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5 Best Waterless Shampoos for Hose-Hating Horses

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Written by Aimee B.

Show-Ready Shine Without All the Fuss

If the thought of bathing your horse secretly overwhelms and exhausts you, you’re not alone! Between the cold hose water, your horse’s hatred for getting hosed off, and the frustration when your freshly bathed horse rolls in his favorite patch of mud, baths can be a complete hassle!

Did you know there’s a way to bathe your horse without a wash rack and freezing hose water?

With dry shampoo, you can clean your horse whether it’s 30 below outside or you’re simply trying to spot clean a stubborn grass stain. Read on for our top dry shampoo brands so you can find the perfect solution.

Bath Time for Horses

The decision on how often to bathe your horse is an individual one. There are a few situations when bathing is beneficial, if not essential:

  • When preparing for a horse show, you always want to show your horse at its best. A bath is necessary to get rid of any dirt or sweat that may have built up on your horse’s coat.
  • General cleaning may also be occasionally indicated, especially if your horse has been rolling in the mud or other unmentionables.
  • If your horse has a medical condition that requires special care, you may need to bathe him more frequently. Consult your veterinarian if you suspect skin issues because, depending upon the condition, you’ll need to use a specific medicated shampoo.

Horses naturally have essential oils in their skin that offer protection from the elements and illness.

Bathing too often can strip their skin of those natural oils and make your horse more prone to infection. Generally, you shouldn’t shampoo your horse more than once a week.

Although removing sweat from your horse after a workout is a good idea, you can usually accomplish this with water and a sponge rather than using shampoo every time.

Now that we’ve covered when to bathe your horse, let’s talk about how to do it!

How to Clean a Horse

  • Water: The most common way to bathe a horse is with water, a hose, and a wash rack. This method is effective but time-consuming, especially if your horse doesn’t particularly enjoy being hosed off.
  • Vacuum: Another popular method for cleaning horses is vacuuming. This method is less messy than using a hose, more “all season” friendly, and can be just as effective in getting your horse clean.
  • Dry Shampoo: The last method is dry shampooing. Dry shampooing is a quick and easy way to clean your horse without using water, a hose, or a wash rack. It’s also great for spot cleaning those stubborn grass stains!

How to Pick Cleaning Products

  • Purpose: Are you looking for a product to use weekly or just for those occasional touch-ups? If you plan on using the product frequently, you’ll want to ensure it’s gentle enough to use often without stripping your horse’s natural oils.
  • Price: Horse shampoo and other horse-cleaning products can range in price from a few dollars to over $50. Finding a product that fits your budget and meets your horse’s needs is essential.
  • Reviews: Reading customer reviews is always a good idea when shopping for any product. Customer reviews can give you an idea of the product’s quality and how well it works.
  • Ingredients: It’s always a good idea to read ingredient labels when shopping for shampoo. Some horses have sensitive skin, and using harsh shampoos can be very irritating.

Best Dry Shampoos for Horses

Category Option Price Point Key Features
Best Overall Biogroom Quick Clean Waterless Shampoo


  • 32 oz. spray bottle
  • Great for touch-ups or full baths
Customer Favorite E3 Waterless Argan Oil Shampoo


  • 32 oz. spray bottle
  • Rejuvenates dry hair
Best for Horse Shows Absorbine Miracle Groom


  • 32 oz. spray bottle
  • Can be used on other animals except for cats
Best on a Budget Shapley’s Easy-Out No Rinse Shampoo


  • 32 oz. spray bottle
  • Brightens whites
Best for a Splurge Sport Horse Essentials


  • 16 oz. spray bottle
  • All natural ingredients

Best Overall – Biogroom Quick Clean Waterless Shampoo

Whether your horse needs a touch-up between classes at a horse show, or you’re looking for a feasible winter bathing option, Biogroom has your back. Simply apply the shampoo and massage until it foams.

Dry with a towel and brush out your newly sparkling horse. Easy!

horse dry shampoo

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  • Contains non-toxic, biodegradable ingredients.
  • Designed to help brighten whites.
  • Effective for grass and manure stains.


  • Slightly more expensive than other waterless shampoo options.

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Customer Favorite – E3 Waterless Argan Oil Shampoo

Thanks to the argan oil in this product, it’s also great for hydrating your horse’s skin.

It’s an excellent pick whether you’re watching your water usage or simply want to enjoy the fantastic smell of this shampoo!

horse dry shampoo

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  • One of the most budget-friendly waterless shampoos on the list.
  • You can also use this shampoo as a mane and tail detangler.
  • It effectively removes grass and manure stains from all coat colors and types.


  • Although many horse owners love the smell of this shampoo, a few can’t stand the smell.

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Best for Horse Shows – Absorbine Miracle Groom

Absorbine Miracle Groom not only cleans and conditions but deodorizes, detangles, and adds a bit of shine to your horse’s coat. It’s great for full baths, or emergency spot cleans between classes.

This one is a definite “must” for your show box!

dry shampoo horses

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  • Miracle Groom won’t leave a greasy residue, so you can use it underneath your saddle without issue.
  • This shampoo is budget-friendly.
  • It can also help prevent your horse’s coat color bleaching in the sun.


  • The shampoo contains a “proprietary blend of ingredients” not listed on the bottle, so you may want to skip this one if you’re hesitant about putting a mix of unknown products on your horse.

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Best on a Budget – Shapley’s Easy-Out No Rinse Shampoo

Shapley’s No Rinse Shampoo is a fantastic product for bathing on cold, winter days.

Simply spray the product on, rub your horse with a towel, and brush your horse out for a clean you won’t believe!

horse dry shampoo

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  • This product is also helpful for spot cleaning trouble areas.
  • It has a pleasant scent.
  • Works equally well on gray and light-colored horses and on dark-colored horses.


  • Like the Miracle Groom shampoo, Shapley’s does not list their “proprietary blend” of ingredients.

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Best for a Splurge – Sport Horse Essentials

If you’re looking for a waterless shampoo with ingredients that you can actually pronounce, this is it!

Sport Horse Essentials has come up with a product that smells great and abides by the banned substances list from USEF and FEI.

horse dry shampoo

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  • This shampoo works well for horses with short or long coats.
  • The blend of essential oils in the product have natural anti-fungal properties.
  • This product will not leave a greasy residue on your horse.


  • The aritha powder tends to block the sprayer during use, so applying it to your horse can be frustrating.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there a dry shampoo for horses?

Yes! Several products on the market will clean, moisturize, and deodorize your horse without water.

Q: Can you use human dry shampoo on horses?

No, we don’t recommend it. Human dry shampoo is not properly pH balanced for use on horses.

Q: What shampoo should I use for my horse?

Many different horse shampoos are available for purchase both online and in tack shops. Some shampoos are specifically designed for white or light-colored horses, and others guarantee show ring shine.

When shopping, it’s best to figure out your priority when bathing your horse and look for a product created for that purpose. Read reviews and talk with fellow horse-loving friends to find out which products they use on their horses.

Q: How do you make waterless horse shampoo?

Thanks to the all-natural ingredients in Sport Horse Essentials, you can figure out how to make up your own version at home.

It requires several products including aritha powder, witch hazel, aloe vera gel, fractionated coconut oil, and essential oils of your choice. For exact measurements of each product, check out this video: 

Q: How do I get stains off my horse?

Waterless shampoo can help you effectively remove stains from your horse without all the hassle of water and a wash rack. Most waterless shampoos are liquid; you simply spray it on the stain and wipe it off with a towel.

A quick brushing afterward is all you need to finish the stain removal process.

There is also a line of brushes called Haas brushes, designed to effectively remove stains from your horse without shampoo or water. They are high-end brushes, and many equestrians swear by them!

Parting Thoughts

As you can see, several options are available when it comes to finding the best dry shampoo for your horse. Whether you’re looking for a product to use on show day or something to help make winter bathing a little easier, there’s definitely a waterless shampoo out there that will fit your needs.

Research, read reviews, and talk with fellow horse friends to find the best product for you and your horse. Happy bathing!

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