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Stressless Horse De-Shedding: SleekEZ vs. Groom Ninja

sleekez vs groom ninja
Written by Aimee B.

Shed Horse Hair & Frustration

When it comes to horse grooming, there are a lot of different products on the market. It can be tough to decide which one to choose, especially when they all seem to have similar claims. And if you’re in the middle of shedding season, you know how important it is to have reliable grooming products.

We will cover two products, the Sleek EZ and Groom Ninja, both of which are designed to make your springtime grooming ritual hassle-free! These products make grooming easier and less time-consuming. So, which one is better? We’ll compare and contrast the two, helping you decide which is the best choice for your horse.

Shedding Season

Shedding season coincides with the longer days that herald the return of spring. Although it may seem as if warmer weather triggers horses to release their heavy winter parkas, the longer days (extended daylight hours) are actually responsible for the transition.

As any horse owner knows, shedding season is no joke. It often feels like a full-time job!

Every day, there’s a new pile of hair in your brush or on your floor, and no matter how much you groom, the shedding just doesn’t stop. Fleece? Forget about it. We also don’t suggest putting chapstick on before a shedding-season-groom-sesh…we’ve learned that one the hard way.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to better survive shedding season, make sure to catch our previous post on the topic.

Although many products are on the market to help reduce the mess associated with shedding, today’s post only focuses on two of those products. Both products possess a similar design: a block of wood with a metal blade to catch all those loose hairs flying everywhere in the spring.

What is the purpose of these two products?

The Sleek EZ and Groom Ninja are made to help with horse grooming, specifically during shedding season. They are designed to remove excess hair more efficiently, making grooming easier and less time-consuming.

Sleek EZ Compared Against the Groom Ninja

Option Price Point Key Features
Sleek EZ $
  • Comes in small, medium, and large sizes
  • Suitable for use with horses and other pets
  • 30-day money back guarantee
Groom Ninja $$
  • Comes in medium and large sizes
  • Suitable for use with horses and other pets
  • 100% guarantee (send it back for a full refund if you don’t love it)

Sleek EZ

The Sleek EZ is an ergonomically designed tool for removing excess hair from your horse, or other pet, during shedding season. It comes in multiple sizes, so you can choose the one best suited for your pet.


  • The unique blade design catches loose hair and removes it without pulling.
  • Unlike a curry comb, the Sleek EZ gathers loose hair in a row and is less likely to leave you wearing the hair you just removed from your pet!
  • With only a little elbow grease, this tool can efficiently help you remove dirt and loose hair from your horse.
Sleek EZ grooming tool

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  • The blade can be either too weak or aggressive, depending on how much pressure you apply.
  • The brush’s shape may not be the easiest for people with small hands or arthritis.

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Groom Ninja

The Groom Ninja features the same basic concept as the Sleek EZ. It’s essentially a block of wood with a blade stuck in the middle.

This product is also designed to remove excess hair, dirt, and anything else your horse may have rolled in.


  • The Groom Ninja features a simple concept that is easy to use.
  • This product has a more ergonomic design than the Sleek EZ in that it’s slightly curved to accommodate a better grip for your hand.
  • It will remove excess hair without pulling on your horse’s skin.
groom ninja horse

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  • Sensitive horses may find the Groom Ninja uncomfortable.
  • The price is slightly higher than the Sleek EZ.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is SleekEZ safe for dogs?

Yes! This tool is useful for managing a variety of dog hair coat types.

Q: Can you use a horse shedding blade on a dog?

It depends upon the blade. Some are sized for horses and would be awkward to use on small dogs. The best course of action is to read reviews and even contact the manufacturer if you’re unsure whether a product would work for your pet.

Q: Can you use a metal curry comb to de-shed a horse?

Yes, a metal curry comb can be a useful tool in your grooming tote. We have found that metal curry combs work best on a muddy, dirty coat–shedding blades, such as the Sleek EZ or Groom Ninja, excel at removing winter coats.

Parting Thoughts

There are various products on the market to help with shedding season, and the Sleek EZ and Groom Ninja are just two of those options. Both products have pros and cons, so deciding which is best for you and your horse is important.

The good news is that, with patience and elbow grease, you can successfully get through shedding season with either of these products.

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