shirt runs €115 at the European eSHOP and $160 at the American eSHOP.

Want to see what I spend on my horse hobby down to the dollar? Check out my monthly expense reports.

Where to Find It

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MISTI Breeches

Breathable and form-fitting, the MISTI women’s breech* ensures you ride into the ring feeling (and looking) your best.

With a zippered waistband and grippy full seat, these riding pants are suitable for flatwork, jumping, and dressage.

*Non-US riders should visit the European Shop.

for horses breeches misti view

Dressage, jumping, eventing… you can do it all in the MISTI Breech.

What’s to Love

  • Quality: The first thing I thought when I took these pants out of the bag was, “I’m going to keep these nice!” Though you could certainly wear them daily, the fabric and design is so nice I plan to reserve them for clinics and competitions.
  • Waistband: I’m VERY picky about waistbands on riding pants. Typically, I wear riding tights vs. breeches simply to be comfortable. The MISTI pants are traditional breeches with an non-traditional waistband — they have a zipper, but no uncomfortable button or snaps. This also means the front of the breech stays flat!
  • Flexibility: Full-seat grip (without the bulk) helps you stay secure in the saddle, and the breathable and stretchy fabric doesn’t feel restrictive. These pants are also moisture-wicking and quick drying so you can wear them year-round.
  • Colors: These breeches come in nine rich colors, including emerald, bordeaux (dark red), and chocolate brown. My pair is dove grey, which I like because it goes with anything and is more unique than tan or white.
  • Little Touches: As with the shirt, it was fun to discover all the Italian flag accents on these breeches. From a tiny flag on the front pocket seam to the green, red, and white button on the side leg seam, they take the design up a notch.
for horses button tag

I love the Italian flag details on these breeches.

for horses breeches waistband

The wide waistband and zipper closure are more comfy than traditional breeches.

for horses misti breeches

I like the white piping and “V” back belt loop.

What’s (Potentially) Not to Love

  • They Run Small: When in doubt, size up when ordering For Horses pants. I’m 5’6 and 130 pounds, and I could barely squeeze into a 44. The company was kind enough to exchange them for a 48, and they’re much more comfortable. (Size 46 would have fit better through the leg, but I prefer a relaxed waistband so I sized up.)
  • Pocket Placement: Style-wise, I love having pockets on breeches — especially phone pockets on the sides. The MISTI has front and back pockets (none on the side), but the pack pockets are positioned over the upper seat. They look nice, but side pockets are more functional for carrying a phone. That said, I was able to ride with my phone in the front pocket without it falling out.
  • A Bit Squeaky: As with many full-seat breeches, you may find these to be rather noisy when you start riding. They’re very sticky, which is good — just be prepared to hear those grippy dots against your saddle. (After a few laps, I stopped noticing it.)
  • High Cost: As with the show shirts, the price tag for For Horses breeches is on the high end. These pants run €199 at the European eSHOP and $330 at the American eSHOP.

Where to Find It

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Parting Thoughts

I’ve been impressed by the quality and craftsmanship of For Horses apparel, and I’d definitely shop this brand again.

C4 belt with for horses outfit

Pairing this new outfit with your favorite C4 belt!

Here are the top three For Horses items on my wish list:

  • CHIARA COATThe tailored fit and laser cut sides and arms for ventilation make this show coat a top contender.
  • ATHENA Tights: These are essentially the riding tights version of my MISTI breeches. (Knee patch grip vs. full seat.)
  • ALZIRA Show Shirt: This shirt is a short-sleeve version of the SIRIO, except with full buttons and additional piping.

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