Author - Aimee B.

I’m Amanda, shaped by a rich background in riding and showing Western Pleasure and Horsemanship from a young age. Engaged in 4-H activities, I fostered a deep love for horses. Transitioning to the artistry of dressage 6.5 years ago was a pivotal moment. Currently, I’m honing the skills of a 3.5-year-old Friesian/Quarter Horse, captivated by the exquisite complexity of dressage, a discipline that instills the value of patience and persistence in achieving greatness.

Embracing the equestrian lifestyle further, I married a horse trainer, and our lives thrive on a family breeding farm. I revel in the variety of equine disciplines and am actively venturing into Reining competitions, continually expanding my equestrian repertoire. The spectrum of disciplines I’ve explored, from Western Pleasure to the nuances of dressage and Reining, embodies my profound passion for equine artistry. This vibrant journey in the equestrian world has granted me deep insights and the invaluable understanding that every good thing in life takes time.