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Hype vs. Reality: Are Ariat Boots Actually Comfortable?

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“The New Breed of Boot”

The name Ariat is synonymous with equestrians–and for good reason. This beloved brand has successfully bridged the game between English and Western footwear.

In fact, you’ll be hard-pressed to visit any barn or horse event without spotting a pair of Ariat boots. But how much of Ariat‘s reputation is due to actual comfort?

The short answer? Ariat makes a notoriously comfortable riding boot. The long answer is that it’s important to choose the right style and size for your unique feet to ensure maximum comfort.

Advanced Technologies

Ariat prides itself on innovation, especially when it comes to product quality and comfort. According to their website, Ariat partners with “world-class biomechanical research groups and testing labs to improve product performance, comfort and durability – while focusing on real-world product functionality.”

Process of making an equestrian riding boot

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What’s that all mean? Their boots should feel better on your feet and last longer than other brands. Period.

Ariat Boots Feature:

  • 150-step construction process
  • Field testing and performance analysis
  • Durability and craftsmanship quality assurance
  • Shock absorption

Learn more about what sets Ariat apart:

What Are the Most Comfortable Ariat Boots?

If comfort is your top priority, start with these options.

Ariat Fatbaby Western Boot

This model is one of the brand’s most popular picks. English and western riders, alike, love Ariat Fatbaby round toe boots — especially people with wide feet.

Choose from a ton of fun colors and patterns without sacrificing comfort.

ariat fatbaby

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If you want a durable and well-cushioned, comfortable boot that can stand up to long days at the barn, Fatbaby is up to the job.

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Per the Ariat website, see which Fatbaby styles are suitable for horse riding:

Style Suitable For Riding?
Duck No
Freedom Yes
Cowgirl Yes
Faux Fur No
Original No
Thunderbird No
Fatbaby II Yes
Saddle Yes
Starstruck Yes
Rodeobaby Liberty Yes
Showbaby Yes
Rodeobaby Square Toe Yes
Probaby Lacer Yes
Rodeobaby Roundup Yes
Ranchbaby Square Toe Yes
Sheila Yes
Summit No
Kid’s Styles Yes

Ariat Terrain H20 Hiking Boot

Sometimes you want the comfort of a hiking boot without sacrificing your ability to ride horses safely. The Ariat Terrain H20 Hiking Boot combines the best of both worlds.

This short ariat boot features a heel that’s safe for riding.

ariat h20 terrain boot

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Go from the barn to work to the hiking trail without changing shoes — or dealing with aching feet. Plus, they’re waterproof with a moisture-wicking mesh lining. 

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Ariat Probaby Lacer

Since many people find short boots naturally more comfortable, meet the Ariat Probaby Lacer. Featuring ATS technology and comfy cushioned outsoles, this option is great for support and balance. 

Heads up: these full grain leather boots are not waterproof.

ariat probably lacer

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While you may need few days to break them in to help them conform to your feet, you’ll be rewarded with a long-lasting boot you love.

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Ariat Heritage Lacer

For a more classically styled western paddock boot, try the Ariat Heritage Lacer. These western cowboy boot inspired boots are great for riding, working, and wearing around town.

Want a more English look? Simply remove the fringed tongue.

ariat heritage lacer

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See our detailed review of the Ariat Heritage Lacer III Paddock Boot.

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Ariat Cruiser Slip-On

Did you know Ariat makes a lot more than boots? If comfort is key, and you’re not braving wet or muddy conditions, check out the Ariat Cruiser Slip-On.

Just remember that this work shoe isn’t for horse riding.

ariat cruiser slip on

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Made with soft suede and a full-grain leather upper, this slip-on features side stretch elastic panels and a rubber sole. The Cruiser also includes shock absorption, cushioned insole, and a Duratread outsole that’s durable-yet-flexible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Ariat Boots Good Quality?

Yes, quality craftsmanship is one of the brand’s core values. All of their boots go through a 150-step construction process, and they do a lot of field testing to ensure their products hold up in the real world.

Ariat boots are made from a variety of materials including full-grain leather.

Are Ariat Boots Worth the Money?

This is a tough question to answer, as every individual’s financial situation is unique. 

The nice thing about Ariat is that they offer a wide variety of boots at a wide range of prices. Don’t blow your budget — you can find an Ariat boot that doesn’t leave you eating Ramen noodles for months.

Are Ariat boots made in America?

The company has its headquarters in California, where it was founded in 1993. While the boots are designed in the U.S., they are primarily manufactured in other countries, including Mexico, China, and Italy.

If you have a question about the specific manufacturing location of one of their boots, you can check the tag inside the boot, or call their customer service line.

One of their boot lines, Two24 (men’s boots) is made in the U.S.

Are Ariat boots waterproof?

Like with most equestrian footwear brands, some Ariat models are waterproof, and others aren’t. A big consideration is the material. A traditional leather boot usually isn’t waterproof, as the material is porous (water can seep in).

Ariat does have quite a few waterproof options that utilize their Waterproof Pro technology. Here are a few.

  • Turbo 6” H2O CSA Carbon Toe Work Boot
  • Wexford Brogue Waterproof
  • Kingham Waterproof Boot
  • Wexford Waterproof Boot
  • Sadie Waterproof Boot
  • Savannah Waterproof Boot

Are Ariat Boots True to Size?

Each brand and each model of boot fits differently. That’s why it’s important to review the official Ariat size charts before ordering your shoes.

Check out official Ariat size charts

Which Cowboy Boots Are Most Comfortable?

We wrote an entire article about the most comfortable cowboy boots, and you won’t be surprised to see an Ariat cowboy boot made the list!

Comfortable Western Cowboy Boots

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